in the mental asylum my head was shaved during a typhoid outbreak. i also endured electroshock therapy. this caused me to lose my memory but it also allowed me to be naturally cheerfula nd humorous disposition to return. i no longer remembered the sadness and horror of my حالیہ life. unknown to me a vampire was working as a grounds keeper at the aslyum where she was incarcerated. this vampire, who was taking adavantage of this pool of humans who could die without much notice being taken, formed an attachment to me. he kept me from yhe shock treatments and other horrors when he could. he learned of my abilities; i always knew when he was coming to visit. he would bring hidden objects with him, to see if i could guesswhat he had. i always got it right. hen i had a vision of james. it occured the moment he caugth my scent, old and faded in my hometown two countries away. i saw him find me. i told my only friend the vampire, and he knew i was seeing fact. he planned to escape with me but i saw james catching up to me anyway. he offered options, but every choice ended with james. then the groundskeeper decided to change me. i saw that this would be very close. there might not be time for my blood to transform sufficently for james to gain nothing from killing me. the vampire had heard enough. he bit me immediatley and took me away to hide. knowing this would barely slow james, he pit himself in james path to delay him. from my vision he knew james was a strong hunter. and that it was a fight he would not win. after my transformation i awoke alone. the pain of the transformation had the same effect on me as the shocks; i remembered nothing of my life in the asylum, یا of the vampire who had transformed me. i was unaware of james as the reason for my change. fortunatley my psyhic gifts were now greatly enchanced and strengthened. i was able to see the best future for myself. my frist clear vision as a vampire was of jasper whitlock. i knew that jasper was my future mate, but i also knew that he wasn't ready for me yet. instead of going going to him, i waited for him to find me. in the meantime , i praticied- with sporadic success- living a "vegetarian" lifestyle, knowing that in time me and jasper would end up with the cullen family.
in 1948, i went to the small ڈنر, کھانے in philadelphia where i knew me and jasper were destined to meet. though my greeting was characteristically cryptic, jasper's abiligty to feel the emotions of those around him allowed him to appreiciate the magnitude of the occasion. i was already in love; and he quickly learned to reciprocate.
to please me, jasper began practicing a "vegetarian" lifestyle as well. سے طرف کی 1950, when we joined the cullens, i was able to control my thirst as well as the the rest of the family did. jasper continues to have مزید diffculty with self-restraint than the others. me and jasper were married sometime after joining the cullen family.
i love all of my adopted family, but i have a special bond with edward. thanks to his mind-reading abilities, he iis the only one who truly understands what it is like to live with constant visions of the future.
i only began to rememeber when james appeared in a vision with bella but shut down the memories. now i decide to recall those memories i still can. many have been lost. me and bella have a great bond and i appreicate the gift she gave me. i have limited memory of the vampire who turned me. i have lost what he looked like and what he was called to the mist and darkness of the land of the forgotten.