I don’t know if آپ saw my months پہلے دیوار where I talked about the happening but I’ll repeat the story again just in case آپ didn’t see it so here we go:

in 2011, a A&O پرستار from the Netherlands who was “32” years old where he plays as “Humphrey” on youtube, آپ probably remember him as “HumphreyBackup”, however he went out with one of the “Kate” accounts on youtube and so they were on a long distant relationship and then later he actually flew all the way to the UK to go see her irl, and suddenly when he got there to see her: she was “under age” and so theres a full story about that in the description.

One دن I was on DeviantArt when I was talking to one of the “Kate” accounts that has been offline for months and later one of the DA users talked to me and told me about that shes been gone after the whole situation (the عنوان above) tells me about the whole thing and I went on google and looked up the Humphrey youtube user’s real name as he was featured in few articles, and there was even a video too that had evidence of items that he left behind too (link in تفصیل for news video on leftover gift items that was at her house)

I was in major shock after reading all that, and I did not know he was arrested and one of the شائقین never went back online after all that.

Who would have thought that a پرستار in his 30s did not KNOW she was under age, thats just insane.