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1.Who is the main character?
A.Ickis;He's a monster who is a student at the Monster Academy where other monsters learn how to scare people.He has really floppy ears.

B.Krumm;He also is a student at the academy.He holds his eyeballs.

C.Oblina;She's a british monster who---you guessed it---also is a student at the academy.She looks like an upside-down candy cane.

D.The Gromble;He's the head master at the academy.

2.Who is Ickis' roomates/best friends?
A.Zimbo and Nicky
B.Dizzle and Slickis
C.Krumm and Oblina
D.He doesn't have roomates nor best friends.

3.What is Oblina's prefered scare tactic for scaring...
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It was a normal, peaceful, slightly windy afternoon for the people of New York City. With the white, puffy clouds in the sky, the smell of the spring flowers beginning to bloom, and the bright sun gleaming over the city, it was expected to be a bright, beautiful day. But not for the students of the Monster Academy, which was located underneath the dump known as Fresh Kills Landfill. That meant they would have to take advantage of the nice دن and scare many humans, just like they did for most of their assignments. But first things first, class time. "Now, students," the head master of the Academy,...
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