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*Author’s note this take place a دن after the last part*
~Monday~ Birds were chirping peacefully yet another beautiful morning. But Kate could still not forget that here parents had died the night before and she had seen it coming. She walks out of the ماند, خلوت خانہ and hops in her car and drives to her sister’s house where she finds garth puzzled then she sees Lilly in a car was her head stuck in the electric sun roof of her car and heading towards the roof roller and she die her head getting shredded سے طرف کی it. She snaps out of it and say “garth we need to get to the car was now “
Him and her get in his truck and drive to the car wash the fastest they could to the car wash. To find to be too late finding Lilly’s car just outside of the car wash with her head less inside. Kate says “Lilly no oh god I’m sorry I was to late “she starts to cry as they drove ہوم she goes into the house and talks to Humphrey about it. Then she sees Cando at his گیراج with Humphreys وین working on it then he get kill سے طرف کی a long skinny propane tank slams him to the fence chunks of him falling through the fence.
Kate’s freaks and say “ Humphrey it Cando something’s about to happen to him” They drove to Cando’s گیراج and Humphrey say “Cando آپ need to get out of there آپ gonna die” And Cando جوابات “Listen nothing is gonna happen” then Humphrey وین starts to roll back wards and stop just before hitting Cando And Cando says “See nothing is gonna happen “ Cando walks up the ramp and the cable wheel hold Humphreys وین breaks and hit a propane tank nozzle which the tanks hits Cando and slams Cando to the fence cutting out piece of his back.
Humphrey “Oh my god” and Kate says “No!*Gags*” …..{End of part 2}
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Winston: the eastern wolves ruined Kate's hunt,

Winston: luckily, the omegas were there to break up the fight.

Eve: lilly

Lilly: what?

Eve: very funny, stop playing with your tail.

Eve: Kate! You're slouching! Thank آپ honey! Do آپ see how strong and beautiful آپ are?

Eve: My, Any food, is a blessing, dear. Winston? Come شامل میں us for dinner? Now!

Eve: thank آپ honey.

Winston: Scraps and bones is no kind of a meal, not for my pack.

Kate: I'm sorry dad, it's just those easters wolves.

Winston: It's not your fault Kate. When they crossed into our territory, they broke pack law.

Hutch: Winston!

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posted by MarvelousAlpha
A/N: Pleas R&C. I don't wanna make any مضامین anymore if no one even reads them...

"So... آپ were on your way to alpha school, got taken سے طرف کی a hunter, escaped a pet store, and found سے طرف کی a grey بھیڑیا named Seth?" Kate asked. She wanted to be sure she heard it all right.

"Yea." She said, thinking, why didn't I tell it like that?

Humphrey, Garth, and Lilly were lying down سے طرف کی a tree. They decided to let the two talk with each other. Dawn کہا something to Kate and she کہا something back before walking over to the others. Kate asked, "You guys want to go meet her family?"

Humphrey raised his head...
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posted by Metallica1147
Author’s Note: Just for the record, all the wolves in this story will be in Anthro form. So picture them that way, and of course will cloths on. Please, it’s not that kind of story.

Def جام Fight For JP
Chapter 1

In a small fighting club, Winston, the leader of the Western Pack Wolves, was getting arrested for holding illegal سٹریٹ, گلی fights. No idea how his fight club was found out. Two police wolves handcuffed him and they took Winston away. They put him in the back of their police car and drove off.

“You messed up, Winston.” کہا one of the cops.

“Yeah, who’s going to put my pup...
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posted by OfficalLilly

When I lifted my eyes from my arm I saw a black white wolf.

Wolf:"Are آپ alright Lilly?"

"How do آپ know my name?"I asked seriously.

Wolf:"I used to be your best friend."He said.I was surprised.

"Hank?"I finally said.

Hank:"The one and only."He کہا proud.He gestured me to sit,so I did.

Hank:"So whats wrong?"He asked again.

"I love Garth but he has to marry Kate now that were here I cant stop it."I کہا solemly.

Hank:"Oh.He کہا in a sigh.I glanced up and down and around the cave.He was staring at me.I didnt care though.I started thinking about the train the ducks sugested if we couldnt get in the Rv.

"Perfect!"I کہا out load finally.

Hank:"Huh?"He questioned

"I can go to the train back to Iwoa Yellstone park,and live with my بتھ, مرغابی friends!"I shouted.

Hank:"Then can I come?"He asked in a whisper.

"Sure I can use company.We can leave tomorrow."


To be continued...(If it was short to آپ im sorry)
Kate & Humphrey adventures.
Mini Story 3.
“The beginning of Will's war.”
Part 2 of 2.

He grabbed and M4 and ran outside. He closed the door and

ran off into the woods. The heat sensors on the chopper

quickly spotted him and fired at him. Will کبوتر into a

small pond and lied down on the bottom of it. When Will

needed to get air, he jumped to the side of the pond and

shot at the helicopter. He hit 2 missiles, which blew up

the back end of the chopper. The helicopter quickly fell

to the ground and exploded. Will ran to the arsenal and

drove the Ferrari to his den. When he pulled it in his...
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posted by REDWolfleader
We are walking back from alpha school.
"So have had your eye on anyone at alpha school?"
"Yeah that one with black fur, I think her name is jr."
"Yeah she is pretty."
"Have آپ had your eye on any?"
"A beautiful one with white fur, Kelly."
"Hi. Garth right?" کہا a black she-wolf
"Yeah. Jr?"
"Can we take a walk together?" Jr asked
"Okay, I guess I'll see آپ guys later." I کہا walking to the den.
"Where's Garth?" Tony asked me
"He went for a walk with 'Jr'"
"I'm so proud of him, uh how was alpha school?"
"Alright I mastered the one paw balancing."
"What about Garth?"
"He mastered balancing on one toe."...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
This ones a little sad...

Chris' point of view now

Katie and I woke up to another beautiful دن and to my beautiful girl. Damn, I would go crazy if something happened to her. Little did I know, I was in for a crazy day. "Morning hun." Katie said, kissing me. "Did آپ like my new moves last night?" I then remembered. I forgot wolves have that "scent" down there that makes the guys 'big'. Damn, Katie's was good. Where did she learn 69 too? I sat up and stretched. "Yeah, آپ were awesome last night." I said, kissing her. "Hey, I'm going to shower, آپ wanna شامل میں me?" Katie said. I nodded. I opened...
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*At My کیبن mainly mine because 3 Years no one has touched it*
*Its Sports night mainly I don’t watch and go on my Ipawd 3*
“Pah sports its boring but some people like it”I say
“Come on Tag harden up”Says Hank jumping up and down on the سوفی, لٹانا in front of the TV
“COME ON SCORE SCORE YESSSSSSS”Shouts Hank Doing a little Victory dance
“Oh fine”I say walking over
*After a few hours of Watching sports I got really bored so I whipped out my Ipawd*
“What are آپ doing”Hank says looking at my Ipawd
*I gave him 1 last week he knew how to use it unfortunately he dropped his آئی پوڈ, ipod Into water*...
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(March 29, 2011)
(The سیکنڈ part of the stop in Sacramento)

The car, a white Ford Taurus, labored as it moved all of us through downtown Sacramento. Our destination was a park that had been chosen سے طرف کی Brandon, Lilly's new "mate" as a site for a rendezvous. In the تنے, ٹرنک of the Taurus was a fully kitted out semi-automatic M4 کاربائن, قرابین with alaser, a tac light, a scope, grip, and dual mags with FMJ rounds. Riding in a shoulder holster کے, holster, قبور was a گدھے کو, گدھی M1911A1 pistol دیا to me سے طرف کی Jon, Kate's mate. Before we had left on our half-cocked adventure, he had دیا me the weapon with the instructions to "Protect...
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The picture below this story is a C-5

Everyone loaded, and Humphrey got in control. They started to take off, but General Thompson remembered something, “Wait, آپ need to teach us to fly!”
The plane took off, “Ahh, hell!”
Humphrey was teaching Cando the stuff to fly the plane, “Keep in mind that these levers on the opposite side are reverse thrusters. آپ need to use those when آپ land, and use them slightly when آپ are being pushed back. This lever is the fuel dump, don’t use it unless آپ have authority to. Let’s see, oh this is the altitude gauge, it measures how high you...
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Cando and Scar got out of بستر and went out. They were only going to stay for one مزید day, but Scar wanted a longer trip.
“Hey, Cando, I want to have a loner trip. Where should we go?”
“You want a longer one? Well, our trip duration will only be four and a half days.”
They both thought for a little bit. Cando had an idea!
“Sacramento, California!”
“What about it?”
“We can go there for an extended trip.”
“Sounds good!”
Humphrey reported to his squad leader. The four other wolves, Joe, Steve, Jason, and Robert were also there.
“Alright, wolves! Commander Smith will...
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posted by UriahA
Humphrey was gone. This however, he wasn’t kidnapped like Kate, he was killed. No way to get him back.
“It’s hard to believe he’s gone! There’s no way for him to be alive this time,” Kate کہا crying.
They were at Jasper بھیڑیا Cemetery and were about to burry Humphrey. Hutch lead the funeral and had the responsibility to burry his Omega brother.
“Kate, do آپ want to burry him?”
Kate was in massive tears, “No! I can’t!”
Hutch laid Humphrey into his burial place. He managed to hold back the tears about to fall.
“He’s now in his final resting place. No one shall disturb...
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The convoy group met after lunch on a dirt road that led up to the freeway.
“Remember your convoy positions and stay in formation the whole drive! If any of آپ need gas, We’ll pull of and all of us will get gas! Right now, we all have full tanks, so we should go at least 200 miles without a fuel stop! Any questions?”
Everyone got in their vehicles, and got on the freeway. Humphrey radioed through all lines, “I’ll radio آپ when we’re approaching something, یا we need to break formation. So for now, relax, listen to music, do what ever, but keep your eyes on the road. If آپ need...
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