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Humphrey already regretted his decision not to leave Jasper Park, Kate was continuing with her wedding. Kate had begged him to stay, and so he had. Now, however, he was on the verge of tears because of the scene unfolding in front of him. Kate and Garth had gone through almost the entire mating ritual, and now they were about to touch noses.

They made contact and Humphrey gasped in horror, but it wasn't heard over the cheers of every other بھیڑیا present. Humphrey turned away from the celebrating packs and headed back to his den. He arrived there to see that his brother, Hutch, was waiting for him. "You're not going to the party?" Hutch asked carefully.

"Not in the mood." was Humphrey's reply. Hutch took the hint and left with a shrug of his shoulders.

"I can't see what you're so upset about, آپ knew that آپ had no future with her from دن one. Should have nipped it in the bud when آپ had the chance."

Not long after Hutch left, another shadow passed over the entrance to the den. Humphrey got out to see Garth waiting patiently for him, "Can I help you?" Humphrey made no attempt to hide his hatred of the Eastern wolf.

"Not me, Kate. She wants to talk to you, now." he added as Humphrey turned back to his den. Humphrey sighed and began walking to the Alpha den. Kate was sitting outside the den, obviously waiting for him.

"Humphrey, how are آپ feeling?" she asked.

"Is there a real reason آپ called me here, یا did آپ just want to shoot the breeze?" he felt a little guilty about scorning her like this. 'She deserves it.' he thought. "Contrary to your and every other wolves beliefs, I have things I need to get done. If this can wait, then it must."

Kate's sympathy for him was washed away سے طرف کی anger, "Fine, go do whatever آپ must. If I am not مزید important than log-sledding with your friends, don't let me keep آپ a منٹ longer." she turned her back to him and walked into the den.

Humphrey harrumphed and went back to his own den, passing a very aggravated Garth on his way down from the Alpha den. Winston was sitting at the back of the ماند, خلوت خانہ when he heard Kate almost scream at Humphrey before stomping into the cave.

He was about to get up when she hung a u-turn, saying, "I'll دکھائیں him." and padded out again. Kate stopped outside of Humphrey's den, "Humphrey, get out here, now." she ordered.

Humphrey took his time, "What could the future pack-leader possibly want with a coyote such as myself?" he asked sarcastically.

"That's not fair, Humphrey." she complained.

"All's fair in love and in war." Humphrey countered.

"So, آپ think we're in the middle of a war now, do you?" Kate questioned.

Humphrey shouldered his way past her, "Oh, now آپ want to listen to me. Too bad آپ only hear half of what I say."

"Humphrey, stop. What has gotten into you? Why are آپ acting like this?"

Humphrey rounded on her with آگ کے, آگ and tears in his eyes, "I have been rejected and betrayed all in one day. I stay at your request, only to have my دل ripped to pieces. We spend all that time together, but it obviously means nothing to you. I can't imagine how I ever fell in love with you." with that said, he walked away, leaving Kate with her own tears...

One ماہ later

Humphrey was thinking to himself on his way to the river, 'It's been a ماہ since I told her the truth. Since then, we haven't spoken at all. I have cried myself to sleep every night since that day, why can't I get over her?' Humphrey sighed.

He heard a harrumph in the bushes beside him, and Garth walked out in front of him. "I don't know how آپ did it یا why; but since she talked to you, she has been crying herself to sleep every night. I know آپ don't like me, but as a favor, I want آپ to talk to Kate. Nicely, this time." he added as an afterthought.

Humphrey glared at Garth, "Why should I? I don't care what either of آپ think of me."

Garth glared right back, "You don't want to admit it, but she must have hurt آپ too. The other Omegas talk about آپ behind your back; آپ don't hardly come out of your den, آپ won't play even when آپ do, آپ won't even eat anymore. I haven't told Kate any of this, because I don't want her to be any مزید distraught than she already is. Starving yourself is not going to change anything." Garth turned his back on Humphrey and walked away.

"If she needs to talk to me that bad, she knows where my ماند, خلوت خانہ is." Humphrey drank some water from the river before turning back to his den, "Nobody understands me anymore, Kate is the only one that comes close. How would آپ feel if the one آپ were in love with left آپ to marry somebody neither of آپ even know? Then, how would آپ feel if they didn't feel any emotion at what they had done to you? Huh, got an answer, Garth? No? I'm not surprised." Humphrey began to walk away, but Garth stood in his way.

Garth raised a paw and struck Humphrey in the face, leaving three slash marks. Humphrey didn't slow down, so Garth hit him on the other side of his muzzle. Humphrey opened his eyes, staring at Garth with rage in his eyes. "Don't آپ care about her anymore?" Garth asked.

"No," Humphrey replied, "I don't."

Garth growled at him, "Then why do آپ stay? If آپ hate it here so much, why don't آپ leave?"

"Why, indeed?" Humphrey echoed, before walking away...

Garth walked back into the den, very frustrated at Humphrey's indifference. Eve came up to him, "Garth, what's wrong? Did آپ talk to Humphrey?"

Garth nodded, "Yes, he's still insistent on not caring. He can't hide it from me, though, he is hurting as bad if not worse than Kate. He thinks that she betrayed him, so he is mad at the world. He feels مزید than heart-broken, in fact, it's as if he's one step from death. He made me so mad, I hit him, twice." Garth sat down, breathing deeply to try to calm his raging thoughts. "As he was starting to walk away, I asked him why he stayed here. Then I pretty much told him to leave." Garth sighed, "I'm sorry, I lost my temper."

Winston stood up and left the den, "I'll see what I can do." he said...

Humphrey had finally made up his mind, he was going to leave Jasper Park. 'Maybe I'll go back to Sawtooth, I'll never see her again if I go there.' He contemplated this thought, "Yes, that's what I'm gonna do." he کہا out loud, wincing at his wounds.

"What exactly are آپ going to do?"

Humphrey spun around to see Winston, "I'm leaving, and آپ can't stop me. Nobody can stop me."

Winston gave a wry smile, "If I wanted to, I could pin آپ in a matter of seconds. Any of the Alphas could stop آپ if they wanted to, but only one of them doesn't want آپ to go."

Winston stepped aside to reveal Hutch standing behind him. "I'm coming with you." he stated.

Humphrey turned away, "No, you're not. I'm going alone, despite what آپ یا anyone else might say." Humphrey turned his head towards the sound of an approaching train.

He nodded to Winston before racing to the tracks. Hutch was close on his heels, running quietly so that Humphrey wouldn't hear him. Humphrey jumped into the first open car, but he turned his head around when he heard another set of paws land beside him. Hutch stood and faced Humphrey, "You left me behind last time, I wasn't gonna miss this adventure."

Humphrey couldn't help but smile, he wasn't going to be alone after all...