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6643 posted on Apr 13, 2009 at 10:21PM
ok I have a HUGE family!My moms name is cassandra and shes pregnet with a little girl.My sister ashly is pregnet also.She was raped by some syco 18 year old.Which was her bfs older brotehr.I have eleven siblings and one on the way.Here ius all their names and ages just so you know.
Ben 20
brian 18
brianna 17
ashly15(is pregnet also)
geonna 14
me rianna 13
my twin sister riley 13
kevin 12
kyle 12 (twins)
leisly 9
amber 7
dean 5

this is all from one marriage!My dad is an assistant pastor
ok..i feel like I have NO space at all!
I am in love with my best freind..well like him..i have my whole life
My older brothers are too overprotective...mny older sisters are BIG bratts!2My younger brothers always wreck my things.My younger sisters always follow me around and grt in my stuff.
my huge family is way too competitive.My oldest brother thinks hes king of the castle just because hes oldest.Hew is also getting mayyred and moving out soon...hes my closest sibling so i dont wanna see him go.My older twin riley always bosses me around!My dad is too busy and my mom is way too pushy! 13 years old and...can i just have some general advice?thabks

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک 6643 said…
oh yeah..i need some more frinds on here so lz add me!
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک CadburyBabe said…
Invest in a lock for your room, if you feel all your siblings invade your privacy. Even although your brother is moving out, keep contact. You could text him,phone him etc.. and if you really need space, ask your brother if you can crash at his place for a couple of nights. Stand up to Riley if he pushes you around. Also tell your mom how you feel, and she might stop being as pushy. Your dad is always busy because he will have to work a lot to support 12 kids! Make the most of your time with him, for instance try and talk to him at the dinner table- even if it is only to ask him how his day went or vice versa.
I think you are lucky to have brothers and sisters, as i am an only child. You will miss them when you move out, and after all your family make you the person you are!

I hope that my advice helped!!