Advice Mom is grieving. I don’t know how to console her.

gregy26 posted on May 10, 2018 at 02:40AM
My dad just recently passed away a few weeks ago and after all the silent grieving, my mom has finally started to speak again. One night, she and I were having dinner together, just the two of us, and we got into the topic of her past with my dad. She told me how they first met through a new years party dating service event they both worked in and when they started talking, she knew that he was the one. They proceeded to have a wonderful dating period and soon later after that, they got into a married life together. She continued to tell me all about his accomplishments in life and how she’s so proud of him. She explained on and on how he was a great man and then started to cry.

Ever since the talk, she’s been crying every night before she goes to sleep. I feel bad that I might have brought up the topic and led her to open up some fresh wounds. I don’t know how to console people and I really want my mom to feel better. Can someone give me some advice on this?

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