Alexander Rybak "Eric Potter and the Melodihogwarts Tournament" (Part 6)

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Episode 6- The selection

- Welcome to Melodihogwarts. Please, follow me- one of the teacher say to the group
- You two, what the hell are you doing?- she added horrified after watching that the Jedward twins were throwing water ballons to the other classmates.
- I’m sorry miss...- one of the twins tried to say but he couldn’t finished.
They where in front of the queen of pop.

- Welcome to Melodihogwarts. In a few minutes the selection ceremony will start. May I remember you that this is probably one of the most important ceremony in your whole year- she added with an angry tone. However the Jedward twins didn’t look ashamed.
- I’m glad to know that some of you might be in my house but I won’t tolerate more silly jokes- she said before leaving them to go to the dining room.

Now Eric felt seriously ill
- Måns, you haven’t explained me what this ceremony is about?- Eric said alarmed
- Calm down! You just have to sit and place the sorting hat in your head that will chose your house according to your abilities: Made of pop, the house of the brave; Like a virgin, house of the blond ambition magicians, baby or smooth criminal. They say that if you are not good enough you can end up in ‘Baby’
- Oh- Eric cried. Right then, he didn’t feel brave or ambitious.
- It’s better to be a ‘Baby’ boy than to be in Smooth Criminal. That’s the house where every dark magician come from.

When Danny just touched the sorting hat, it announced that he’ll be a ‘Smooth Criminal’. The list of boys and girls that were starting their first course start to decrease and finally it was the turn of Eric Potter
- Not ‘Smooth Criminal’- He thought and to his surprise he felt a voice in his mind
- Not Smooth Criminal? But you have the talent that this house required and you’ll be having fun with certain blond guy
- No please.
- Ok, whatever! Then you’ll be...

- Eric, Eric, come here- a girl was shouting
It was Molly who takes him from his shoulders and place him right close to him.
- Take your plate, I’ve already take the order with you- the girl says with a sexy tone.
- Thanks, I guess.
- We have the boy who survives, we have the boy who survives!- The Jedward twins were singing really loud.

Everybody went to their rooms. When Eric closed his eyes, he smile thinking about how much things he was ready to learn. On the following day, they would have their first class section.
Måns, Alexander and Eric went downstairs to the dining room to take their breakfast
- Damn- M shouted
- What happen? Alex demanded
- We have vocal classes in half an hour with the Criminal guys
He looked frustrated. In the case of Eric, he just felt some butterflies on his stomach he couldn’t define.

Vocal classes would take place that day outside the school, in front of the football stadium. It sounded like a good idea to have some inspiration, singing with nature, however
- It’s raining!

Meanwhile, a blong guy was hidden behind a tree looking at the boy who survived. He took a picture of the boy out of his pocket

Ok, I should be happy
On one hand I finally have what I’ve wanted
I am a Smooth Criminal
And on the other one
For one bizarre quirk of fate
My devote, dear Eric was chosen to that stupid Made of Pop house
And the worst part is that he is actually enjoying it!
I could give up and try to be his friend
Cause I am the fucking boss here!

- What are you doing here?- Mattias asked to his friend
- It’s not your problem
- And what do you have in your hand?
Mattias try to take the picture from Danny’s hand but he was faster than him. A second later, Danny punched Mattias on his shoulder, not that hard but enough to make him remember who was the boss.
- Why are you so late? We have things to do.
- What?
- Damn, I can’t believe you are so slow! Don’t you see these bunch of stupid Made of Pop boys, so proud for having that Eric. It’s time to make some noise
Mattias laughed at his friend.

If I have to be the bad guy I’ll do it right- Danny though before walking directly to Eric Potter.

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