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posted by 4-1-13
A poem I have made for new and old wolves of this pack especially for the hits we just took. Especially for Jon, Phil, and Sweets we are gonna miss you.

Life is crazy,
and totally unpredictable...
It's going to push آپ over,
kick آپ while you're down
and hit آپ when آپ try to get back up.
Not everything can beat you.
Things are going to change you,
But آپ get to choose which ones آپ let change you.
Listen to your heart,
Follow your dreams,
And let no one tell آپ what you're capable of.
Push the limits,
Bend the rules,
And enjoy every منٹ of it.
Laugh at everything,
Live for as long as آپ can.
Love all,
But trust none.
Believe in yourself,
And never lose faith in others
Settle for nothing but only the best,
And give 110% in everything آپ do.
Take risks,
Live on the edge,
Yet stay safe,
And cherish every moment of it.
Life is a gift,
Appreciate all the rewards,
And jump on every opportunity.
Not everyone's going to love you
But who needs them anyways.
Challenge everything,
And fight for what آپ believe.
Back down to nothing,
But give in to the little things in life,
After all, that is what makes you.
Forget the unnecessary,
But remember everything,
Bring it with آپ everywhere آپ go.
Learn something new,
And appreciate criticism.
Hate nothing,
But dislike what آپ want.
Never forget where آپ came from,
And always remember where آپ are going.
Live Life to its fullest,
And have a reason for everything,
Even if it's totally insane.
Find Your purpose in life,
and Live it!

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posted by TimberHumphrey
so i was just randomly checking out Alpha and Omega in Wikipedia, when i stumbled across the "talk" page of Wikipedia. And it says that a magazine called "Entertainment Weekly" confirmed that Alpha and Omega 2 is gonna come out in February 2013. Everybody's coming back for their roles, and there's gonna be a new villain, who'll probably be voiced سے طرف کی Daniel Craig ("James Bond" in Skyfall) یا Bruce Willis ("John Maclane" in the Die Hard movies). It also کہا that Kathy Griffin, Jennifer Aniston, Joel Edgerton and Tom Cruise are also making voice roles in movie, but we don't know which characters they're gonna voice. I was surprised from this and i REALLY CAN'T wait for the sequel cause i ADORE Alpha and Omega! it's my fav movie of all time.
posted by HumphreyAlpha
It was early in the morning on the سیکنڈ دن when Mittens/Jodie woke up. She stretched, smiling at her recollections of last night.
In a remarkable دکھائیں of compassion, Bolt had دیا up his food and بستر for her. She would have preferred him to share them, but she was touched just the same.
She sat up and shook herself. The movement was a little different from it had been when she was a cat, but it achieved the same purpose.
Mittens put her newly improved nose to work and set out on Bolt's scent trail.

She found him upstairs, asleep in Penny's bed. He looked so peaceful, curled up in a little...
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<3 love this video so much
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