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I in no way own Adventure Time,but this is my Adventure Time Fanfiction:

Aidyl sat in her underwater home,contemplating if she should kick آگ کے, آگ Queen's butt,or if she should visit Water Prince."Yo,Aidyl,I got some cheese curls right here!",Aidyl's cat,Jewel,said as she tossed a bag of cheese curls to her.Aidyl did a somersault into the air,catched the cheese curls in doing so,and landed back on the ground."SWIZ!",Aidyl کہا happily."Oh,and I got this awesome looking book too!Check it.",Jewel said,holding up the book and دکھانا Aidyl the cover,which read,'Legendary Everything for Awesome People'."Perfect!After...
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posted by redpanda
FOTM 13.11
(At the treehouse)
Finn: Jake I just miss...
(Cuts Finn off)
Jake: Flame Princess I know
Finn: I just have a feeling that I can't express, it just feels like I can't live without her
Jake: Hmm buddy I know it hurts but there are plenty of مچھلی in the sea...
Finn: No! I just want her she just makes me complete
Jake: (Sighs)
Finn: I have to do something (Walks آگے the door)
Jake: Where are آپ going?
Finn: For a solution
( Finn goes to the Candy Kingdom)
Banana Guard: Hello Finn
Finn: Let me through I have to talk with the princess!
Banana Guard: Alright then...
(Finn goes to PB's bedroom door...
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posted by TheSpartan9000
Before the مشروم, کھنبی war it was about present time (around 2012-2020). One دن missiles were sent to LA from North Korea which triggered a war! Then, all of Asia with Russia's support came after the US. Fortunately, the US had many support from Europe! One دن during the war, many Russians teamed up with Koreans, Asians, etc. who live in the US, went and killed many Latinos and Americans citizens as if they were war enemies. Then years during the war, the US ran out of food! They would go to forests to find mushrooms to supply them for years because Mexico has been taken over and Canada also...
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posted by marksmen456
"Are... you... The Chaos King?" Asked Finn.

The Chaos King کہا nothing, But stared at his surroundings.

"This place, It is much different then when I was last here, Last time I was here, There was a bunch of fire...." He said.

Jake whispered to Finn, "Dude, we should beat him up while he's talking, He IS the King of Evil."

"Let's do it!" Finn responded.

They both charged, The Chaos King simply raised his hand, They both froze in place, And made them both fly into the wall.

"Fools, آپ DARE challenge me?!" He yelled.

Finn growled, And charged again. Chaos King just backhanded him away. Jake caught...
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posted by Clue22
So yeah, my phone won't let me make دیوار posts and commenting is also an annoying process brought to آپ سے طرف کی this device so I'll post it here.

It was a dare/detox I made on my own.

Not like a "I'm so addicted to the internet I need to chill". مزید of a "let's see what happens when I take the internet away for a period of time" as in social networks. I left Facebook, Twitter, etc. and actually, I don't really feel like really signing back up for all those social media sites so that's a plus. I came back here cause...well, there isn't too much I have to stress about here and there's a special something about being able to hang with people آپ don't know irl. It's like آپ can truly just be you, آپ know?
So yeah, that little break helped. My fanfiction is still being worked on, though my سیکنڈ chapter is not done (procrastination ftw) and I kinda started another one. Yeesh. I'll never get anything done.
Anyhoots. I'm tired gu'night.
posted by DerpThatHerp
So let's start this of

Finn has left to go to the آگ کے, آگ kingdom to see how fp is going while ruling the kingdom

Finn: wow what happened to the kingdom (it was destroyed when he got in) ok what happened here.
(fp not in sight)
Finn: why is no one here
Fp: Hiding
Finn: hiding.. from who
Fp: me
(finn looks amazed)
Finn: oh yeah pb sent me for a mission
(start's getting something out of pack)
Fp: what
Finn: I think it's time to explain
(grabs holo-pendant a recording play's)
message from pb: Finn I have a special mission for you, آپ have to extinguish fp in secret because if she rule's the kingdom she will experience a massive amount of power آپ must extinguish her.
Fp: Finn
(finn has water gun pointed at fp)
Presenting, a drabble that just popped out.

_-_- AstigPinoy -_-_

It was a normal دن at the land they called Fanpop, and I was just sitting at the crow's nest of my ship, the Seven Two Zero.

A week ago, an unfortunate thing happened to a great battle:
The most biggest ship sunk, so was it's army and special ops.
The S.S. Finname was obliterated سے طرف کی the unknown force called "the producer's choice", neither controlled سے طرف کی the fan-soldiers nor the fan-base itself, but the crew which made Adventure Time.
It was a tragic moment for all of them.

At least, Lieutenant...
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posted by redpanda
(Back where we left off)
Flame Princess: Well...
Finn: I got to go
Flame Princess: Finn wait!
Princess Bubblegum: So آپ found out huh
Flame Princess: You! (Has a fireball ready)
Princess Bubblegum: I'm not here to strap آپ up
Flame Princess: Then just run away like the others (Looking sad)
Princess Bubblegum: Finn isn't going to confess right away
Flame Princess: Then when tell me when!
Princess Bubblegum: Time will tell آپ the answer, well I have to get going the candy citizens are going to be protected on their own, Morrow! (The bird takes her away)
Flame Princess: Oh Finn tell me please
(She walks to the treehouse and Finn opens the door)
Part 3 coming soon! Keep watch citizens ^-^
posted by emerald_32
NOTE: This is what I think of Adventure Time. Please don't judge my options.

Adventure Time is one of the most loved cartoon series known. Unlike other overrated cartoons like Ben 10, Adventure Time has action, adventure, comedy, romance and drama. Mix it well and see before your very eyes.


Materials needed:

5 different genres
2 awesome protoganists
3 love interests
1 funny anatogonist
1 good plot


Mix all materials and watch before your eyes!

posted by Eula2003
Chapter 7: - Chatting is the Best Policy -
Finn and Marceline are chatting each other in Face Book that Finn`s post picture in their laptop. Suddenly Princess Bubblegum saw their chatting, Princess شامل میں at their conversation;
Princess: Hi Finn ارے Marceline! Finn  Marceline:*
Finn: Hi Princess, do آپ want to join?
Princess: Oh, Yes I do Finn! 
Marceline: Ahem, Excuse Me.
Finn: Oh, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum شامل میں to our conversation, Come on Let`s Continue!
Princess: ارے Finn, I`m going to wash my hands because my hands are full of Chemical, But I’m online so just wait for a minute. ...
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posted by emerald_32
--->No, I'm not leaving. This is a friggin پرستار fiction about BMO. An angst one though.

When I was born, I realized that I was just copying a human being. Even so, I lived my life to the fullest with my two best friends-Finn and Jake. I didn't care if I was meant to be a toy and nothing else. I heaved a sigh and decided to live my life like a real human being.
But then I realized I didn't have any real دل with all these wires and electrical energy inside me. And that I can never go back to where I used to be. When everybody forgot me, I lost my mind.
What I saw in the end was...
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posted by pbadventure18
(ok sorry for the long long long long long delay but finally i can continue)


Pb: finn, jake would آپ like to stay for dinner?

Jake and Finn: sure ok

Pb: great! now ill go check on emily oh and just wait out in garden (she کہا as she headed out of the room and onto the stairway leading to emily's room)

(she climbed the stairs and finally made it to the سب, سب سے اوپر and walked over to the door of emily's room)

Pb: Emily?(she کہا as she knocked on the door)

Emily: come in (she replied from inside the room)

(pb came into the room and saw emily sitting on the edge بستر with her head on her knees,...
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This song reminds me of what I've been 4 years ago.

Talent goes by.
آپ won't achieve anything!
You won't get there!

"I can't let آپ block my view..."

A sad intro to a song..

And the song goes on.

You want me to be someone else
You want me to change myself so آپ can live
It won't happen again, again
You want me to live my life
Thinking that I can't achieve my best
Oh, well talent goes سے طرف کی
Talent goes by, talent goes by...
Talent goes by, talent goes by...
Talent goes by, talent goes by...
Talent goes by, talent goes by...
Talent goes...
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posted by dadadas
A very intersesting,fan - made,incompleted comic Press "CTRL" and key "+" to see clearly
posted by ATFan1
So it's kinda like the one with Fubblegum. اگلے one in series will be with FP.

Silver rays of moonlight invaded the Treehouse. After an adventure-filled day, Finn, alone at home, prepared himself for bed. As he changed into his pajamas, he calls to his mind the face of that beautiful damsel Marceline. Dark eyes, elegantly formed hands, that breath-taking figure…and her hair.

Oh, how could he ever forget that wonderfully long, black hair, smooth as silk! Who would think such beauty was formed سے طرف کی a cold, heartless demon, instead of Glob? Such a rose could never have grown among thorns. Yet among...
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One day, Finn and Jake were playing BMO games at ہوم while Fionna and Cake were Adventuring سے طرف کی fighting an evil monster near Finn and Jake's grassland kingdom. Then the evil monster threw Fionna and Cake so hard all the way to Finn and Jakes treehouse that the دیوار has crashed. Fionna کہا "What?, another house of our's?"then Finn suddenly saw Fionna and کہا "Who are آپ and what are آپ doing at my house?", Fionna کہا "Well,what are آپ doing at MY house!?" Then Jake saw Cake lieing at the floor and کہا "Finn!, we got an intruder!" and Finn کہا "There is also one here...." And Fionna...
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posted by DerpThatHerp
 The Terrible Truth behind Adventure Time
The Terrible Truth behind Adventure Time
Yes these are theories that شائقین have come up with over the years. So i thought it write them out

The Theory: Finn was a lonely boy ignored سے طرف کی everyone but his loyal dog Jake. When Jake dies, Finn falls into a deep depression and attempts suicide. Instead of dying, he ends up a coma, where he lives in a perpetual dream state.

Why it could be true: I DON'T WANT THIS TO BE TRUE! Why is it that پرستار theories are always so gut-wrenching? This one is courtesy of Creepypasta. Basically all of the stories in Coma Jake's head are ones he used to tell Jake before he died. A fantasy world where he was a...
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posted by Eula2003
[At the سب, سب سے اوپر of the درخت Fort, Finn watching, Jake eating a تربوز, واٹرمیلاون and Princess Bubblegum دکھانا her latest invention.]
Princess Bubblegum: And so, through my experiments with cloud-seeding, I've invented... liquid pyrotechnics.
[Fireworks burst, splashing Finn with multi-coloured liquid.]
Jake: That's really cool, PB!
Princess Bubblegum: Aw, thanks, puppy. [Draws Jake onto her lap.]
Jake: Isn't it cool, Finn?
[Princess Bubblegum looks at Finn]
Finn: [Stammering] Owwww-guh...
Princess Bubblegum: [Giggles]
[Finn makes an attempt to put his head on her lap, but she pushes him away]
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posted by True-Finn-Fan
here's a story i'm sure will be an insight,
about a kid who decided to put up a fight,
so he travelled down to the land of the damned,
with a new sword, a shield, and a simple thing planned.

so he crossed his eyes as a retarded man does
in a corner in his house till his vision was like fuzz
the portal opened up as it had before
but this portal was only a one-way door

he went down there with only one a single task
to put his foot straight up grim reaper's ass
so he went down there with cold blooded steel
that in many ways had a demonic sorta feel

once he was down there there was no turning back
only way...
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posted by DerpThatHerp
This is a پرستار fiction of when the Lich was out of the amber درخت in Ooo Billy is dead and Finn was born (inception much). It is based around Finn

Ooo is war-torn from destruction
Finn: Come on Pb آپ have to get out of here!!!
Finn,Jake and Pb are running towards the door Finn ready to breach it
Finn: 3....2...1 GO
30 منٹ EARLIER
The درخت house is breaking apart
Jake: Finn we have to get out of here
Finn:Get BMO!!!
They run outside to see that their house that they live in has been destroyed as they know it
Finn: *sob*
Jake: *sob*
Finn: we have to check on the candy kingdom
*bombs are hitting the...
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