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Hank was devastated, he just took his one and only mate out of the world. He regretted everything he did. Hank sat down with his face in his hands. Brandon walked over and sat down beside Hank.
Brandon: "How آپ holding up man?"
Hank was slow to answer, his voice filled with grief.
Hank: "Horribly...I just snapped my mate's neck and killed her! What do آپ think I would be?"
Brandon: "Sorry...Don't beat yourself to a pulp though, she was crazed. She tried to bite آپ and harm us. She didn't even look like she was right. I mean آپ saw her eyes didn't You?"
Hank thought, he did remember those cold glowing eyes looking at him with death in them.
Hank: "Yeah, I saw"
They sat there for another منٹ in silence before Brandon spoke up.
Brandon: "Look man, If آپ need someone to talk to, Jon, Philip and I are here to help."
Brandon got up and walked into the ماند, خلوت خانہ were he was welcomed سے طرف کی Lilly, who was a little stirred up over the scene of Ashley.
Hank thought and thought, he kept thinking what if: What if he never ended her? Would she have killed them? Would she have turned out all right? Did she have rabies?
The what ifs kept flowing through Hank's mind as he tried to come up for a answer for each one...he couldn't come to any conclusions. Hank then thought of Cando.
"what could have caused Cando to do that? What did he do to Ashley that made her act like that?" Hank Thought. Perplexed, Hank took a walk to clear his head and relax, which wasn't possible at the moment. Hank walked down a beaten path and kicked a rock. He watched the rock tumble end over end down the steep hill. Hank saw it Cando's feet. Hank was caught of guard, he didn't even have time to run. Hank soon was forced to the ground hard سے طرف کی Cando, who was snarling and dripping saliva mixed with blood on Hank's Neck and chest. Hank screamed foe Jon, Philip, and Brandon. Hank was holding Cando's face away from him. Cando was strong, but Hank was managing to get him off. Hank gave a big heave and tossed Cando off. Thankfully, Hank wasn't hurt یا even scratched. But Cando was heading towards Hank again, but he was a good 7 feet away. Hank managed to get in position and swung his right foot hard at Cando's face....BAM!! I direct contact with Cando. Cando was on the ground getting back up. Hank wasn't even ready to kick again. Hank had to make a descision. Do یا Die...Hank ran towards Cando and kicked him in the side. Causing Cando to get dazed a little bit. Hank took advantage of the situation and darted off. Hank has a good lead on Cado, But Cando was gaining ground FAST on Hank. Hank was right at the ماند, خلوت خانہ entrance. Hank came bursting in and tripped on Lilly.
Lilly: "OW!!!"
Hank got up quickly
Brandon: "What the hell man, آپ just tripped on L-".
Hank:" No time we got him to deal with" Hank points to Cando who was almost at the ماند, خلوت خانہ entrance. Everybody got out of the way but someone stepped on one of Jon's Kate's paws. Jon's Kate tripped and tumbled. Before she could get back up, Cando was already at her. He bit her neck heard, causing Kate to yelp. Cando was tearing at Kate viciously.
Jon: "Kate!!!!" Jon ran and kicked Cando as hard as he could. He managed to kick Cando off. Jon kept kicking and kicking Cando repetitively.
Jon: "Come on Asshole!! Fight!!"
Cando ran in the direction of Lilly.
Lilly froze in terror.
Brandon :"Oh f**k no!"
Brandon kicks Cando hard. Hank managed to get behind Cando and grabbed his head and got his arms ready.
Hank: "Night Can-D**K!!"
And with a quick jerk and a loud snap, Cando was finished.
Jon was already tending to his Kate.
Jon's Kate: OWWW!! Jon, I'm in so much pain..."
Her voice began to trail off.
Jon: "It's gonna be OK Kate, Trust me...Kate?...Kate?!....Dammit!!"
Jon set down his Kate's paw. He stood there and stormed out of the den, swearing and kicking everything. Hank knelt down beside Cando. Hank studied it hard. He had never seen anything like this before! Hank looked at it for a coupole مزید seconds.
Hank: "I don't understand...From his injuries he should be dead, not alive!
Philip:" Are آپ sure he is not like a zombie?"
Brandon: "Are آپ crazy, That is not possible!"
Hank spoke up
Hank: "Maybe not, آپ got a better explanation for what the hell is going on here. 2 of our mates are dead and I almost got killed. I'm going with zombie."
Brandon: ".....If it is a zombie, then what will kill a zombie?"
Hank: "From the looks of it, A snap of the neck یا a gun shot to the head should do it."
Lilly, who was scared and hiding in the corner getting comforted سے طرف کی Philip's Kate, spoke up.
Lilly: "Uh..Gu-guys...Jon's Kate is moving..."
Everyone turned around and saw kate beginning to move. Hank knew what would happen, so he made his way to Jon's Kate.
Hank: "Here it goes......"
Before Jon's Kate could get up, Hank can a quick jerk and a snap. Hank laid the bloody, gore covered Kate down on the floor. Hank then walked out of the den.
Hank whispered something that was low, but everyone heard it.
Hank "I hate doing that."
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