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posted by little-ciel
100/10 days Trexu's story/journal

100/ 10 days Trexu's story / journal: دن dreaming

Day: 55
Entry: دن dreaming

[b]Trexu: hi everyone I'm Trexu No.XV. and this is my story. As the مصنف and main character I like to welcome you. My notes are in bold and thoughts are in ( ). this is my first story for anyone to hear. I so hope آپ like it I know none of the things آپ are about to read I will never forget. I will never change any part of it at all.[b]

Day: 55

Entry: دن dreaming

    Trexu wakes up to Roxas's voice. " ارے Trexu آپ ok." " huh? Oh Roxas sorry I just was day...
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