Humphrey had been seduced سے طرف کی the most beautiful بھیڑیا ever. Blsoom. Humphrey has no control of this hypnosis and is trapped in her spell.

"Mmm... Yes..." A moan came from a den. This den, belongs to Blossom and Humphrey. After they had sex in Humphrey's den, Blossom wanted to become mates and have a new ماند, خلوت خانہ to theirselves.

"Oooh..." A moan came from the back of the den. Back in the den, was Humphrey and Blossom rubbing their members on eachother.

Blossom was on سب, سب سے اوپر of Humphrey, holding her worm and rubbing it on Humphrey's. Blossom bit her lower lip and humped faster, a little drop of her pure white fluid escaping the slit of the worm. Humphrey grabbed Blossom's waist and pushed up against their grinding. Blossom began softly yelling out in pleasure.

"Ooh, Humphreeey..." Blossom moaned. They rubbed faster, letting out loud moans of pleasure. Humphrey began squirting some per cum on his fur, staining it. Humphrey grabbed both their organs and began stroking them. Blossom loudly and began bucking her hips. Her fluid got in between Humphrey's paw, lubricating their organs. Blossom bucked her hips faster, scraping her sides with the dirt, ruining her jet black color. Blossom began panting faster and her eyes rolls to the back of her head.

"Ooooh! Humphrey! I'm cumming!" Blossom moaned. Blosdom thrusted her hips faster as Humphrey gripped themselves harder and stroked harder. Blossom bega

n smothering her new mate with kisses. Humphrey dug his tongue in her mouth. Humphrey and Blossom cried out in pleasure and came all over eachother. Blossom continued stroking herself, cumming on Humphrey's stomach and face. She slumped down in his body with a grunt. Humphrey shot his last bit of cum on Blossom. Blossom and Humphrey began breathing quicker, out of breath.

"Man... I never new آپ were SO good at stroking cocks... Do آپ masturbate?" Blossom asked really sexily. Humphrey chuckled.

"Well... I do sometimes..." Humphrey admitted. Blossom giggled and rubbed Humphrey's head.

"Me too... When I'm lonely, I love to masturbate..." Blossom said. Humphrey chuckled. He let Blossom off him and sat on his haunches.

"Man, I love having sex with you." Humphrey yawned, chuckling a bit. Blossom grinned and ran her paw down her sides.

"I love shoving myself up your ass." Blossom said. "I didn't even know آپ loved taking it up the asshole آپ little faggot..." Blossom said. Humphrey grinned.

"I didn't know I love it up the ass." Humphrey said. Blossom grinned seductively and began stroking his sides.

"Well... آپ want to know... what it feels like doing someone up the ass?" Blossom asked in the sexiest voice she could gather. Humphrey looked at her and put on the widest smile ever.

Lilly was still devastated from the loss of her sister. It had been 2 days already and she still terribly sad.

"Kate... I didn't even get to say goodbye..." Lilly sobbed. She unsheathed her claws and carved another پار, صلیب on her den. Everywhere in her ماند, خلوت خانہ was crosses, and under them کہا "DEATH TO ALL" all capatalized. Lilly sat in the very back of her den, crying. Lilly didn't want ANYONE to see her. Not now... Not never...

After 12 مزید thrusts inside Blossom's tailhole, Humphrey came inside Blossom, shoving his knot in her anus. Blossom came across the den, screaming in pleasure. She licked the fluid off her paws. She attempted to اقدام away, but Humphreys knot forbade her too.

"What the fuck?" Blossom grunted.

"What are آپ doing?" Humphrey panted. Blossom attempted to pull out again.

"How the..." Blossom said.

"It's okay, Blossom. It's supposed to happen." Humphrey said. Bkossom looked beheld her. The huge organ was fully inside her, filling her up slowly.

"How long will we be stuck like this?" Blossom asked.

"I'd say about an hour?" Humphrey said. Blossom shook her head.

"Fuck that shit." Blossom said. She closed her eyes and groaned. Humphrey could feel Blossom's anus slippery. Humphrey was able to pull out her anus. Blossom layed on her back, wagging her tail a bit.

"You know, Humphrey, new rule: if آپ ever do me up my پچھواڑے, گدا یا pussy, please, pull out." Blossom said. Humphrey chuckled.

"Okay, but, I honestly think that it would be 100x better if آپ cum inside them." Humphrey said. Blossom chuckled.

"Yah. I suppose it would feel even مزید good if آپ cum inside them... That's why I'm doing آپ up the پچھواڑے, گدا یا mouth still, because I don't have that knot. Plus, doing someone is 9000x better than receiving it in my opinion. And آپ should already know what it feels like doing someone." Blossom said. Humphrey laughed. He sat on his haunches:

"Who knows what the fuck girls feel when آپ do them?" Humphrey asked. Blossom smiled.

"Well, I know for a fact that it feels good. But, it doesn't beat doing someone." Blossom said, flipping her hair. Blossom got up and sat on her haunches.

"Humphrey, I'll be right back. I want to clean." Humphrey chuckled.

"Abd, why can't I come?" Humphrey asked. Blossom giggled. She walked out the den.

"Because it's ladies first." Blossom said. She walked out the ماند, خلوت خانہ and headed towards the river.

Blossom found a nice spot for her to bathe in.

"This one should do..." Blossom said. She slowly walked in, savoring the feeling of the warm water. She began rubbing her body, getting whatever sweat off and cum. She washed her tailhole and vagina. She then straightened her hair and put it in a ٹٹو tail. (You know how their manes are full of hair going down? She has a lot of her going down, so that's how she can put it in a ponytail) Blossom began rubbing her body, getting the smell of sex off.

"There... I feel much bett- ... Oh man... I feel really turned on... Oh man!" Blossom moaned. Her worm slowly went out. The slit opened up and began making screeching noises. Blossom knew what was wrong.

She needed مزید unborn pups.

Blossom grabbed it and began stroking herself.

"Aaaah maaan!" Blossom moaned loudly.

"I NEED TO FIND A PREGNANT WOLF!" Blossom yelled. She hoped out the river and needed to find a بھیڑیا that was pregnant.

Lilly sat there, tears flowing down her face. Her ears perked up. She turned around to see Garth.

"What do آپ want...?" Lilly growled. Garth gave a look of confusion.

"This... Is MY den... And, I'm... Sorry for the loss of your sister..." Garth said. Lilly didn't ackowledge his sympathy.

"Just leave..." Lilly said. Garth approached his pregnant wife slightly.

"Lilly..." Garth spoke. Lilly growled.

"I کہا LEAVE!" Lilly screamed. Garth went angry.

"Lilly! آپ can NOT kick me out my OWN ماند, خلوت خانہ that I had WAAAY before I married you!" Garth shouted. Lilly got up and scratched Garth, leaving 3 claw marks that will some دن become permanent: Garth cried out in pain and growled. Now Lilly REALLY felt guilty and ashaned.

"Ga-Garth... I'm so sorr-" Lilly was cut off when Garth swung back but harder this time. He left 4 claw marks on her face, along with loosing a patch of her fur.

"I HATE YOU! آپ NEVER WANT ME TO HELP آپ AND آپ ALWYS IGNORE MY APOLOGIES! WHY ARE آپ SO UNGRATEFUL آپ FUCKIBG BITCH? GET OYT OF MY ماند, خلوت خانہ THAT I HAD WAY BEFORE WE MET آپ WHITE SLUT!" Garth screamed. Lilly sobbed uncontrollably and sprinted out the den, blood dripping on the floor. Garth stared at the ماند, خلوت خانہ angrily.

"Bitch..." Gart said. He looked at his ماند, خلوت خانہ and noticed it was covered in crosses

"Fucking bitch..."

Lilly found a river and began looking at her reflection. She sobbed as the bald spot embarrassed her. But, she felt as if she deserved it.

"Garth... Please don't hate me... I'm sorry..." Lilly sobbed. She didn't rub away the blood. She needed that on her. She walked away from her reflection, still sobbing.

"Yes... She's perfect..." A voice said. She watched Lilly walk away.

"Mmm... She's hot too..." Blossom said.

As Lilly was walking, she heard running. She turned back and saw Blosdom running at her. Lilly raised an eye brow and the اگلے thing she knew she was on the ground. They tumbled for a bit and Blossom lay on سب, سب سے اوپر of Lilly.

"What the? Who are you?" Lilly said. Blossom didn't respond. Lilly stared at the beautiful black wolf. She was lost in her beauty. Lilly didn't know why but she WANTED to mate with her RIGHT NOW.

"Hey..." Blossom purred.

Oh my God! She's talking to me! She's REALLY beautiful! I NEED her! Lilly thought wildly. Blossom licked Lilly's neck.

"Mmm... آپ are really hot..." Blossom said. Lilly gulped. She called her hot!

"No... آپ are..." Lilly spoke nervously. Blossom giggled. Lilly began feeling wet. Her eyes turned into a radial red and purple. Blossom kissed Lilly. Lilly closed her eyes and enjoyed the kiss. They both shared to tongues and saliva. Blossom swirled her tongue and gathered saliva until their saliva was one glob of liquid. Slurping noises could be heard in the air.

Blossom began playing with Lilly's nipples. Lilly moaned louder into Blossom's mouth. They began to speak as they kissed, still sharing liquid.

"Mmmm... آپ are so talented with your tongue..." Lilly spoke. Blossom swallowed some of the liquid.

"Why thanks..." Blossom said, saliva dripping onto the ground, wasted.

They both seperatesd, the glob of liquid dropping on the ground.

"That... Was the best kiss ever..." Lilly said. Blossom grinned. Her worm came out. Blossom got off Lilly, grinning seductively.

Lilly looked down. Her eyes were replaced سے طرف کی hearts and her tongue lolled out. Blosdom flopped her worm in front of Lilly's face. Lilly was lost in the smell. It smelled REALLY edible. But it really smelled awful.

"Want it?" Blossom asked. Lilly nodded her head quickly, her tongue still sticking out. Blossom rubbed it and licked her lips.

"Open your mouth." Blossom ordered. Lilly opened her mouth and pointed her finger in her mouth, telling Blossom that she wanted it. Blossom stood up on her haunches and held her organ. She motioned it in Lllly's mouth. Lilly quickly sucked on it. Blossom let out a satisfied sigh if pleasure.

"That's it...!" Blossom moaned. Lilly sucked and slurped hungrily on Blossom. Blossom grabbed Lilly's head and pushed her hips آگے while she pushed Lilly on her organ. Lilly gagged and moaned. Blossom moaned in extreme pleasure. She bucked her hips in and out Lilly's mouth. Lilly looked up at Blossom, a look of love in her eye.

"Lilly... Suck me faster! Harder!" Blossom moaned. Lilly stroked her worn and sucked harder on it. The fluid went down her throat. She smiled cascade sucked on it.

"Mmmmmm..." Lilly moaned. Blossom panted faster. Sweat rolled down her body. Lilly closed her mouth and sucked really hard, digging her tongue in the mouth of the worm.

"AAAGH! I'M CUMMING! MMF MMF MMF" Blossom screamed and thrusted her hips faster. Lilly felt the fluid splash in her mouth. She smiled and felt more. She opened her eyes as it filled her mouth . She stopped sucking on Blossom and swallowed the fluid. Blossom stroked her worm as she came, getting it all over Lilly's face.

"Aaah..." Blossom sighed. Blossom rolled her worm in the fluid on Lilly's face, lubricating on what was going to happen next.

"Raise your as in the air." Blosdom said. Lilly did so. She raised her rear in air and moved her tail to the side. Blossom mounted Lilly and aligned her worm towards her tailhole.

"Please... Take my ass!" Lilly begged. Blossom happily obliged. The worm sank in and upward position. Blossom let out a loud moan of pleasure.

"Oh, God, I love this..." Blossom moaned. Lilly pushed back towards Blossom's thrusts, moaning loudly. Blossom thrusted her hips faster, her mouth agape and eyes closed. Blossom's pre cum went down Lilly's anus a bit. Blossom circled her worm in Lilly's hole. She grabbed Lilly's mane and thrusted harder and deeper into her hole. As she thrusted in Lilly's tailhole, Blossomculler mixed with the fluids in Lilly's anus, mixing into an odd smell and color. Her pre cum dripped from Lilly's anys and covered Blossom's worm, which resulted to squishing sounds as she thrusted in and out.

"Aaah! I'm going to cum!" Lilly yelled. Blossom thrusted deeper and felt Lilly's cum splash on her legs. Blossom moaned and bit her lower lip. This feeling was incredible. She felt as if she was in heaven, consuming her, giving her paradise. Blossom felt her climax and she thrusted faster, moaning loudly.

"Aaaah! I'm cumming too! Oh Goooooooood!" Blissom moaned. She squirted her load in Lilly's anys as she came, making a loud, wet splashy sound as she thrusted in her ass.

The pure white fluid flowed down Lilly's anus and covered Blossom's worm. Blossom pulled out and her fluid dripped down. Blossom layed in her back. Lilly walked over there and layed on سب, سب سے اوپر of her.

Blossom wasted no time and pushed inside Lilly's vagina. They both cried out in ecstasy and stared into the others eyes.

Blosdom bucked her hips and bit her lower lip. Blossom slapped Lilly's rear end, making her help.

"That's so naughty!" Lilly purred. Blossom grinned

"Hey Lilly..." Blossom کہا as she thrusted inside her.

"Yes?" Lilly managed to say due to the unbearable amount of pleasure. Blossom grinned evilly.

The worm snagged onto Lilly's womb. Lilly's eyes shot COMPLETELY open. Her eyes went back to being purple.

"AAAAAGH!" Lilly screamed in pain. Blossom laughed wickedly and bucked her hips as fast as she could go. Blood leaked down the worm and into the ground.

"YOUR KIDS ARE MINE!" Blosdom screeched. The worm grabbed into the first worm. It ripped it out and blood splashed everywhere, lubricating her worm.

"MOMMY!" Lilky screamed. The worm grabbed on the سیکنڈ pup, and then the third. Lilly let out a blood curdling scream. Blood was around them now.

"I'm gonna cum!" Blosdom yelled. She kept it in Lilly's vagina and she released the fluid in Lilly. The fluid went in her womb and slowly killed Lilly. It was REALLY PAINFUL.

Lilly began sobbing silently. Blood began trickling down her vagina, and a chunk of skin falling off.

"If... If I deserve this for... Hurting Garth... Then... So be it..." Lilly weeped. Blossom smiled and kissed Lilly on the lips.

"Sleep well..." Blossom said. She faded into آگ کے, آگ particles and went off where God knows where....