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posted by emerald_32
Me: I absolutely LOVE happy endings! Don't you? You'll love this ending, in 'Forgive Me, دل four"!!

----Flame Princess P.O.V.
I went to the chapel and prayed to the lord. Two days before Me and Finn's wedding. 'Lord, I hope آپ hear me out, your little آگ کے, آگ angel in heaven. I wish to be here on Earth. I love Finn as much as آپ love your Son. Please hear me out, Lord.' I prayed. Then I left.

The سیکنڈ دن of my temporary life here was exciting. Me and Finn had fun fixing the wedding. Designing the clothes, fixing the رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا tables, providing appropriate...
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posted by emerald_32
Me: As I promised, part 3 will be exciting and happy! The اگلے chapter is SUPER enjoyable, too!

-----Finn P.O.V.
Ahhh. Such a wonderful Breakfast at the Breakfast Kingdom. "Thanks for the b-fast, Breakfast princess!" I said. "Your welcome, Finn!" BP said. We went to the Candy Kingdom.

Queen Bubblegum took us in to her castle. I saw Goliad and Stormo, forever like that. "Let's wash and dress up. We are going to the new memorial cave. Except for you, Flame Princess. آپ can't get near water." Bonnibel کہا as she went to the Master's Bedroom.

-----Flame Princess...
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Why do i "hate" Marcy?
Well, i "hate" Marcy for three reasons (the first 2 آپ guys can think they are crap):

I. I dont like anything related to vampire so this makes me dont feel good about Marcy
II. In someway, she is kinda ruining adv time spirit (as i کہا it before)

But the اگلے reason is what آپ guys may not have noticed.

III. Marcy is rude and selfish... Proofs?

1.In "Evicted", i think she took over F & J treehouse which caused them alot of troubles just because she wanted to "play games". Also, i think she intended to suck Jake's blood (or even killed Jake).
2.In "heat signature", in...
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NOTE = I do not own Adventure Time.

Finn and Jake ran to Marcelines house. Finn's backpack bounced in the air as he ran towards her house.
"Dude, we better hurry up! were already 5 منٹ late!" کہا Finn. His faced turned red from all of the running.
"Chill dude. Marceline will be okay with it" کہا Jake. Jake held a strong grip on his viola as the 2 ran to Marcelines house.

"You 2 are late" کہا Marceline, her finger pointing to both of them. "Sorry Marcy, we got caught up in this magic bush, and we couldn't get out. It was evil. Pure evil" کہا Finn.
"Yeah, whatever" she said. "But, before we...
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This is 100 percent پرستار fiction. It will not be on the دکھائیں unless I e-mail it to the creator.

ارے PB
How's it goin?
Since weve ben hangin out
i've ben showin
lots of feelings for you
but now there gone
and I hope آپ understand
in this song
i've got my mind on someone else,
shes got a دل of fire
and im not tryin to bein a liar
my feelings for you
have gone away
so lets remember those happy days,
when I still had fe-e-e-lings for you......
when I still had feelings,for you.

Hope u like :D
Pure fanfiction
princess bubblegum

Fav food:candy
fav activity:sience exparaments
fav color:pink
fav music:pop (bubblegum pop)
fav candy:Bubblegum

Hot dog princess

Fav food:corn dogs
fav activity:playing fetch
fav music:rap ("what's up hot doug")
fav candy:Bones

Slime princess

Fav food:jello
fav cativity:jiggleing
fav music:electro (eventhough it's hard for me to shake it)
fav candy:gumdrops


fav food:the color red
fav activity playing music
fav music:rock (the kind i play;it makes آپ feel cold blooded)
fav candy:red liquerish

Lumpy space princess

fav food:beans
fav activity:texting
fav music:? (whateva my fiends like)
fav candy: candy makes my face like break out!
posted by LSP_98_Pigs
Step 1: Be a hero and save her. I was going to win her دل all princesses loved being saved, well I hope she does. I'm not telling Jake about this he'll get all jacked up.
I got their fifteen منٹ earlier to be super ready. I occupied myself سے طرف کی tapping on the window steadily so it wouldn't break. She had five منٹ to go before it was late.
That's when she walked in; unsure of herself she kept looking in the windows reflection. Frowning at her reflection. She looked amazing, I just wanted to hug her and feel the warm sensation. I walked over to her; I had set up this whole thing I would...
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posted by LSP_98_Pigs
ارے Adventure Time Fans,
This is a *SPOILER ALERT* so don't read if آپ want suspense, the girl character is Ice Queen and the boy character is The Lich.
''I'll let آپ live forever..." He sighed. She had got her way again. This time she seemed cautious then let out a cackle. "Forever, really there must be a twist." He smiled and looked into her eyes sharply. "Let's say... Forever with a slight twist."
"May I know what the slight twist is?"
"Do آپ want to live forever یا not?" He sighed.
"Of course..." She didn't get to finish because of a loud crackle and her mind became black.
She woke up 9 hours later feeling very eneregetic and young. She woke up in the snow, where was her castle?
posted by LSP_98_Pigs
Finn POV
''She has a demon دل I can handle." I spoke severly, I hoped he thought I was being serious because I was madly in love with his daughter. He laughed humorlessly."You can try, آپ have 14 days."
This was my only chance I was not going to blow it.

Day 1; I left a note in her bedroom that said: Meet me in the Candy Kingdom at 6 for dinner. xo
Because tonight it was going to rain... Great chance to be a hero!
I had asked Jake before about women but he just told me all about the tiers. My steps are way different to Jakes. Here's my list.
1.Be a hero and save her.
2.Ask her out.
3.Go to the...
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posted by SteamPunkOtaku
Marceline, is it just آپ and me in the
wreckage of the world?
That must be so confusing for a
young girl.
And I know you're going to need me here with you.
But I'm losing myself, and I'm afraid you're gonna lose me too.
This magic keeps me alive, but it's making me crazy,
And I need to save you, but who's going to save me?
Please forgive me for whatever I do,
When I don't remember you.
Marceline, I can feel myself slipping away.
I can't remember what it made me say.
But I remember that I saw آپ frown.
I swear it wasn't me, it was the crown.
This magic keeps me alive, but it's making me crazy,...
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posted by ailley1410
it start with fiona have nothing to do,lying around
then suddenly some portal coming up,when fiona wants to check,cake just sop and say "stop, آپ could get hurt"
fiona:ah come on i just want to check
cake:hold on,let me call gumball and marshall
fiona:for what
cake:just in case
so gumball came with lord monochromicorn and marshall came to
marshall:yo fiona why did آپ call us?
cake:we just want to check this portal
gumball:ok,let me see for a bit
suddenly ice queen came
ice queen:*evil laugh*
fiona:ugh,it's ice queen again,what do آپ want?(intimidate)
ice queen:the prince must become my husband(blowing...
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posted by True-Finn-Fan
just gonna دکھائیں آپ guy's how i view the ships... in picture representation form... :3

 random fionname pic.
random fionname pic.
 Hell yeah!
Hell yeah!

 random finname pic.
random finname pic.

 random finnonna pic.
random finnonna pic.
 good backup ship...
good backup ship...

 random fiolee pic.
random fiolee pic.
 like hell...
like hell...

 random finnceline pic.
random finnceline pic.

 random fubblegum pic.
random fubblegum pic.
 don't hate it, don't like it, don't trust it...
don't hate it, don't like it, don't trust it...

 random fumball pic.
random fumball pic.
 same as above...
same as above...

 random bubbline pic.
random bubbline pic.

 random gumlee pic.
random gumlee pic.

All Other Crackships~
 Get real...
Get real...
One دن I was searching for a fanclub for Adventure Time online it took a while until I stumbled across this one. I thought it looked nice. And I کہا to myself "Yes a place where I won't we judged about my beloved fandom!" But when I found a lot of hate I said. "Oh." I wanted to be like. 'Why bother?' But I didn't I made it through. I was shy at first a scared girl to share her thoughts because she thought they didn't care. But along the way I realized مزید and مزید and آپ guys are the ones who made me brave, made me not scared anymore, and I realized I can say what have wanted to say in a long time. And to this دن I'm not scared anymore I can do most things I couldn't do today. So I thank آپ all for helping me realize this is where I need to stay. And to all آپ شائقین out there don't be afraid to say something just go for it and hope for the best don't let your mind take full control because if آپ do آپ will end up like the old me scared and speechless.
Sorry Peebles, but but I've had to much of you. i mean its just not right! is it because آپ are to old and i'm too young, that your to smart and i'm too dumb?, what's wrong with this relationship of ours!
Finn, what are آپ saying? what i'm trying to say is that ... we should break up. No Finn, this shouldn't happen to us, we're meant to be. (PB CRYING). i'm afraid that whats done has to be done! But why? آپ see Princess i just think this was a bad idea. Don't worry there's a lot of candies in a jar, and im already eaten.
But I got the first episode (chapter) down. Dunno if I can post the writing part of it down today, but I'll try. It's only a few paragraphs long, but I'm considering making it longer, with your help if you'd like. I'm usually a self-hater so I won't really like it when I post it cause that's just me, I guess lol

I'll post it and ask what I should change with it. I'll add commentary throughout the chapter so it's easier to understand. :D

And yeah, it'll still be animated, just not yet. I'm planning on writing the whole story out for آپ to read and visualize so it'll be easier to make.
آپ know that you're and A.T. پرستار when you: Dress up as Finn یا any other A.T. character for Halloween.

When you: know all the words to every song.

When you: sing the theme song every time the دکھائیں comes on.

When you: yell, "Adventure Time!" when someone asks آپ what time it is.

When you: go out and buy a dog just so آپ can name him Jake.

When you: rant on and on about A.T. to anyone who will listen.

When you: practically pee your pants when آپ find new A.T. merchandise for your collection.

When you: acually have an A.T. collection.

When you: swear on Finn and Jake like you're swearing on your life....
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posted by maceylol
[]cake and fionna were playing in a big skeleton [Marshall lee] hmmmmm [Fionna] this is fun... ارے whats that( goes over to the bushes and sees marshall lee and some old lady) ارے cake look it's marshall lee the vampire king [cake] (gasps) [fionna]are آپ still tarifyed of vampires [cake] (hides in tail ) nooooo [old lady] please master realese me [marshall lee] hench woman for life means hench woman for life!!![fionna] stop! [marshall lee] ارے what's up fionna[fionna] marshall lee آپ can't order this old lady around [marshall lee] sure i can watch hench woman amuse me [old lady ](uses cane...
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posted by IsabellaFanboy
What time is it? Message Time!!!

Hello everybody this is my حالیہ troll activity:

I sent some messages to these people and guess what i got back :D

I think I'm in love with someone in the AT club... guess someone :3
astigpinoy: uh EM?

me: any other guess?

astigpinoy: 3pl3 M?



DerpThatHerp: I have no clue XD

emerald_32: Redpanda, pbadventure18 یا marcelinerocker.

me:guess again :3

emerald_32: beige888, makemesmile1000, TheInfectedd یا me
beige888: who?
me: آپ have...
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I don't own anything here, credits go to the blog, on raggedy-taggedy and on bubblebats, see them on Tumblr.

From: bubblebats

NO, it is not because they are cute together.

NO, it is not because Flame Princess is cuter, tougher یا even ٹھنڈے, کولر than Princess Bubblegum.

It is simply because of the amazing friendship they have. Yes, I know they’re dating, but when آپ look past the fluff آپ can see something truly genuine. They don’t just cuddle and act romantic all the time. They have a unique bond with each other. At the beginning of ‘Burning Low’ and ‘Ignition Point’, they’re not...
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 My favourite ship, FINNCELINE FOREVER!!!
My favourite ship, FINNCELINE FOREVER!!!
Well I saw others do this so might as well:

(My) سب, سب سے اوپر 5 ships:





My سب, سب سے اوپر 5 characters:



3.Magic Man

4.Ice King


Well there آپ have it! My سب, سب سے اوپر 5 for ships and characters. It used to be Bubbline then Finnceline. But after seeing the last episode...well it kinda got pushed down.

Not sure if that's good یا bad
 My favourite chracter( this was uploaded kinda quick but I woul have chosen a better one)
My favourite chracter( this was uploaded kinda quick but I woul have chosen a better one)
 سیکنڈ favourite ship
Second favourite ship
 3rd favourite ship
3rd favourite ship