Inspired سے طرف کی a true story. Also no offence to Kate fans

Humphrey woke up the اگلے morning. There was something peculiar going on. He smelled Faolan on Kate. Then he realized what happened, She’s cheating on him for Faolan! He started to rage.
“Kate! Get up! Now!”
“Err. Humphrey, it’s early.”
“Don’t act all innocent! آپ screwed Faolan!”
“Humphrey, I can explain!”
“No! It’s over between us! We’re divorcing!”
“Humphrey! Please!”
Humphrey got in the new car, which was a Nissan Armada, and sped out to Hutch’s house.
“Hey, Humphrey, what’s up?”
“Kate, it’s unbelievable.”
“She had sex with the new wolf.”
“She did what!?”
“She’s cheating on me!”
“How do آپ know?”
“I smelled him on her and I know what they did.”
“That’s not good!”
“I gotta go spread the news.”
“You should.”
Humphrey sped off and told all his friends. He even told Winston and Eve. Eve was in a rage against her daughter! She was taking her son-in-law’s side! He got back to the den.
“Hey, Kate! Guess what?”
“Your mom took my side!”
“She did what!? Why didn’t she take my side? I’m her daughter!”
“Well, You’re the one cheating on me.”
Kate چرا لیا, چوری کی a car of her own from the truck. It was a سونا Toyota V6 Camry. Humphrey had a V8 Armada. If the Camry was a 4 cylinder, the Armada would be as fast. But a V6 is faster.
“Well, مزید people are on my side!”
Kate threw Humphrey into the دیوار and ran down stairs. She pulled back the rock, but Humphrey pushed it back it, “Where are آپ going?”\
“To Faolan’s!”
“No you’re not!”
Humphrey grabbed her and restrained her, but with her alpha instincts, she grabbed Humphrey, freed her legs and threw him to the دیوار again.
She drove off in the Camry, but Humphrey caught up in the Armada. He pulled right in front of her, getting her to stop. He pulled her out of the Camry and threw her to the ground.
“You don’t run away from me! We’re going to talk!”
“Screw you! I hate you!”
She kicked him in the nuts which caused him to drop and she drove off. There was no way he could catch up now.
He drove back to his den. At least she left him so it’s his den. He remembered the nitrous on the totaled truck. He also remembered Johnny was at Salty’s house.
“Crap! I have to get Johnny before Kate!”
Humphrey stopped about 50 yards from Salty’s house to see Kate there about the same distance. They both went full throttle, but Humphrey got out and got Johnny first.
“Hey, Humphrey!”
“Sorry Salty, I can’t talk I’m in big crap right now!”
“What’s the rush?”
“Kate is trying to steal Johnny!”
“I hope آپ get him!”
Humphrey sped off with Kate chasing him.
“Poor guy, I hope he gets custody of Johnny.”
“What’s going on?” Jenna asked.
“Humphrey is being harassed سے طرف کی Kate.”
“Oh, poor guy!”
Humphrey got a call on the walkie talkie from Cando, “Hey, Humphrey! I just upgraded my truck! If anything hits it at less than 100 MPH it won’t take damage!”
“That’s cool, it really is, but I’m in some extreme crap right now and… wait what? Cando, that’s it! Kate’s chasing me, and about a mile and a half up is 45th street. Do آپ think آپ can make it to the intersection of Travis Avenue and 45th سٹریٹ, گلی in 2 minutes?”
“Yeah, I can make it!”
“Thanks, I appreciate this!”
Cando got to the intersection. Humphrey passed and he pulled up right in front of Kate. Kate managed to think quick and dodge it. She went up a ramp and landed in front of Humphrey, causing them both to stop. He felt large and strong hands pull him out of the car and pin him to the ground. The good news, it wasn’t a cop. The bad news, it was Faolan.
“Ha! I got Johnny now! I told آپ Faolan was on my side!”
“Agh! I hate you, Faolan!”
Faolan gave him a dominance smile. Kate got to the Camry with Johnny, then Faolan let him go.
“I’d kill آپ right now if my son wasn’t watching us!”
“I’d like to see آپ try!”
Faolan got in the Camry and they went to Humphrey and Kate’s former den.
“Damn it!”
Humphrey got the ماند, خلوت خانہ and saw the Camry there, “Ahh, hell no!”
Humphrey barged right into the house and saw Kate and Faolan romancing on the couch.
“Stop right now! Go to Faolan’s den! This one’s mine!”
“Screw you!” Kate said, “Faolan sold his den!”
“Yup, we’re taking this, and you’re on the streets!”
Humphrey raged, he went outside and jammed into the Armada. He backed up and went into full throttle to crash into the ماند, خلوت خانہ when Hutch stopped him. He broke as hard as he could to avoid hitting his brother.
“Humphrey, don’t! آپ can stay with me and Rebecca! Don’t trash this den!”
“Fine! I won’t!”
Humphrey drove off fiercely.
“Hey! You’re just going to leave your brother hanging?”
Humphrey didn’t realize Hutch didn’t have a car.
“Oh, sorry!”
Humphrey came back around and picked up Hutch. He then remembered Cathy.
“Hey, Hutch, thanks for the offer, but I have a friend I could stay with tonight.”
“Hey, do آپ want a car of your own?”
“Sure, at the truck?”
“Ok, let’s go.”
There was a blue Nissan Titan on the truck.
“See that Titan? That’s what I want.”
“It’s funny, a truck version this.”
“It’s what I want.”
“I respect that.”
Humphrey drove to Cathy’s house.
“Hey, Cathy, my wife and I are getting a divorce. Can I stay here?”
“You and Kate are getting a divorce?”
“She’s cheating on me!
“That’s terrible!”
“Of course آپ can!”
Cathy threw Humphrey into her house and onto the bed.
“Ready to have fun?”
“I just asked to stay here!”
“Good, it’s going to be fun!”
“Umm, I didn’t ask for this!”
Cathy started mounting Humphrey.
“On سیکنڈ thought, I’ll enjoy this!”
They spend the night having fun. Do did Kate and Faolan.