Alexander Rybak Eric Potter and the Melodihogwarts Tournament (Part IV)

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On the day Eric Potter got 14, a letter arrived to his home from Helsingborg, telling him that he is a magician and that he has been selected to join the prestigious Melodihogwarts School of Musical Magic. After that day his life would change completely. He’ll find some really nice friends but also a terribly sexy rival and as the course develop Eric will be chosen to represent his school at the Melodihogwarts tournament where he’ll have to fight against the best magicians of the whole Europe and also he’ll meet the darkest magician in the whole world who has tried to kill him before.


Eric Potter: Our heroe, he is a shy little boy who has a special power with his voice- having the ability to make every lesbian girl turn into straight and every straight boy turn into gay after hearing him. He is half a vampire.

Måns Weasly: Eric’s best friend, his role on this story is to present Eric his new school. He is also the brother of Eric’s girlfriend, Molly.

Alexander Granger: Alexander is the most intelligent student from Melodihogwarts School of Musical Magic having the 2009’s tournament record.

Molly Weasly: After meeting Eric, Molly immediately falls in love of Eric and tries to abuse him. After the second try she made it and they become a couple.

The Jedward twins: They are the abandoned Lady Gaga’s brothers that put a colorful rainbow and a laugh to every situation. They are also the most fashionable gay artists of the whole school. No one knows who is John and who’s Edward (not even their mom).

Danny Malfoy: The counterpart of Eric he feels a little bit jealous of Eric for being that “sweet little boy” and became his rival. Feeling that Eric is too good to be truth, he tries to find out what is he hiding. Though he tries to look ruder than how he really is, he secretly loves watching ballet and he has a collection of kitty cats and a notebook full of Eric’s pictures behind his bed.

Erik Crabbe and Mattias Goyle: Secondary characters on this fic. They play the role of Danny’s friends who always interrupt him when he is fantasying about Eric.

Lord Alex Sparrow: It’s a dark Russian magician that is selected to compete in the Melodihogwarts tournament. He is a paranoiac strip club dancer who wants to steal Eric’s moves and pretend he made them before. According to him he is the inventor of pop music, electro pop, the moonwalk dance, actually every pop move, Swedish language, red color, jackets, Michael Jackson’s dance moves (MJ actually copycats Mr. Sparow), microphones, etc.

Director Michael Dumbledore

Melodihowarts coat of arms: Suus sua suum cantus pop nunquam muere (Pop music never dies).
Made of Pop: House of the bravest musical magicians (Gryffindor)
Like a Virgin: House of the pop artists living their blond ambition (Ravenclaw)
Baby: House of the not that good magicians.. but they still do pop (Hufflepuff)
Smooth Criminal: House of the mos rebellious members of Melodihogwarts but at the same time they are the ones who made it a funny place (Slytherin)
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک kikisan said…
Please, do not repost it in any place without asking permission and crediting me & this forum, thank you! This fic is partially based on the Harry Potter characters by J.K. Rowling and its main intention is entertainment. To all my readers, I hope you enjoy the Deric magic.

Episode 1- The Boy

- What time it is?- Eric Potter asked himself, still in his bed.
He didn’t want to wake up. Last night he had a beautiful dream where... Well, actually he doesn’t remember all the details in the moment. There was a waterfall and he was in the middle of the stage while the water went down and cover his body and he was receiving an ovation.

- It was just a dream, Eric- he said to himself before noticing what wakes him up.
Someone was knocking at his door. Eric put his clothes on because he loved to sleep just wearing his undies, even in winter.
- Wait a minute- he announced before thinking that it was not the first time that he had this kind of dreams, It was probably because he wanted to be famous someday.
I want to be a singer, I want to be popular but I’m just a kid.

When Eric opened the door he received a big hug from his sister.
- Happy birthday!- she screamed
- Thanks- Eric answered and then he smiled.
- My parents are waiting for you downstairs- his sister told him.
For whatever reason, she suddenly looked serious. Or was it just his imagination?

Eric went to the kitchen just to find her mom, Petunia was sat, waiting for him. She looked nervous and something tells him that she has cried recently.
Did I make something wrong? - Eric asked himself feeling nervous.
- Happy birthday, my little boy- his mom told him before giving him a kiss
- Mom, what’s happening?
- Nothing. it’s just that... Aww I’m being silly- his mom said and then she started crying

Vernon, Eric’s father enter the room and he hugged his wife.
- Darling! Calm down, everything is going to be alright. The boy is going to be ok. But he should know the truth.
Now Eric started feeling worried. What the hell were they hiding to him.
- Can anyone tell me what’s happening here?- He asked before he realized that he sounded rude.
- Please.

Vernon sighed
- Eric, did you ever wonder why are you different from the rest of the boys?
- Am I?
- A boy with an unusual beautiful voice. What about your moves?
- Wait a minute
That was completely nuts. Of course, Eric knew he was different. He had a secret nobody knows about who he was. What he call his “midnight secret”.

For a moment Eric thought that his parents have discovered what he did in the middle of the night. But this? Everybody says that he has a sweet voice but this was just ridiculous.
- I don’t understand what are you telling me father.
Vernon looked at Eric’s eyes and suddenly
- Dudley, come back to your room now! We are having a serious conversation with Eric.
- I say NOW

Vernon closed the door and then he sighed again.
- Eric, I am not your real father. We are not your parents actually and you are a magician.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک cuteRybakk said…
WOW! I love it!
Please write more stories about Eric.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک kikisan said…
Thanks cute Rybak. I have a whole Deric (Eric Saade+ Danny Saucedo) fic written but I am not sure if I could post it here because it's 18+ and when I say it's 18+ I really mean is sexually explicit.

So I can't post that fic, right?
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک cuteRybakk said…
Maybe you can ask it on the wall and if the most say post it then post it (if you want)
And if there are more saying it's better if you don't do it then don't.
Anyway I want to read it cause I loved this story,so the other story is probably(I'm sure it is)also good. :)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک kikisan said…
Episode 2- Letters from Melodihogwarts

- What did you say?
- You are a magician, Eric- Vernon repeated
Eric Potter tried not to think about how stupid that statement sounded before replying to the person he has believed it was his dad all these years because he need to know everything.

Trying to sound as he was having a normal conversation about the weather with Vernon and Petunia he asked
- How do you know... that I am really a magician?
- Haven’t you noticed all these strange things that happen around you boy?
- No, I...
- A boy who has the power to turn all gay girls into straight and all straight boys into gay when he is singing. That’s so you, Eric.
So that explains why these guys has acted so strange when they hear me sing!

- Your parents died when you were just a baby- Petunia finally spoke.
- A dark magician from Eastern Europe knew that a powerful magic boy was born and that he would revolutionize pop music as we know it so he decided to come and kill your parents but then, something went wrong when he tried to attack you. He killed your parents but when he use his witchcraft against you it hurts him making him a baby again. He might be your age and he lives in Russia right now.
Eric tried to follow all this conversation and to understand what he was hearing but it was difficult.
- That night, Michael Dumbledore, comes here with you. He sent him to us because I am your aunt, your latest family member alive- aunt Petunia revealed and then she hugged him.
- All we tried to do was to protect you.

Eric took a deep breathe. It was so complicated and he started feeling a big headache while he tried to assimilate everything.
- Then why didn’t you tell me before all the truth?
- Because we want to protect you and that you feel loved in a normal family- Eric’s aunt cried
- Eric, this one is for you

Eric received an envelop. He opened it as fast as possible, took the letter and read:


Dear Eric Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Melodihogwarts School of Musical Magic. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on September 1.

Yours sincerely,

Madge McGonagall

- Do I have to go?- Eric asked
- Only if you want it- his aunt says
- What if I say no
- Well, you should know that your parents want that you be a magical musician
My parents...

It was shocking that he didn’t know anything about them but even with that, these words touch him. He knew he was different.
- So that’s my birthday present? To say goodbye to my home town?
- Don’t say goodbye. It’s just a “see you soon” and you still can write to us when you are in your school
- I love you- Eric said before hugging his uncle and aunt.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک cuteRybakk said…
I realy love this,please write more. :D
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک kikisan said…
Episode 3- The Road to a new life

Eric was not sure about what he wanted to do. Some days he refused about the idea of leaving home and he felt sad. But he had to admit that some other days, something in him makes him feel proud of being a magician. finally he has discovered that he was special and different as he always thought and he started making plans and thinking about the days he would pass in Melodihogwarts.

Finally, the day came. His uncle offered him to bring him to Stockholm.
Eric checked his list of items:

A waterproof microphone
Red Sneakers and a red jacket
Lots of glass

Yes he had it all. So he went to the train station.
- Take care boy, don’t forget to write to us
- Do I have to go now... uncle?
Damn. Now he was alone. Or at least that was what he thought.

- Eric Potter?
Two seconds later, Eric was in the arms of a girl that suddenly has appeared next to him.
- Yes, that’s me.
- Oh, I wanted to meet you. -The girl told Eric with tears in her eyes.
- Well thank you- he said and he felt that he was about to brush.
Eric definitely didn’t know what to do. He felt like a normal guy but now he must get used to be a famous person.

By the way of the girl looks, she was standing next to him dying to ask him lots of questions and maybe to kidnap him. Such kind of adoration was somehow creepy.
After a long wait, the girl talk once again
- Do you remember the moment when...?
- What?
Eric didn’t understand what she wanted and he makes her feel embarrased.
- You know, the moment when you survived from the dark Russian- magician tried to kill you.
- Alex Spa...

A blond boy with the strangest hair Eric has ever seen shouted at him. He looked frightened.
- Leave him alone John- his twin brother told him but they couldn’t stop looking at Eric with expectation in their eyes.

- We don’t use the Dark Lord name- the girl explained. - By the way, my name is Molly Weasley.
- My name is Eric Potter
- I know
What an uncomfortable moment
- I can’t remember anything. I was just a baby.

Thanks heaven, someone appear to rescue Eric
- We’re almost late Molly. We have to take the train
A boy who was almost his age was standing next to him. When Eric first saw him, he though that the boy looked like a tv show presenter. He had lots of self confidence on his look and smile, probably because he was handsome and he looked elegant even in the school uniform.
- Måns, haven’t you noticed that I’m busy talking with Eric Potter!
- What?- Måns looked at Eric as if it was the first time he had seen him- Nice to meet you Eric, my name is Måns and this my sister. Come on, let’s have a sit in the train.
- Alright- Eric agree and he went with Måns.

Molly looked at her brother as if she litterary wanted to kill him for taking Eric out of her
- Come on, let’s take a seat in the train. I’ll show you what you need to know about the school.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک kikisan said…
Episode 4- That blond guy

Eric could not deny it. He felt relieved for being in contact with a magician BOY from his age. Now he would be able to ask all the questions he had on his mind
- Where are we going Måns?
- We are going to have a seat. Then when we arrived to Melodihogwarts, we have to wait on the hall until the selection ceremony start. My father told me everything.
- What?!
- Oh, I forgot that you come from a non magical family

Eric Potter felt a little bit intimidated. However Måns smiled to him
- I always knew that I was a magician. I mean not only because of my family. I feel it in my veins- Måns confessed with a bright of pride on his eyes
- Can you show me?
Måns laughed to Eric but then he approached to him while he sung as if he wanted to seduce him pointing at Eric’s chest

Who’s gonna love you
Who’s gonna take my place and stand by your side?
Kiss you and hold you
Console you when you cry?

- That was beautiful
Eric was clapping
- Please, don’t do that in front of the public. You look like a kid- He said laughing but at the same time it was obvious that Måns enjoyed this kind of recognition.

- We are going to be selected? How is it?
- Well, there are four houses in Melodihogwarts: “Made of pop”, “Like a virgin”, “Baby” or “Smooth Criminal”- M. explained as they keep on walking looking for an empty wagon to sit
- And that means that...?
- Every house has its own importance in pop history. At least I feel sure I’ll be...
- Oh.
Måns suddenly stopped walking making Eric crash with him.

- We have to move on- He explained and suddenly he turned around and walked to the other corner
There was a boy blocking the way. He was tall and he looked strong and pretentious. Something in his eyes makes Eric thing that the blond guy was so confident about himself that he was sure, no one would be so stupid to ask him to move on and let him/ her pass. And it seems that he was very popular, two bad boys were at his side, looking for him.

- Eric, why are you drooling?
- What?!
They finally have found a free sit.
- Nothing... I was daydreaming about...
M. kept looking at him, maybe thinking this was a weird moment.
- Who was that boy?- Eric Potter asked with an hesitating voice.

- Oh. That idiot. His name is Danny Malfoy. You’ll get to know him better later, unfortunately.
Eric prefered not to ask too many questions. It was obvious that his new friend doesn’t like the blond boy. And even if he doesn’t look like a good boy, there was something about him that... It was weird.
- He thinks he is better than anyone else because all his family has been in Smooth Criminal... But everybody knows that the Dark Lord comes from that house.
Eric felt surprised and Måns blushed.

- I didn’t want to talk about that.
- Don’t worry man, I actually don’t remember anything about that. I was a baby!
His friend felt more relaxed after hearing that.
- Let’s have something to eat Eric suggested and then he stood up.
- Yes- M. agree.

But then when he was about to leave, a brown hair boy wearing a pair of glasses and having a violin on his hand opened the door.
- Is everything ok here? Someone told me that this boy Malfoy was bullying the kids from first grade.
The boy that has just arrived stopped for a second
- Are you really... Eric Potter?