Kate ended up finding the pack and saw them surching high and low for the wolves. Then Kate runs back to the lake where they hanged out.
"They're looking for us!"Kate says to them.
"So." Garth and Humphrey say.
"So!" Lilly says to them, "We need to tell them who we are!"
"They won't notice use, they would kill us!" Garth responds.
"Or we could be saved!"
"Look Lilly," Humphrey says, "Maybe we could go back to our pack when-"
"Or NOW" Kate interupts.
"Look," Humphrey says to Kate, "When were back to wolves, we'll go back."
"No!" Both Kate and Lilly said, "We go back now before something bad happens."
Kate starts pacingaway and twords Lilly and says, "Even our kids are looking for us, we should go ba-" Then, Kate trips on something and pushes herself and Lilly into the lake. The they start screaming, "We're drowning we can't swim!" Then they go under water.
Surprised,Garth and Humphrey try to go in the water, but realize they all don't know how to swim like a human. Then Garth came up with an idea.
Meanwhile, under the water, Kate and Lilly were trying to swim up to the surface to the water, while panicing (which is kindof hard). Then they think it would be the end because they could find nothing to do. But soon, they then saw a stick in the water, so they grabbed onto it and got yanked out of the water.
When they got out of they water, Humphrey was standing in from of Kate and Garth in front of Lilly, but they were looking at something else. When Kate and Lilly saw what they were looking at, they couldn't believe what they're looking at and how it was reacting to them.