Alexander Rybak "Eric Potter and the Melodihogwarts Tournament" (Part 8)

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"Eric Potter and the Melodihogwarts Tournament"

A magical Deric story, based on Harry Potter written by Kikisan.

Episode 8- Trapped in the closet

- Your sister is...

- She is in love with you! - M. says a little bit uncomfortable

- Thanks for the answer Mr. obvious- Eric replied.- What do we do now?

- We have to go to the hall and wait until Malfoy come to us.

The boys left their safe room and started going downstairs. Melodihogwarts castle looked so quiet in the middle of the night.

-They say that, at midnight, the ghosts of some famous death musicians come to life to scare the students that should not be there.

Like me Eric thought but he tried to be rude.

The boys went downstairs, feeling a little bit paranoid with every little noise that could represent a professor that was making a round or even worst, the concierge of the school. If they were discovered they could be punished or even worst, expelled from the school.

What would he tell to his parents if they saw him coming back earlier than they were expecting? That his dreams of becoming a musical magician has been destroyed because of a silly adventure? - Eric thought with panic.

However, they were really lucky and could finally go down to the dining room where no one was waiting for them.

What the hell was happening there

Soon they would find the answer.

- Where are these boys?

It was the concierge looking for them.

- Run!- Eric almost shout.

Danny never planned to meet them in the middle of the night. They were so stupid.

M. Weasley wanted to kill his friend but at the same time, he knew he never imagined this ending.

Eric run as he thought his life depend on that. He was faster than Måns who saw him crossing the corridor and then... he just disappeared.

But he didn’t have enough time to think where Eric Potter was. The steps of the concierge look so close

- Boys out of their bedrooms in the middle of the night- He yelled at him and it frightened him

Måns go to the corner of the corridor, found some stairs, climb them and then he enter to a broom’s room.

He felt the breathing of the concierge looking for him in that room. He felt his heart was about to explode and asking himself how was it possible that the concierge didn’t notice him when his heart was beating so hard it was like drums.

Praying not to be found, he stayed for minutes that seems to be hours for him.

It was like an eternal torture until the moment he was almost sure there was nobody out there. Then he slowly opened the door and went to the bedrooms on the Made of Pop house.

Eric Potter was already there.

- Hey dude, what has happened to you?- Måns asked

There was no answer from his friend who looked frightened.

Actually, after recovering himself, M. noticed that he actually looked like if he has seen a ghost

- When I was running... someone catch me and brought me to a closet.

He stopped for a second

- It was Danny

- What?

- I was trapped- Eric explained. And then... and then... he went and explored my Chamber of the Secrets.

- What does it means?- Måns demanded him completely in shock

- I don’t know- Eric said but suddenly he blushed

- Oh... Eric

It was Molly, calling for him. Two seconds later, she had his arms on his back and she was taking him to her bedroom

- Save me! Eric Potter beg to his friend without saying a single word but M. just look at him smiling.

- I’m so sleepy, I have to go to bed.

- No!

This definitely would be a long night for the little boy that survived.

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