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posted by MarceloDalle
I am a Brazilian man with 42 years and I remember like yesterday the first time that I could appreciate ABBA. I was 14 and my family bought a sound system where I could appreciate our first long play, was an ABBA long play. I that time, I just could understand Portuguese (my natural language) but I got passionate myself for that sound and those voices. Especially for Agnetha Fätskog voice, that lives on my memories with her magic smile and angel visual. This could be a coincidence but who cares… I learned English and works on a Swedish company here in Brazil. I have دوستوں from Sweden and I love this place since I knew Agnetha voice and still have a dream know this woman, just to change a fill words, maybe in English, maybe in Portuguese, سے طرف کی e-mail… سے طرف کی everything . Just to quit my دل about this simple and pure passion. Thank آپ for exist and live in the same world at some time with me.