Ok, so just debriefing the character of Alice in the first book.

Alice makes her first appearance at Forks High School. When Edward first states his attraction towards Bella, Alice is interested since she had a vision about her and Bella becoming good دوستوں and knew that it could one دن happen. She is desperate to meet Bella but Edward forbids her from talking to her. Eventually, Alice takes up the courage to introduce herself to Bella.

When Bella comes to visit the Cullens' house, Alice is polite and friendly, acting as if Bella is already a member of the family.

Later that day, the Cullens decide to play baseball, with Alice as the pitcher, and invite Bella along to watch, due to a vision Alice had of a storm coming their way. Three nomadic vampires, James, Laurent, and Victoria, arrive during the game. Alice had a vision of them دکھانا up later in the week, but after hearing the baseball game they had decided to investigate.

Because the decisions are made so quickly, Alice fails to see the coming events.

After James begins to hunt Bella she, not wanting to leave her father unprotected, devises a plan for her to go into hiding in Phoenix, Arizona, brought سے طرف کی Alice and Jasper.

After arriving in Phoenix, they stay in a hotel, and Alice receives a vision of a ballet studio, not understanding what it means. Alice then sees Bella's mother Renée's living room in Phoenix. They realise James has changed his plans and calls Edward. Just before Alice, Jasper and Bella reach the airport to meet Edward, she sees Bella in the ballet studio in horrific circumstances. Alice does not tell Bella.

After Bella slips away, the Cullens realise immediately that Bella has gone to the studio, and they rush there. They arrive in time to help fight off James and kill him (in the film, Alice is the one to kill James, but in the book Jasper and Emmett do it). Alice doesn't leave, assisting Carlisle and Edward with Bella's treatment.

After the incident, Edward mentions to Bella that Alice went a little too far fabricating evidence to cover up the vampire attack on Bella.

A few weeks later, Alice attends the high school prom with the rest of her family, helping Bella get ready. Alice insisted that she should behave while playing with her as she has no memories of being human herself.