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So it's kinda like the one with Fubblegum. اگلے one in series will be with FP.

Silver rays of moonlight invaded the Treehouse. After an adventure-filled day, Finn, alone at home, prepared himself for bed. As he changed into his pajamas, he calls to his mind the face of that beautiful damsel Marceline. Dark eyes, elegantly formed hands, that breath-taking figure…and her hair.

Oh, how could he ever forget that wonderfully long, black hair, smooth as silk! Who would think such beauty was formed سے طرف کی a cold, heartless demon, instead of Glob? Such a rose could never have grown among thorns. Yet among...
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i actually laughed at this lmao
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sheeesh! ^_^ I got nothing to say but I hope آپ like it ^_^
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