While Mikey and Foxy Girl were shooting at the cops. Foxy Girl shot a cop and crashed and his car exploded. Justin was still driving the car trying to shake the cops off of them. A cop shot their tire and they got in a wreck. Air bags hit Justin in the face and Foxy Girl and Mikey were in seatbelts. So they were safe. Justin broke his arm and Mikey breaked his shoulder plate. “Ugh… f@#$...” Mikey said. The car was flipped upside down and they were hanging upside down. Justin pulled Mikey and Foxy Girl out of the car and Justin sawed Drakes car. ڈریک was in there. “Yo, Drake!” Justin yelled his name. “What happened?!” ڈریک said. “We were being chased سے طرف کی cops and they shot the tire and-“ Justin was interrupted. “let’s get them to my place, I have some medical supplies.” ڈریک said. Justin put Mikey and Foxy Girl in the back of Drakes car and Justin got in the front sit and ڈریک started driving the car to his place. When they got there. ڈریک had a huge Mansion. “Dang dude… nice place آپ have!” Justin said. “I know, lets get them inside before they start bleeding all over my beautiful car!” ڈریک said. They got Foxy Girl and Mikey inside the house. Mikey and Foxy Girl woke up in the same بستر and they find each other cuddling. “What the hell!” Foxy Girl shouted and punched Mikey in the face and she got up out of bed. “ow…” Mikey said. He has a black eye. “what? It doesn’t hurt! Hmm!” Foxy Girl کہا and walked away and دکھانا her big پچھواڑے, گدا at him. Mikey widen his eyes. Looking at her big booty. Mikey shook his head and got up out of bed. “where the hell am i?” Foxy Girl said. “Your in my mansion and your safe, so Mikey what did آپ do to piss off the cops?” ڈریک said. “well I killed a cop in a helicopter and and killed a few cops.” Mikey said. “Damn bro, your with the big boys now!” ڈریک کہا with a smile and patted his back. “yup, and I’m trying to get $30,000 dollars off of Foxy Girl if she wants to be safe.” Mikey said. ڈریک laughed. “shut the f@#$ up!” Foxy Girl کہا and she had a revolver in her hand Mikey pulled the gun in her hand to his mouth. Mikey looks straight in her eyes. “DO IT! I DARE YA!” Mikey shouted. And Foxy Girl is trying to pull the trigger. Then she threw the gun to the floor. “DAMN IT!” Foxy Girl shouted. “I knew she couldn’t do it!” Mikey said. “Shut up! I just couldn’t do it cause I wasn’t ready!” Foxy Girl said. They walked to the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ and they ate some breakfast. “so did آپ come up with a plan yet Mikey?” Justin said. “Not yet, still thinking.” Mikey said.