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posted by KingSimba4Ever9
After coming inside and showering and getting dressed Jade and Olivvianna insisted on them making dinner. So while they were cooking me and Humphrey walked to our room. Humphrey closed the door softly and then he jumps on the بستر and lays down on it. I شامل میں him on the soft and warm بستر and snuggle up to him.
After a while Humphrey looks over at me with a grin, "We're all alone on a nice big بستر and in a sound proof room." I smile and nod, "Yep" Humphrey gets on سب, سب سے اوپر of me and smirks. "The perfect time to do stuff. hehehe." I smile up at him and stroke his fur. "MmHm" He unzips his jeans and I notice he has a bonner. I chuckle and rub his chest. He pulls pulls off his شرٹ, قمیض and then takes off mine.
Humphrey kisses me and pushes his hand behind my back and then takes off my bra. He rubs and stokes my breasts as he slides his tongue into my mouth. I close my eyes and french kiss back.
After a few minuets Humphrey pulls away and looks at my shorts. Smiling, he slowly takes them off, "Woooow, hehehe." He then quickly takes my underwear off. Humphrey's tail is waging and his eyes are sparkling as he stands up and takes off his pants and boxers. He then gets back on سب, سب سے اوپر of me.He is about to enter me when I suddenly put a hand on his chest, "Humphrey, just don't go to hard please." He looks at me surprised, "Why? I thought آپ liked it hard." I looked away, "Well I do but...." Humphrey raises an eyebrow, "But what?" I look him strait in the eye. "But I don't want to hurt the baby."
Humphrey jumps up and trips and crashes into the دیوار and then he falls to the floor with a moan. I jump up and look at him worriedly, I kneel beside him and put a hand on his shoulder, "Humphrey! Are آپ ok!?" He looks up at me, "Umm, yes." He just stares at me for a while and then he says, "So that's why آپ didn't want to go into the hot tub and that's why آپ didn't want me to go to hard! You're pregnant!" I nod and smile, "Yep, I'm pregnant with our baby Humphrey." He stands up and puts his hands on my belly and rubs it gently, then he kneels down and kisses it.
Humphrey smiles, "I thought that آپ were looking rather plump but I was afraid to mention it for fear of آپ getting mad at me." I laugh, "Haha! I wouldn't have hurt you, much. hehehe." Humphrey chuckles and stands up and kisses me on the lips. Just then we both hear Jade and Olivvianna calling from the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ and saying that رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا was ready. I open the door and call out, "One minuet!" Humphrey is already putting his cloths back on . I pick up mine and put them on. Then both of us walk out the door and to the kitchen.
posted by HumphreyAlpha
(March 29, 2011)
(Sadly, we say goodbye to Kate during this part, at least for a while)

The red, white, and blue MD500 light helicopter touched down smoothly amongst the trees that surrounded Kate's ہوم with Jon in Lewistown, Montana. The downwash from the rotor blades threw درخت limbs into a frenzy.
Jon heard the whomp whomp of the rotors and came outside. Kate pawed at the door latch, trying to get it open. After about ten یا so سیکنڈ of that, she got it and jumped through the open door.
"Jon!" she cried. She leaped into his waiting arms and he caught her.
"I missed you, Kate," he کہا warmly....
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سے طرف کی the time the four wolves arrived to the territorial lines, the sun began its days work of bringing brightness to the world. Clouds dissipated and moved from around the sun as its heat dropped to the earth below. With the globe warming and the land washed in مالٹا, نارنگی and yellow, the night had دیا way to the dawn of a new day, all was gone of its dark counterpart save for the memory, and much of the chill in the air. The four approached the fifth member of their team, and a sixth form, just opposite of the understood boundaries.

Jayne stood along side the Cougar, his attention toward the...
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posted by lillyomega22881
Kate felf a rumble inside the ground. she thought it was just her imagination after mating, but it wasent. Jessie played wii
while masey and felicity played tag. Luis snorted. why couldent he have a brother. last night during the tornado he herd his parents mating. he couldent wait for a new brother. (or sister but hopefully not.) Kate was napping and humphrey was watching the pups. " ارے Luis. آپ look bored." کہا Humphrey. " well that's because I obviously am." کہا luis. "hey how about I tell آپ the time when me and your mother fought off 3 large bears." کہا Humphrey. "ok" کہا Luis quickly....
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posted by PrinceRhaegar
Humphrey darted into the little hole he used my body to create, and went for my throat.
I grabbed his muzzle with my paws, keeping him away with little effort.
I put my head close to his, "Just listen to the chanting out there Humphrey, they believe that آپ have beaten the best Alpha to ever fight. They believe you, an Omega, has won, but Ive let آپ have your fun, now its my turn."
His eyes widened and I laughed.
I put my remaining paws against his stomach and kicked out, hard.
He shot out of the hole like a rocket, sailing over the small lake out into the middle.
He landed to a huge explosion...
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Humphrey woke up. It was a fresh morning. Him and Kate were sleeping nose to nose, like they aways did. He yawned. One of Kate's eyes opened. "You're up early." she said.
"Well, I promised to go logboarding with Shakey and Mooch."
"But it's our honeymoon! And what about Saltey?"
"Saltey's... busy. And آپ can come too." He laughed. "Do آپ think i'd leave آپ alone for مزید than a سیکنڈ after our wedding night?"
Kate smiled at him. "No. Of course not. But I was hoping for a quiet day. With you."
"It's okay. We'll only do one hill." He smiled back at her. "You don't have to hunt for a few weeks....
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posted by UriahA
The Alpha and Omega characters part with the Balto characters.

سٹار, ستارہ was out walking in drizzle.
“Damn, I hate rain!”
He got back tot the house. Master Chief was there.
“Bob, seriously.”
“Never mind.”
سٹار, ستارہ went in.
“I’m going to kill آپ rasta!” Kate کہا in her sleep.
In her dream, she was trying to kill these things that look like Grunts but she didn’t know what they are.
Kate jumped up.
“You ok?”
“I’m having dreams that I’m not محفوظ now that Humphrey’s...
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posted by AlphaClub
"Ambush! Everyone get prepared!" Yelled Winston, again, leader of the Western pack. Everyone gathered in a defensive line, in front of where there now stood about fifty wolves, ready to take order. "Winston, we meet again, this time personally. I am Sylian, former member of Ares' pack. We have come to make an allience with you. We do not agree with Ares. We are now enemies of him. If آپ drop your allience with him, آپ shall be in an allience with us, and together take on a threat that has been preying on me personally for years." کہا Sylian. "Hmm.... I don't think so. آپ sound way too...
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posted by LillyOmega2
Because I can't لوڈ اپ this anywhere else without it being blocked, I had to put this on dropbox. I made it about Daria because of how sad the song is.


The song is "Darkness" سے طرف کی Disturbed. I was shocked when I found this song because, not only is it the saddest song I've ever heard, it's also سے طرف کی the band known for making the heaviest metal song I've ever listened to - "Get Down with the Sickness."
posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 17

*Darkness Kingdom*

Victory Zenith Wolfe: *Slashes off Sagittarius Zodiark’s Apollo*

Sagittarius Zodiark: *Becomes dark energy and wraps around Victory Zenith Wolfe*

Victory Zenith Wolfe: GAH!

Sagittarius Zodiark: *Throws Victory Zenith Wolfe around, going through trees and through the Darkness Castle*

Victory Zenith Wolfe: *Breaks free* Clash...why do آپ want to hurt Princess so badly?

Sagittarius Zodiark: She...she’s weak...

Victory Zenith Wolfe: Clash...I know that’s not true...

Sagittarius Zodiark: It is.

Victory Zenith Wolfe: Then my suspicions were're just a bully...
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posted by moondragon01
in book three of "the hunter" series entitled "revolution" the annakian wolves of silvertip get conquered سے طرف کی the canadian agnostians and deported to stone mountain. this is what would've happened if they were deported to the jasper area.
luetsun was grey with long, black فر, سمور on his head, rings around his eyes, two marks, one around his leg, high in one part and low in another, and a smudge on his tail. he is normally seen wearing an amulet in the shape of an A. he also has a dark کوبرا ڈاکو, ہڈ shaped mark between his eyes. his father, fonso, bears the same marks. he is dark grey with shaggy fur...
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Song: "Bitches" سے طرف کی Hollywood Undead
Credits: Timber Humphrey (Youtube)
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