Advice Nervous about strange میل ای I received, need help as to how to approach it.

knifewrench posted on Jul 25, 2008 at 05:48PM
I recentley got an email on my Bebo (a website I very rarely use) which kind of freaked me out.

Here's the message:
Hi, what's up sexy?

I'm looking for a nice, funny and honest guy who enjoys being around outgoing women. I'm coming out of a long relationship (over three years), so I'm searching for something quite casual but serious at the same time. Does that make any sense to you? I'm also looking for someone local. You live in the area, right? I'm visiting and I'm not familiar with the place.

Here's info about me: I'm very good-looking, somewhat stubborn and witty. I do some sports, I like biking and tennis. I'm also into American Idol and Grey's Anatomy.

I hope you're interested in giving this a try, you should gimme a shout, but don't respond directly to this message... I'm borrowing this account from my cousin. Please use my own e-mail instead, mary_lindon_v at yahoo.

Thank you! xxx

Some of the message makes the person seem suspiciously similar to me, as if it's a trap or something. "somewhat stubborn and witty". I'm also wondering how the hell she knows I'm local, and why her page is blocked and has no display picture.

I have no intention of contacting this person. Should I be worried about she (or he) finding me?
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dazl said…
Spam, honey. Don't respond. She can't find you.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک alexmcneice said…
its a bebo spam pornbot. i got one too and i'm a girl ....
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک germany123 said…
tis very local too- and stubborn and witty- and very good-looking :P

its like the horoscope that circles online..dont remember where i read it..but its written so that like 83 % n( or something :)) of people agree that it fits them
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Snerkie said…
Yeah, it happens through hotmail too :\ damn spam bots...i thought it'd be obvious it's a bit spammy though, lol
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Alx_master said…
Spam, just erase it and forget about it. It can also be a predator, so my advice is erase it.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک looopey3 said…
it has to be spam, it dont seen possible for he/her to no where u live. it is a bit freaky but just egnor it
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک poddo said…
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک poddo said…
I get these kinda stuff in my Yahoo! E-mail account!
Ignor em!