Alexander Rybak A Teen Fairytale (part 5)

CrazyForRybak posted on Jul 21, 2012 at 02:47PM
A Teen Fairytale (part 5)

It was evening. I asked to my dad,if I can go to the party. And he answered "Yes!" but...

Igor:...But you're not drink vary much alcohol!

Well... I'm 17 years old and I started to drink Wodka with 15 years! :D It was 1:00 pm. I could not sleep at the night,because I must think of Hadise in EV-ER-Y minute! She was so beautiful... But she has a boyfriend! :( He is more attractiver than me! :P Next morning I came to school alone and saw Ferman. I had good news for him! ;-)

Ferman:Hey! :D

Alexander:Hello! :D How are you?

Ferman:Fine. What about you,Alex? ;-)

Alexander:Great! :D I have good news for you! I come to your party!!! xD

Ferman:YAY!!! Gimme 5! (Clap*)

Eric:Hey guys! Alex-Fero? :)

Ferman:Heyo! Why you came late?! :/

Eric:I slept at 2:00 pm! Ican't sleep yesterday night. :(

Alexander:Me too! :P

Ferman:Why?! :O

Eric:I don't know,why? I think I was full of energy! xD

At the first lesson we had maths. It was sooo boring! -_- But she woke me up with her talk. I mean Hadise. ;) She is good at maths,but I need helping lessons. -_-

Alexander:Does the girls from our class are coming to your party?

Ferman:Yes,of course! :D It will be great,I hope! ;-)

He was looking so shy. :/ I wanted to be friends with him. But the problem was:SAKIS! :P He can be angry,if I would talk with him. But... I had an idea! ;-)

Hadise:Hi! :)

Alexander:Oh... Hi! :)

Hadise:Ehm... Do you have a pencil? :)

Alexander:Yes... Yes! I have two. :)

Hadise:Thank you! :)

Alexander: :) You're welcome!

I feel really luck,that Sakis doesn't here in my calss. 10 min. later we had break. Me,Safura and Nigar were in toilett and talked about the party.

Nigar:Who is coming to Ferman's party?


Hadise:Me too! Who comes too?

Nigar:Uhm... Me,Eric,Dima,Eldar,Sophia,Lena,Eleftheria,­Can­,Sv­etl­ana­,yo­ur boyfriend Sakis and the new Belarussian guy Alexander.

Safura: Ouu Wow! It will be a loud party!

Hadise:Oh?! Fine. :)

Nigar:How was it with Alexander? Was he nice?

Hadise:Yes a lot!

Safura:(whispers*)Nigar,I think she likes him! :D

Nigar:I think that too!

Hadise:What?! What are you thinkin',Nigar? O.o

Safura:Well... You know,honey! ;-)

Hadise:Don't say to me "Alexander"!

Safura:Sorry,but you said that yourself. ;-)

Hadise:OOOOH! -_-

Nigar:Hahahahahaha! :D

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک kikisan said…
Can, Alexander, Eleftheria, Lena? It seems that all the boys from Eurovision are coming. Nice update.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک CrazyForRybak said…
Thank you! :**
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک kikisan said…
big smile
Nice story. I want to see Lena
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک CrazyForRybak said…
ok ;)