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k9hatake posted on Apr 17, 2012 at 07:32PM
ok what i'm about to say is serious.

lately in my life i have witnessed lots of deaths, unhappieness, torcher,ect. it seems like everyday someone or something around me is getting lost. A teacher at my school died of a heart attack. that was the first. and when I was my social studdies teacher cry something in me changed. then i started lossing friends due to fights or just lose of connection. or even something as simple as we just kinda forgot about each other. then the closest thing i've had to a grandpa die. And I had really only met him once so seeing him wasn't a problem. however it did bring back memories of others i had lost weather due to some illness like cancer or just them being sick, or just them dieing for no reason, and then there are the other cases that happen for one reason or another. then just this past week a teacher at my elementary school died of breast cancer. and honestly she was way too young for it. she was a good teacher and person who didnt deserve it. now for some reason this really hurt me. she wasn't my teacher. i only knew her from walking around and hearing her name. i wanted to make a slideshow about her but couldn't get ahold of the pictures to do so.

then there was today. the 8th grade was taking a test so us seventh graders had basically a free day. we saw a video in the morning about a really cool guy named Nick. he doesn't have any arms or legs but can do everything we can do. it was very inspiring. then in the afternoon we saw a video about the juvinial diebetes walk. that really moved me. now i dont know what it's like to have it but i do understand how kids with diebetes feel whe they are teased or discoured about not being able to do something. how do i know? I have JRA. for those of you (probably all who read)that don't know what JRA is, it's Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. You may never have heardof it but, it's acctually a very common thing now a days. infact last year it made it to the newz papers. one of the people who had a say in it was the doctor who diegnosed me with it, Doctor Rosen.

How i got it is a mystery still to this day seeing as none of my family members got it the way i do. the only reasons they have it are because of surgery, a fracture or break, they work too hard, or they're old. and the syptoms were kind of sudden. my wrist started hurting a day after we went iceskating. we thought it was just a normal thing from falling down. but as the days went on it kept getting worse. after a bunch of apointments, probably nearing the mid 40's we met Doctor Rosen. after about our 4th or 5th meeting with him, he requested that i get an MRI (a magnetic resonence imaging) with contrast, or a simpler word for it is die. then in the middle of february i was diegnosed with JRA.

I will tell you I was scared,depressed, and everything that comes with having to give up your favorite things for a while. it wasn't even like, "Now you are going to have to take a break from somethings for a while," it was more like " Now look your wrist is too weak to preform what you would think is a fairly easy task so you are going to have to quit." Now he didn't say it like that he was flat out honest but still sensetive on it, thats jst how it hit me. I was destroyed. I couldn't do what i loved. I tell eople openly when they want to know how i felt. i tell them everything, even the deepest darkest moments. however I never told them that i ever not even once ever regreted having it because i dont. do i hate having it yes do i reget it not one bit. i love having people dout i can do a push up and them telling me to my face and then having them watch as i do 16 of them. and then watch one of them do 4. although i dont really have much strength in my wrist today. i work on it too. and late fifth grade (about two years and a couple months after i was told i have arthritis in my wrist) i had been experiencing pein in my ancle. I knew exactly what it was and was crushed that i could possibly never be able to dance again. that is what i lved, what i lived for. i thought for sure i would end up miserable and i am.

this is the most challenging thing i have gone through and thank goodness i have great people under me that support me. I aspecially want to thank (not that they will ever read this) the girls in my girlscout troop. the first year i had arthritis in my ancle we went to survivore camp for 5 nights. i was scheduled to have shots to rid the pien for a while (like 6-8 months) but i got my shots 3 days before. the forth day is the first day you are aloud to walk after it. so hear i am i have alexa to my one side maggie at the other and then lizzie and michelle infront and behind me just incase my ancle gives way or i need help walking. you guys are the best! and for all of the people out there who have something that stops them weather it be a person, illness, or a wall, just go strait through it. the worst that can happen is you'll fall over. but hat shouldn't stop you. GO FOR IT!!!!! this is you and don't let anyone destroy that, okay? please comment and tell me what you think or a story you want to share or even a shout out. sorry for any mispelling i am not the best.

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dreamon727 said…
Wow... that changed my life!!!!
You sound so inspiring.... and that teacher who had breast cancer?
You are like that too... you didn't deserve it!!!
P.S. I'm a dancer too!!!