It was a cold rainy night, and I was sitting in my room of the apartment listening to my Seether playlist. I was going to have the apartment to myself for a few days while Chris was out on a buissiness trip. He sells lab equipment and made a lot of money. Thats not why I married him though. I love him مزید than anything. He was the only person that made me truly happy. Anyway, we have been married for two weeks. I am kinda a tomboy. I like video games, beer, smoking, porn, guns, gory shit, sex, country and rock music. I have a scar tattoo on my right eye and wear a chain necklace. On my right arm is the silent ہل, لندن cult tattoo while on my back I have a skull and crossed guns on my left butt cheek. My hair is a lot longer than my goody two shoes version in the movie. My hairstyle is actually a lot like my sister's.

So here I was on my بستر in my tomboyish room listening to موسیقی on my laptop. Chris and I had a love playlist that we would play while we fucked. We have sex pretty much every night. Chris is the sexiest guy alive. So my plans for the evening were to smoke, drink, watch some porn, eat chocolate and get to bed. That was all about to change.

Suddenly my doorbell rang. I looked to see it was 11 PM. Who could be here at this time of night? I went to the door and opened it to find my little sister, Lilly, bawling and soaked from the rain. Lilly was just about a سال younger than me. I was 22 and she was mid 21. We both were really close. Her boyfriend, Garth, whom I call "Barf" sometimes like my Ex did, was in the marines and has been gone for a month.

"Sis!" I cried, "What are آپ doing here!? Come in ! Your gonna get sick!" I کہا pulling her in.

She was crying really hard. I could tell something was up. We sat down on my سوفی, لٹانا and I went and got lilly a Coor's beer, our favorite. She chugged the damn bottle down in 2 seconds. I was shocked. NOW something was really going on.

"Sis, whats going on?" I asked, taking a sip of beer.

"I-I just got a c-call f-from the military b-base." She said.

"Yeah?" I said.

"Garth was killed tonight in combat. He died saving his friend from a sniper..." Lilly کہا as she soon began bawling again.

As soon as those words hit me, I was frozen in shock. Garth dead? It wasn't possible.....was it? We go back all the way to middle school. Garth and I were best friends. We did a couple friend dates now and then but nothing serious like me and Chris have.

"Oh no....oh sis....." I کہا as I moved over to her and put my arms around her, holding her close to my chest as she cried in it.

A few tears escaped my eyes as I lost a good friend. Garth, to people who didn't know him یا well enough, seemed to be a douchebag, when in fact he was the nicest guy out there. Hell, giving your life for a friend is a nice thing to do. I looked at ruffled Lilly's hair and kissed her cheek.

"There its ok.....shhh.....shhhhhh." I said, comforting her.

Lilly looked up to me and smiled.

"Thanks mom." She said.

That scentence she just کہا made me break down even more. Our mother died when we were in high school. I never knew Lilly saw me as a motherly figure. I then smiled at her and began stroking her head humming "Room of Angel".

"Kate, thank آپ for being there for me.... I don't know what I'd do without you." she said.

"Don't mention it kiddo. Want another beer?" I offered.

"Ill take 3." she laughed.

"You wanna get drunk huh?" I laughed.

"Yeah." She smiled.

"Fuck.... I do too." I said.

*many cases of بیئر later*

I stumbled out onto the huge porch that carried our own private pool. Lilly stumbled out behing me.

"Hey.....sis....Shit im so fucking wasted...." I stuttered.

"Your not the only one." Lilly said.

Suddenly Lilly came up to me and pushed me in the deep end of the pool. I wasnt the type to swim, but I liked being underwater. I let my body sink to the bottom and looked up to see the rain hitting the surface. A few bubbles escaped my muzzle as I lay there. Soon Lilly کبوتر in after me. I saw bubbles trickling out of her nose and she landed on سب, سب سے اوپر of me. She then shared her breath with me. Besides the taste of alcahol. Her breath tasted sweet and sexy. Our lips touched مزید and مزید as the buddy breathing soon turned to making out. As we made out at the bottom of the pool, feelings for my little sister, feelings that I didn't know existed, resurfaced. I darted for the surface and Lilly followed me. We broke surace and stared at eachother.

"Lilly?" I said, coming to my senses.

"Yeah?" she said.

"You ever had special feelings for me?" I asked.

Lilly sighed.

"Kate, Garth didn't die in the war. We broke up. Im so sorry I lied to آپ but.... yes....I came here to tell آپ of my love for you." Lilly کہا as she started bawling again.

I swam over to her and held her close to my chest. I told her my confession. Thats when we both realized we were in love. I got out of the water carrying my lover in my arms. We both dried off and went to my room. I locked the door and striped down to my panties. Lilly stripped too and we both got under the covers of my warm bed. I rested on سب, سب سے اوپر of lilly. I stared into her eyes with warm passion. Lilly stared back.

"I love you." I said, kissing her lips.

"I love آپ too Kate." Lilly said.

We both then started to carass and kiss. Lilly moved her hand into my panties and began to finger my butt. She got my stink on her finger and began licking her finger. I smelled her breath as we tongued. It stunk which made it hotter for me. We then pulled our panties down and began to fuck and lick eachother's area. I moaned as Lilly licked my sweaty asshole and she did the same as I licked her butt. Her crotch tasted so right to me. Soon we both climaxed at the same time.

"Kate?" she asked me.

"Yeah?" I said.

"Your breath stinks." she laughed.

"shut up!" I کہا chunking a تکیا at her.

Lilly and I decieded to keep our love a secret. After a night of cuddling and kissing, Lilly got herself back out there and she ended up getting married to Humphrey months later. Every time they would visit, Lilly and I would go "shopping" together, and its amazing why the boys dont ask when we dont have anything when we get home..... *wink*