"Why are we cowering away with out tails between out legs mom!?" Anders growled turning his anger towards his mother, and then Kate pinned Anders to the ground for this response.

"We don't have time for آپ to be like this Anders! We need to get everyone as far away from here as possible! Now آپ better change your attitude so we can get out of this mess and come up with a plan to stop them! Do آپ understand me!?"

Anders hesitated from the seriousness in his mother's voice, but soon nodded. Kate then got off of Anders and began to give orders to everyone.

"Right now we need to meet Garth and the others at the last rally point. From there we'll اقدام on until we find a محفوظ place to settle and treat the wounded. Go now!"

With that they all dispersed with Kate leading the pack followed سے طرف کی Humphrey and Anders. They ran ten مزید miles until they found Garth and others.

"Is this everyone?" Kate asked as she ran up to Garth.

"Everyone I could find. What about everyone we sent on ahead? Is lilly alright along with them?"

"The last I saw of them they were heading further west safely. And son't worry about them, I sent some of the Alphas to look after them. Right now we need to get out ourselves."

Garth nodded and turned to tell his group the plan. Kate took the time to lick the wounds she had gotten from the fight. Humphrey noticed that she was hurt and came to her side to help.

"Kate are آپ alright?" Humphrey asked as he looked at the wounds on his mates shoulders and back.

"I'm fine!" Kate snapped angrily.

"What's wrong?"

"Me and آپ are going to have a talk when we get to safety about how آپ acted towards Anders." With that کہا Kate walked off not even hearing what Humphrey had to say. "Are we ready?"

"Yeah, everyone is ready to اقدام out." Garth replied.

"Good let's go."

The pack headed to spring to the west as fast as they could. They traveled without stopping for twenty مزید miles. They stopped for a twenty-minute break. Garth began to smell the air for a scent of Lilly and the pack they sent off already.

"Kate! I think I got the scent."

Kate came over to Garth and smelled the air with him. "Yeah the's them alright. Tell the others that we need to اقدام now while the scent is still fresh." Garth did as Kate کہا and they continued on for thirty مزید miles. The sun began to set on them and it was getting darker. They were about to stop the تلاش until on بھیڑیا cried out that they saw something over the hill. This quickened their pace and they soon caught up to the pack. They all decided to camp there for the night and continue on in the morning. Kate made sure that some of the ALphas were keeping watch for any signs of trouble, so that they could اقدام at anytime. Kate then went to Humphrey and Anders. Kate found them together facing opposite directions from each other, both with anger in their eyes.

"What's up with آپ two?" Kate's voice was annoyed with anger. The two wolves looked at her and then to each other. "Well? I'm waiting." Both remained silent. "FINE! Then I'll just go سے طرف کی what I saw! Humphrey!" Humphrey looked when he heard his name and then looked at the ground knowing what was coming next. "Don't آپ ever go and call my son something like that again! آپ know better then that!" Humphrey didn't look at his mate knowing if he did he would have to see the disappointment Kate had in her eyes. "...And Anders!" Anders didn't look towards his mother when she called. "Anders!" This caught his attention and he looked at his mother angrily only o meet the same amount of anger in hers along with sadness. "I saw what آپ were about to do to your father and I never want to see it again from you. I trained آپ better than to lose your temper like that."

Anders thought on what had happened in that period of time and was ashamed that he even thought of such a thing. His rage was replaced سے طرف کی shame and regret.

Kate sighed deeply and continued the sadness in her voice. "We are all we have now. I don't want to lose both of آپ because of something as stupid as this. I don't want to lose آپ like..." Kate began to cry and both Anders and Humphrey ran to comfort her. "Please..Can both of آپ please promise not to fight anymore." Both of them nodded and looked at each other.

"I'm sorry Dad."

"I'm sorry too. And we're both sorry for letting آپ see us like that Kate. We would never leave you."

Kate whipped the tears off her face and laid down. "Thank you" She کہا relieved.

Humphrey lied down close to Kate's side and licked the side of her face. "Let's go to bed, we're going to need it for tomorrow." Before Humphrey could finish Kate had already closed her eyes and fallen asleep. Anders lied down across from his parents while Humphrey snuggled a little closer to Kate.


"Yes Anders."

"I'm really am sorry for what happened back there. I don't know what came over me."

"It's alright son, and I'm sorry for what I said. I guess we both lost it a little. Goodnight Anders, I love you."

"Goodnight Dad, I love آپ too." With that they both went to sleep.