I hate how my parents treat me pt 3

He then screamed at me about how the dishes from the last several days were all piled up in the sink and how I never do them. The dishes from one meal less than 24 hours پہلے were in the sink and that was it. I pointed that out and explained that I didn't do the dishes the night before because my sister tried to kill me and I hurt my ankle while running from her and that I had been busy all morning and he just rolled his eyes and told me that I needed to stop making excuses and complained about what a teenager I am. No matter what they won't EVER admit that I am right. They won't EVER admit that my sister is out of control. I am a good kid. I would never drink, smoke, etc, I get amazing grades, and I am not even دوستوں with anyone they don't approve of. I have never even worn shorts مزید than an inch above my knee یا a tank top! Yet they always act like I'm a crazy stereotypical teenager. Yes I do hide in my room, but it is to stay away from them and my insane sister. If I ever point out to them how they and my sister treat me they just roll their eyes and sigh mumbling about teenagers. I can't stand to be treated like this! I can never get away from them other than in my room either, I'm homeschooled! I freaking dream of rebellion in the form of doing things like riding around the block on my bike سے طرف کی myself. I hate this. I can't wait until I get to go to college and get away from them. Them treating me like this has caused me to have problems with my self esteem too, but whenever I try to confront them about anything they role their eyes and blow me off as a dumb teenager. What can I do? Is there anything I can do?
 SeaOfMoonlight posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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writer67 said:
ur sister thinks its fun when u run, she doesn't scare many, but sshe gets a high a adrenalin rush, but ur دن is coming soon whenu hold ur ground, u become the one person hidden within you. but its not preety. ur a good one strong دل with a major intellect and savy to get the good grades which come esasy to u. u will feel others get stuck, n u will know who they r. go to them. as to the dishes, I know it not ur fault. but ur like a Cinderella, in many ways, yet u just want to b an equal within this family. apoligise for the dishes, do em with ease alike every challenge u accept and complete, but get them to state beforehand its just the dishes that ur upset with. u will get them done in record time, do the rinse first then the major full clean. im proud to say I can do dishes and housework faster than anyone, except cinderalla* ! . pardon mistackes. but even they for reason.
at least ur getting the compliments, a dumb teenager . our eyes change what we see n some cameras change places of things alike a mirror.
stay stong rrrr ur amazing as u r , n u know it, sad others don't. but one دن things will b so much different. hope ur sister don't need any body part spares. b a shame u wont b heering to what she asks..
theres a few that haave seen u out, but they know of ur situation. I dsee u gong places. I c a wow dull college life, but ur grades will be of merit, and a walk in position with big$$$.
lucky u have FANPOP. cheers fanpop ^/
im glad im not ur sister when uv had enough. but please only let it out twice. as even Jesus only lost his temper twice. he never did again.
mayb u may need to prove ur a dumb teenager , wear the shorts on ur head.
may God bless n keep u safe. peace be with آپ always. *
hope u have window to look up . ... .
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posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک 
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