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Emmanouela96 posted on Jul 30, 2010 at 03:58PM
I have seen this game on maaany other spots, so I give the credits to the other hundreds people who made this forum post before!

Anyway, I'll give an Alex theme and you'll post a picture that goes with it. Then I'll make a pick to let other people decide which is the best, and the winner gets props and... our respect!

Once I'll post a theme, you have 5 days to post the picture. I'll make the pick for another 5 days, and so on...

Winner List
Round 1 'Funny Alex': AlexHelen24
Round 2 'Angry Alex': aisa07
Round 3 'Alex singing': sofia97
Round 4 'Alex in the ESC 2009': sofia97
Round 5 'Alex wearing a black shirt': stellaviolin
Round 6 'Alex wearing a white shirt': sofia97
Round 7 'Cute Alex': Helene17Norway
Round 8 'Alex and his violin' Vestulka
Round 9 'Alex Thinking' Helene17Norway
Round 10 'Alex and Didrik' Helene17Norway
Round 11 'Alex with one of the fidlerette girls' stellaviolin
Round 12 'Alex in his clips Funny Little World or Roll With The Wind' AlexHelen24
Round 13 'Alex in his clips Oah or Europe Skies' Lindaah14
Round 14 'Your favourite pic' Vestulka
Round 15 'Alex Dancing' Alexhelen24
Round 16 'Alex Wearing Glasses' Alexhelen24
Round 17 'Alex Smiling' Helene17Norway
Round 18 'Alex in Yohan' Alexhelen24
Round 19 'Alex wearing a hat' EmMalex
Round 20 'Alex Playing The Violin' stellaviolin

Round 21
Theme: 'Alex In Let's Dance'
Deadline: March 10th
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