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Far across the univers on a distant planet called, cybertron war rages on. Each دن the surface of the planet endures a constant battle of good versus evil, autobots and decepticons, enemy's, who were once our brothers. This story tells of how the univers changed in a way no one could explain, this is where it all begins...

Stareing outside the oversized veiwport a bold optimus prime was whaching the war take its toll on iacon, capitol city of the autobots.

"Iornhide is the ship ready for launch?" asked Optimus through the intercom.

On the other side of the intercom the weapon master awnsered in a anoyed tone.

"Oh in about five minuets after آپ QUIT ASKING ME THAT!"

"Sorry, i'm on my way down" کہا Optimus.

When optimus got to the launch خلیج, کھاڑی he was greeted سے طرف کی Jazz, his first lutenet.

"Jazz, have آپ found out the name of the planet we descovered?" asked Optimus.

"Yes, its called Earth." Jazz said.

"Optimus the ship is ready to launch, which would've been sooner if Iornhide helped." Ratchet کہا pointing at Iornhide.

"Piss off!" shouted Iornhide.

"Bumblebee, آپ ready to go?" asked Optimus.

Bumblebee lost his voice in a battle so all he did was nod opprovingly.

"Alright Autobots, prepare for launch! And lets hope the decepticons are far behind us." کہا Optimus.

Little did they know the decepticon Starscream herd every thing and flew off back towards kaon, capitol city of the decepticons.

Starscream soon arrived at an abandond structure in kaon where he was greeted سے طرف کی Megatron, leader of the decepticons.

"Lord Megatron i have returnd with مزید news but we have to act fast."

"What is it?" he asked.

"The planet they descovered is called Earth, and they are getting ready to launch!"

"Earth huh? sounds like a cold, dead rock to me." Barricade کہا as him and frenzy came into the room.

"Everything is cold and dead to you." کہا Blackout as he came into the room with Scorponok clinging to his back.

"Lord Megatron what is it that آپ want us to do?" asked Starscream.

Megatron responded with grabing Strascream سے طرف کی the throat and slaming him against the wall. "You dumb ass! What else would i want آپ to do? Get your asses on the ship NOW!" Megatron shouted as he through Starscream to the floor.

back at iacon....

The autobot ship lifted off of the launch pad and into space.

"Ratchet is the FTL online yet?" asked optimus.

"Just give it a few مزید سیکنڈ and it'll be ready." he replied.

"Optimus, آپ know Earth is inhabbited سے طرف کی humans right?" asked Jazz.

" Yes i do, that is why we must avoid all human contact fore the sake of our mission, is that under stood?" he asked.

"yes sir." they all کہا in usion.

"Optimus the FTL is online, prepare for launch!"

Soon enough the ship whet into light speed headed towards Earth, the decepticons not too for behind.

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