Alexander Rybak "Eric Potter and the Melodihogwarts Tournament" (Part 5)

kikisan posted on Jun 18, 2012 at 03:10AM
A magical Deric story, based on Harry Potter written by Kikisan.

Please, do not repost it in any place without asking permission and crediting me & this forum, thank you! This fic is partially based on the Harry Potter characters by J.K. Rowling and its main intention is entertainment. To all my readers, I hope you enjoy the Deric magic.

Episode 5- Welcome to ‘Made of Pop’ house

- Yes, I am.
Eric started noticing how annoying this question could be.
- Oh really?- The boy almost shout.- Cause I know everything about you, I’ve read how you survived to the dark magician and how your destined to be next pop sensation. I knew you were about to join Melodihogwarts. And last year, I helped my house to win the tournament. I got 387 points for my house! By the way, my name is Alexander Granger
Both Eric and Måns look at each other and if Eric was right, his new friend was hoping to be as far as possible to this boy with an obsessive look on his face.

- I have read all my books three times by now. There’s a lot of competition out there in the school so you better...
Someone knocking on the door interrupted Alexander’s speech and he opened the door before asking for permission.
It was that blond boy again and he was with his two friends who wait for him outside the room.
- Sorry to interrupt your chat with them- the boy say looking down at Alexander and Måns.

- I am Danny Malfoy- He announced with pride as if he though everybody should know his name.
- And you must be Eric Potter- the boy continued. - The boy who survived.
Eric didn’t know what to say. He felt uncomfortable for some reason
Danny offered his hand.
- Come with me. Soon you’ll know that not every magician worth your time. You don’t have to be with these losers.

Yes, yes, yes!- Eric thought
Wait a minute what are you thinking?
- They are my friends- Eric Potter finally said.
- Alright- Danny replied clearly upset before closing the door with a kick

- Erik, Mattias, follow me- Danny ordered.
His friends look at each other but they just obeyed.
Danny was obviously angry. Erik and Mattias don’t try to provoke him.
- Look for a free wagon, I’ll be following you- He finally say after a few seconds.

Danny waited until his friends were out of sight before running to the bathroom.
When he closed the door he just sighed and started talking with a completely different tone of voice.
- What have I seen today?
The most beautiful baby boy I have ever seen
The perfect creation on earth
Oh his eyes
Oh My Gosh! That hair
His lips! His yummy virgin lips

How could he refuse to be my friend?
I am going to kick his ass, spit on his face and destroy him
I am going to hit him so hard that he will cry as a baby
I am going to make him fall in front of the rest of the class

And nevertheless

- Danny are you ok?
Someone was knocking on the door.
- Of course I am! Now go away
God dammit! Why does my friends always have to interrupt me during these very intimate moments.

Anyway, I’ll have to keep an eye on that stupid Eric Potter.

- Eric, Eric wake up
Someone was shaking him. It was Alexander.
Eric wanted to hit him. He slept for the rest of the travel.
- We almost arrived.
- What’s going to happen next.
Now he felt a little nervous

- You are going to be selected for each house. It might take just a few minutes. Oh I have to go. Did I tell you that I am a prefect? I have to check if everything is right. Someone told me that the Jedward twins prepared a big joke for the first day. Good luck Eric.
Suddenly, the train stopped.

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