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The Zombie Group of Melmacian Growled As Heck And They Went To Eat Villain’s Brains!

Professor Zombie Guy Laughs as Hell! He Towards To Zombie Melmacians And Growls.

Zombie Rick Claws Up Larson Petty and Torn Off His Flesh.

Then, Melmacian Police Officer Said.

“Professor, you’re under arrest for turning them into zombies!” First Melmacian Police Officer Growled. He Handcuffed Professor Zombie Away And Sent To Jail.

All The Group of Melmacians Went Back To Normal, The Shumway Family Coughed Loudly.

“what’s up?” Curtis coughed.

“Why are the zombies come from?” Augie Asked.

Bob and...
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Curtis And Augie Walked Up To See how Zombie Professor has Made.

Skip Becomes Zombie. And tears Curtis Apart When He Eats His Flesh Off.

“CURRRTTTIISSSSSS!!!!” Augie Screamed And Cried.

Augie is Crying And Screaming As She Throws a Tantrum.

Curtis Nearly Dies. But He Woke As Zombified. His Eyes Starts To Open As Yellowish Glowing Zombie.

He is in Front of Augie Shumway.

He Jumped To Her And Rips It And Tears Her Apart And Then, She Died.

Zombie Skip and Zombie Curtis Leaved Off.

Augie Woke As Zombified. Her Eye Began To Opened with a Yellowish Glowing Eye. Her one eye is gone. she’s still bleeding....
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Flo Shumway Ate Her Food At The Eddie’s Cat Up Diner. And She Burped Loudly As She Does.

“Excuse Me, Stella?” She Asked

“You would like to get a cat fries please?”

“I will get to eat” Flo nodded.

Stella walked off to get some. But later, Flo Ate It. She Sees Her Zombie Husband Ripping And Tearing Stella Apart As She Screams And Cries.

Definitely.... it was Bob.

“Bob!” Flo Screamed.

Zombie Bob Actually Ate Stella’s Flesh Off As She is Pronounced Dead.

Flo Started Crying. Curtis And Augie Came Up To Her Crying Like This.

“Mom, What’s a Matter?” Curtis Asked Her.

“Stella is...
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Flo Woke Up To The Sound of Her Father Screaming.

She Saw Zombie Gordon Shumway Ripping And Tearing Her Father Apart. He Roared and Growled As Zombie Usually And Killed Flo’s Father Off the Flesh.

Flo Growled Usually.

“GORRRDDDOOOONNNN!!!!” Flo Screamed “You Torn My Father Apart!!”

He Ran Off The Screen. Flo Growled Usually As She Doesn’t Cry.

Her Father Woke Up To a Zombie Being And Opened His Eyes To Become Yellow Glowed Eyes.

After Flo’s Job. Her Mother Saw Paintings.

Then, Zombie Rick Fusterman Roars And Tears Flo’s Mother Apart سے طرف کی Ripping And Tearing Off Flesh And Bitten Off Her Leg And She Got Killed سے طرف کی Him.

Flo Shumway Ran And Cries Over Her Death.

She Went To بستر And Drifted To Sleep.

A Zombie Professor Growls As Zombific Way.

Flo Finds Out Her Mother Woke Up As A Zombie. Her Eyes Glowed Yellow.

To Be Continued.
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Meanwhile, in the Shumway’s House, Bob and Flo are Decided To Get In The Bedroom And They Drifted To Sleep. But He Saw Zombie Rick Fusterman Growling In The Street.

“Oh My God!” Bob Exclaimed “I need to do Something! There’s a Zombie in the Street”

He Woke Up Without His Vest And Tie. He Ran To the سٹریٹ, گلی To see how bad it is a Zombie is.

Later, Flo Woke Up To The Sound of Bob Shumway Screaming And Crying. Flo Walked Into When She Saw Zombie Rick Fusterman Ripping And Tearing Flo’s Husband Apart As He Screams And Cries.

Zombie Rick Took a Last Rip And Killed Him Off. Flo Ran To The Room.

Then, Skip are Awake to See Zombie Rick Fusterman Growling Immediately.

“What the Heck!” Skip Screamed “Are آپ a Zombie?”

“I am!” Rick Roared at Him.

Later, Bob Woke Up As His Eyes Open to Reveal a Yellow Glowing of an Eye.

Zombie Gordon Shumway is in the Front of Him Growling.

To Be Continued.
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In Melmac, Flo, Bob and Gordon Are Walking In The Sidewalk. Gordon Watched As Zombie Professor Growls In The Air.

He Attacked Gordon Shumway Insanely.


Gordon Is now Found Dead In The Forest.

Flo And Bob Cried And Screamed When He Passes Away.

Gordon Woke Up And Then Yellow Eyes Glowed To Reveal a Zombie Attack.

A slopped blood pops over the Zombified red blood and looked like a evil zombie Alf. He runs to attack skip.

“I don’t know how it is?” Flo Shumway Cried.

“I had to Know to keep him alive” Skip Nodded.

“Yeah. I have an idea!”...
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Source: ہوم Away From ہوم
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Source: The Bone Losers
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Source: The Bone losers
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Source: The Bone Losers, big huge labs
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Source: The Bone Losers
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Source: The Bone Losers
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Source: The Bone Losers
Augie has To Release Her Part And Then, She is Suddenly That Happen. Zombie Skip,Zombie Rick and Zombie Gordon Came Up.

“WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” Augie Screamed.

She Runs To ہل, لندن And Then, Zombies Chasing Her Away.

Augie Watched As Zombie Curtis Growled At Her.

“Oh My Gosh!!!!!!” She Yelled At Him.

Zombie Flo And Zombie Bob Growled Which That Want To Eat Her Brains Off.

“WHHHYYYYYY!!!!!” Augie Screamed Loudly.

Then, Zombie Gordon Shumway Needing To Attack Larson Petty. He Ate Larson Petty’s Brain.

“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” He Let Out Green Blood Curdling On The Ground And Dies Slowly.

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