WARNING: Minor sexual content

It took nearly a week before Kate and I finally crossed the Canadian boarder back into Montana. The massive winter storm that had ravaged Canada left a کوٹ of ice on the whole entire Alcan highway, and even into Montana. The average speed was 45 mph. Both Kate and myself were bored, even with the موسیقی on my iPod, I had slightly over 3,000 songs, but they had all played twice یا مزید سے طرف کی now. Nights when we stayed in the shabby motels at the truck stops, we tried to pleasure one another, but to no avail. I never realized how hard it was to have sexual intercourse until I cracked my ribs, how could I have known I moved my upper body so much? Instead of trying مزید failed attempts of gently straddling me and mounting me, Kate resorted to performing fellatio on me while I would finger her. Kate pretended to enjoy it, but I could sense she wanted more, but there was nothing I could do until I healed and that was that.

Currently, Kate was fast asleep in the بستر in the back, she was in anthro form since she found she could sleep a lot مزید comfortably that way. She was sprawled on her back wearing only her bra and panties, forearms to her side, head tilted sideways, eyes tightly closed, tongue lolling out slightly, and rear legs spread apart and revealing. The sight was so erotic and sexy, but also very cute too and it made me smile, I was such a lucky man to have her. She didn't really snore much, but now a soft snore escaped her gaping mouth, probably because of the way she was laying. I was honestly surprised at how well she could sleep in a moving vehicle, I never could. Only when I was a small child could I sleep comfortably in a moving vehicle. I really wish I was Kate, to be able to sleep on long drives made it go سے طرف کی so quickly!
I let out a long sigh as I watched the road, glancing in the rearview from time to time to check up on Kate. The road was winding through the rugged, but spectacularly beautiful Rocky Mountains outside of East Glacier Park. I knew this highway relatively well, and Columbia Falls was approaching, this meant there was only about 5 مزید hours until we reached home! To my relief, the road had been clearing of ice as we made our way down the pass, I hoped that سے طرف کی the time we reached Columbia Falls it would be dry and I could take the Bronco up to 70 again. If not, we would find a room in the town and head ہوم the اگلے day, driving on ice was stressful and tiring. I wouldn't mind staying, Columbia Falls is a beautiful town and a booming working market and it is nestled right in the Rocky Mountains. If I had to choose any urban area in Montana to live, this would be it! Not to mention Glacier Park was only 30 منٹ away, and in my opinion is the most beautiful place on earth, there are sights in Glacier like The-Going-To-The-Sun-Road that are so breathtakingly beautiful it would make your دل skip a beat! One of the many reminders of the beautiful wonders that Mother Nature has created for us to enjoy. No matter how broke یا economically bad Montana turns out to be, I will always be here, and when my time comes, I want to go in the ground here, یا have my ashes scattered on the hills of my پسندیدہ mountain range.

Tired of listening to my own thoughts and ramblings of my conscious, I turned the dial of the stereo up just enough so I could hear. I fumbled with the tuning dial a bit to find a radio station, when I did, I sat back and listened hard. The news was broadcasting live, and the weatherman was giving ڈیٹس اپ on conditions for nearby counties and highways between them. The radio was a bit static, probably because of all the surrounding hills, but I could make out the words the man was saying. "...In other news, that massive low pressure storm front that came down from Canada and gave the Rockies and other portions of northwestern Montana a blast of winter weather has made it's way to the Dakotas where it has lost momentum and is breaking up..."

That was all I needed to hear, knowing that the storm was somewhere in North Dakota سے طرف کی now was no concern of mine, all I needed to know was that the road were clear to the home-front! I thought of waking Kate with the exciting news, but figured that she needed her sleep مزید than anything, so I refrained. I would need to stop somewhere in Columbia Falls and grab a snack, a 5 گھنٹہ energy, and some soda to get me home. Most energy drinks just make me sleepy, but 5 گھنٹہ energy really works! One shot of that and I would be good for the drive home, if timed right, we would be pulling into the driveway as the effects from the 5 گھنٹہ energy were wearing off, just it time for bed! My ribs really ached from sitting up all دن in the driver's seat, but the pain was ignored. I kept thinking how good my soft, warm بستر would feel on my ribs. Especially with Kate and Katie snuggled up to me keeping me warm and comfy. Oh how I looked آگے to sleeping in again!
In the distance over a hill, I could see the glow of lights reflecting off the low laying بادل cover, that had to be Columbia Falls I hoped, it was practically dark سے طرف کی now and so I wasn't quite sure.

I crested a ہل, لندن and began descending down toward the lights. I heard Kate stirring in the back, she would probably wake up as soon as we slowed down and began making our way through town. The speed dropped to 45 as I got closer.
"Where are we baby?" Came Kate's dreamy voice from behind me.
"Columbia Falls I believe, آپ better get dressed, we need to stop, fuel up, and I need to get some caffeine into me for the last leg of the trip." I responded.
Kate did not reply, but I could hear her fumbling around and pulling her garments on.
"Oh, fuck!" Came Kate's disgruntled voice.
I figured she must be changing her bra یا something, she always seemed to have trouble with that thing sometimes! I cracked up quietly so she wouldn't notice.
"You okay back there hon?" I asked, trying not to let out a laugh that was building.
"Yeah, just this stupid bra strap again..." Kate replied in a annoyed tone. "You know what? Fuck it!"
I couldn't take it anymore, a snickering laugh escaped me, "oh Kate I'm sorry, but I couldn't help it!"
Kate did not seem to be angry about it, just a little annoyed.
"Laugh it up Mr. Chuckles!" Was all she said, but I knew she was probably laughing inside though.
I glanced in the mirror and saw her pull her bra off, and then just pull a loose-fitting شرٹ, قمیض over her head, she caught me looking in the mirror.
"What? It's not like we are going to anyplace special, just a gas station." Kate کہا in a lighter tone.
"I know baby, besides, once we get ہوم we are going straight to بستر so why get all trussed up for nothing?"
"Exactly." Kate remarked as she climbed over the نشست and sat اگلے to me. Her hair was messy, and her eyelids were heavy, eyes a little bloodshot, but she was still very sexy! She wore that loose fitting شرٹ, قمیض and a pair of sweatpants was all. I smiled, and placed my right arm around her shoulders just as we were pulling into the quiet mountain town of Columbia Falls.

I motored the Bronco down the quiet street, looking around for a gas station with a open c-store.
"Keep your eyes peeled for a Town Pump, they are always open 24 hours." I instructed Kate. She was looking around intently, the neon lights of passing stores and the dim glow of the سٹریٹ, گلی lamps glinted in her eyes.
We rounded one مزید corner and a great big tall sign with a brightly lit "Exxon" on سب, سب سے اوپر came into view. It was a big truck stop, and to my relief, the c-store was a Town Pump! We both sighed with relief, it felt good knowing I was about to get out and stretch my legs. I am sure Kate had to use the restroom, she hadn't since we had stopped for lunch earlier that day.
I pulled up اگلے to a پمپ and shut the Bronco down, I opened the door and got out and stretched out, Kate did the same. Man, did this feel good!
"Damn I gotta pee!" Kate exclaimed.
"That makes two of us sweetheart!" I replied, and together, we walked toward the store entrance, I had to prepay for the gas anyway.
We hurriedly rushed passed the cashier counter, where a guy about my age with lots of pimples was working. He glanced up at us from his cell phone texting as we passed and looked back down. Kate was pulling me along between the aisles as we made our way to the restroom. To my displeasure, the bathroom was just a single room with the boy/girl sign on the door.
"Shit, we are gonna have to take turns! Hurry up Kate!" I exclaimed.
"Fuck that, no we're not!" Kate said, opening the door and dragging me in. I dearly hoped the cashier hadn't seen that!
The motion activated light came on once we entered, there was a urinal, toilet, and small sink with a cracked mirror above it all crammed into the room. Kate let go of my hand and rushed to the toilet, "oh fuck, oh fuck!" She exclaimed, dropping her sweats and plopping down on the seat, I could hear the sound of her urinating almost instantly.
"Ahhhhhh!" Kate sighed in relief.
I quickly undid my بیلٹ, پٹی and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and began urinating also. I too, let out a long, satisfying sigh of relief.

I heard Kate giggle اگلے to me, I looked over and she was standing up.
"What do we have here?" Kate asked seductively, looking down at my private region.
"Uh Kate, I really do not think this is a good time..." But before I could finish the sentence, Kate had already took hold of my shoulders and spun me around to face her. Luckily for her sake, I was done peeing!
"A little quickie never hurt nobody!" Kate کہا in a naughty tone as she put the toilet lid down and sat.
I opened my mouth to protest, but was hushed instantly when she started to lick the tip of my penis. The feeling was so good, that all thoughts about getting caught سے طرف کی the cashier یا someone knocking on the bathroom door were instantly gone!
"Mmmm..." Kate moaned. Wasting no time since I was rock hard already, she took me full in the mouth and sucked me down fast and hard. Bobbing her head back and forth rapidly, keeping her eyes closed. She took one of her free hands and juggled my boys with it to add stimulation. I just watched and periodically groaned with pleasure while she worked me over.
Less than 10 منٹ had passed and it was all over, Kate had already swallowed my load and was helping zip and button my pants back up, stopping briefly to give the tip one مزید long, loving lick. It was a true quickie like she said!
"This was all planned huh? آپ drug me into this bathroom just to suck me off didn't you?" I asked.
Kate smiled at me in a cheeky way, "if I wasn't horny, I would have made آپ suffer! Just have gone into that room and took my sweet time peeing!" Kate کہا laughing softly and winking at me.
I didn't respond to that, but just rolled my eyes. Kate took me سے طرف کی the hand again and cracked the bathroom door open to see if anyone was watching. Nobody was and we both hurried out, the guy at the counter was still texting and did not even look up as we made our way around the store. I grabbed a 5 گھنٹہ energy, a 20oz Root Beer, and a jerky stick. Kate grabbed a Mountain Dew and some مکئی chips. After we got everything we needed, we went to the counter to pay for the items and the gasoline.

Outside, I began filling the Bronco's massive 32 gallon tank once again, it would the the last time. Kate had gotten into the cab and was sitting there snacking on her chips. Since I didn't want to wait for the tank to fill in this nippy cold weather, I joined her inside.
"It's already late baby, سے طرف کی the time we get ہوم it will almost be dawn. I think it would be best to just sneak into the house and crash on the recliner in the living room so we don't wake everyone آپ know?"
"Yeah, but I really want our بستر again!" Kate whined.
"I know, me too, but when everyone wakes up, we can unload and go back to بستر and sleep all day. Does that sound good?" I asked.
Kate considered it for awhile, and then nodded silently. I heard the familiar click of the gas پمپ nozzle clicking off, indicating the tank was full. I got out to see what the damage was, 21.8 gallons of fuel consumed, about halfway to empty! I replaced the nozzle and locked the gas ٹوپی into place. I returned to the cab and fired up the engine and pulled out of the Town پمپ gas station and headed south in the direction of our home.

The rest of the trip ہوم was long, and painfully slow. Even at 70, the mile markers seemed to just crawl by. The road was empty except for us, the ink blackness that surrounded us consumed everything but the headlights. In the side-view mirrors, the amber glow emitting from the faded taillight lenses reflected off the paint on the highway. The stereo was off, since Kate was sleeping again and I didn't wanna wake her. I was tempted to just pull over in a turnout and sleep until dawn, but that could be a lethal mistake. We were in the middle of the Browning Indian Reservation, and there was a small cult of tribal members that still despised the White Man, I could not imagine what they would do if they found us on the side of the road. Even with the doors locked, that would not keep them out.
My ribs, back, and legs all ached from sitting so long, the old-style bench نشست in my Bronco was shot and did not offer much comfort anymore. I dearly looked آگے to getting back in my Toyota Tacoma, which was probably done at the body دکان سے طرف کی now, with all it's creature comforts and modern دن features that older rigs lagged in. I mainly missed my 5 speed manual transmission, this drive alone would not be so boring if I could have some gears to run though. But the Bronco was automatic so that was not an option. The Tacoma was quieter on the road, handled much better, and rides a lot smoother.
I started to feel drowsy, and brought out my jerky stick to get me focused again. I had already drained the 5 گھنٹہ energy and root بیئر long ago. I chewed on the jerky and watched the dotted lines slipping سے طرف کی in the middle of the highway. Hoping for the signs of Great Falls coming soon. We must have been off the rez because I started noticing well-kept houses along the side of the highway and nicer vehicles that were not held together سے طرف کی mechanic's wire, duct tape and cardboard. After GF, it was only about 112 miles home. I sure looked آگے to it!

When we rolled into Great Falls, I stopped once again to use the restroom at a Town Pump, taking care not to wake the sleeping beauty known as Kate in the Bronco! She was still asleep when I got back, and she stayed that way until we pulled into the driveway of our ہوم about a گھنٹہ and a half later. I brought the Bronco to a halt in it's parking spot near the front door and shut it down quickly so nobody would hear. I quietly got out and unlocked the back door and opened it wide, the house was dark and silent. It was now about 4 AM. I returned to the Bronco, ignoring the protest from my aching ribs and body, and lifted Kate as easily as I could into my arms and carried her in. I lay her down on the overstuffed recliner upstairs in the living room, and went back downstairs to lock up. Kate had rolled on her side when I returned, I smiled weakly as I grabbed a blanket off the sofa. I quietly sat down and lay sideways so we were facing each other, I put Kate's limp arms around my neck and did the same with her legs so we would both be enveloped like spoons and be comfortable. I then ran my right hand up her شرٹ, قمیض and held her to me, feeling her warmth through my hand was so relaxing. I moved my face closer so our mouths were mere centimeters apart and kissed her softly. My eyelids were growing heavy and a few moments later, I was fast asleep.

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