Alexander Rybak A Teen Fairytale (part 4)

CrazyForRybak posted on Jun 04, 2012 at 06:30PM
A Teen Fairytale (part 4)

5 min. later we was out from the tram.

Eric:Bye girls!

Ferman:Who is coming to my house at this weekend? I have 2 days house-party! ;)

Eric:Ferman...WHAAAAAT?! So early?!!! Why not next weekend?

Ferman:Because my dad have a surprise fo my mother and they have a 2 days trip. ;) So romantic,huh?! ;)

Eric:Wow! *__* You have a really romantic daddy! Ohhh la laa! xD

Alexander:Eric,stop kidding! This is really cool! :D I'm happy for your parents. ;)

Ferman:So you can come to my house too,Alex! We wanna make a crazy party! ;) Just we 3! :D

Eric:Oh man! I thought we wanna make this with some girls! :(! :P

Alexander:Oh cool! Ok I must ask to my parents,that if I come.

Eric:We can ask together! ;)

Alexander:Ok. :)

I was in home with Eric. And then we asked to my mom.

Alexander:Hi mom! :*

Natalia:Hi Alex! How was your first day? I hope you like your new school.

Alexander:Yeah really much! And I meet my new classmate from Eric. Actually they're since 1 year friends.

Nataia:Oh,that's great! What is his name? :)

Eric:Ferman. He is from Turkey. He is a nice guy! ;)

Alexander:And funny! :D Ah?! Mom... Can I go at this weekend to Ferman's house with Eric? Because his parents have 2 days trip.


Natalia:2 days? O you can. We must say this to your dad.

Alexander:Spasibo Mamo! :* (Thanks mum!)

Hope you like it! ;) And give a comment! ;) Thanks! :*
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک kikisan said…
Yes I like it, though I must admit that when you mention these three boys having a boy's party I had some pervy thoughts
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