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This isnt mine, ok? This is from the person who used to be active in this club.. Can u guys guess who is it?
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The Earl of Lemongrab is one of the characters from Adventure Time, along with Finn and Jake. Here are ten facts about the character. Did آپ know all of them? Let us know below if آپ know any more!

1. The Earl was "born" in Princess Bubblegum's laboratory. He was created so that he could rule the Candy Kingdom if the Princess ever became unable to do so.

2. When he found out that Princess Bubblegum was "too young" to rule the kingdom, the Earl travelled to her قلعہ on his نیبو, لیموں Camel, immediately declared her قلعہ to be in "UNACCEPTABLE CONDITION," and threatened to send all of the residents...
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Finn and Jake~~the last battle with Ice king and the firey kiss

Hail was falling out of the sky rapidly, hurting the people of ooo. Finn and jake had just returned from their fight with a bunch of trolls. Jake looks up at the sky and gwets clonked on the head with potatoe shaped hail.

"What the heck?" jake hissed while looking at the hail.

"You think its evil hail?" finn asked jake pulling him up..Jake is quite for a منٹ and begins to think about this situation.

"it might be ice king." jake replied. "He must be having his tantrums, should we go kick his butt." out of no where, a آگ کے, آگ knight...
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Well as you've probably realized this مضمون is about Fionna and Cake and the whole "gender swapped universe".

I hate Fionna, Prince Gumball, Marshall Lee etc. (*everyone gasps). WHY? This is why..

First of all: Why is it necessary? Honestly I don't understand the need for them!
Adventure Time has an incredible amount of weird, wacky, adorable, complex and simply awesome characters.. But instead of giving us a bigger insight on all these characters (like FP یا Simon and Marceline) Cartoon Network go and create more, which is totally okay سے طرف کی me.. But the stupid thing is that they don't create...
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