Alexander Rybak A Teen Fairytale (part 2)

CrazyForRybak posted on Apr 21, 2012 at 01:15PM
A Teen Fairytale (part 2)

At the next lesson I was in library. As a random I saw Hadise!

Alex:Oh Man! Where is the f*ckin' book?! Oh my god! Hadise is here! O_o

And then I sat my glasses on.

Alex:Well,at last I've found it! Here is the book that I wanted! Hehe! xD

And I was crashed with Hadise! O_o Her book was fallen down! Then I helped her! ;)

Alex:Oh,Sorry! :/ Are you OK?
Hadise:Yes,I am! :) Oh my book!
Alex:No problem,I give to you. :)

My hand was on her hand! Our hands was touched! <3

Alex:Uhm..Here is your book!
Hadise:Tha..Thank you! :)

And then she was gone. My heart was beating very fast!

Hadise:Is that the new boy from my class?? Oh,yes! He is! Alexander...

Alexander... Ok.I was at the time with Sakis together but I thought he is cuter than my greek boyfriend.

Safura:Where are you? I've been searched you all the time!
Hadise:I was in library! I want to read a book about romance. ;)
Safura:Ah,ok! Do you saw the new boy? He was in library too.
Hadise:Who? Alexander?
Hadise:Yeah,I saw him. He was taken glasses.
Safura:Like a geek! HAHA!
Hadise:Maybe he is a geek?
Safura:Oh? Do you think he is cute? ;)
Hadise:HE?! CUTE?! Are you crazy?! I have a boyfriend,Safura!
Hadise:OH MAN! But..where is Nigar?
Safura:She is coming! She talks with our classteacher.

And he was coming! :D

Safura:Hey,Hadi?! Your new love is coming! ;)
Safura:WHY?! He is really cute! ALEXANDEEEER?! HELLO!!!
Safura:Talk with him!
Hadise:NO! Nigar is coming! Hey Nigar! :)
Nigar:Hi Hadise! :)
Safura:How are you,Alexander?
Alex:I'm fine and you,Safura? Am I right?
Safura:Yes! :)
Hadise:Safura,we have no time,girl! Come on! Bye! :)
Alex:Bye! :)

That was the second part! :D

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I love it as the first part! PLEASE KEEP ON WRITING!!!!!!!!!!!
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keep writing
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Please,keep on writing. :D
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That was amazing, I hope you keep with this nice worl