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posted by UriahA
Chapter 2: Excited

The night, Angelica woke up to thumping. She woke John because she didn’t know what it was.
“John, do آپ hear that?” she کہا frantically.
“Yeah, it could be the neighbors digging bones,” John replied.
There was مزید thumping and it wasn’t the sound of digging. John got out of بستر and went to check it out. “I’ll be right back, I’m going to see what that noise is.”
“Be careful, don’t get hurt.”
“I won’t.”
John went to where the sound was coming from. He inspected the back part of the den. Nothing here, he thought I wonder if the ماند, خلوت خانہ is just too old. He was about to go back into the den, when he heard مزید thumping. It was in the den. He heard some giggling from Kate and Humphrey, and مزید thumping.
“Nothing like the first romance,” John کہا to himself, “I remember mine.” He walked back into the ماند, خلوت خانہ and laid back down with Angelica. “Humphrey and Kate are romancing in the room, nothing to worry about.”
“Aww, that’s sweet everyone makes noise on their first romance,” Angelica کہا calmly, “They still need to go find a ماند, خلوت خانہ of their own though.”
The اگلے day, John knocked on the rock. “Humphrey, Kate, do want breakfast in bed?” he asked.
“Sure, let me اقدام the rock.” Humphrey moved the rock that closed off the entrance of the room. “Thanks dad.”
At Eve and Winston’s den, Eve woke Winston to surprising delight. “Winston! I’m pregnant!”
“Really? That’s great! What should we name it.”
“I wouldn’t be surprised if it was girl. We should name her Janet.”
When Winston was in Alpha school he had an instructor named Janet. “I like that name. Good idea.”
Lilly felt a slight stomach ache, not too painful but it was distracting. She asked Garth what it was. “Garth, I have a slight stomach ache, does it always happen the morning after romance?”
“Lilly, to be honest, I think you’re pregnant.”
Lilly was freaked out and exited at the same time. “If it’s a dude let’s name it Lars!”
The name sounded familiar to Garth but he didn’t know what it was. “Sounds good!”
Kate and Humphrey got done eating.
“I gotta go,” Kate کہا out of nowhere.
“Where are آپ going?” Humphrey asked.
Kate had a disgusted look on her face. “To the bathroom smart one.”
“Oh ok, yeah go ahead.”
Kate went to the bathroom and noticed something different in her urine.
“Humphrey, come see this,” she called, a little nervous.
Humphrey looked down and saw Kate’s urine.
“Yeah thanks for making me look at that.”
“No, look closely, isn’t it different than what it is?”
Humphrey looked closely. “Yeah it is.”
Kate freaked out and howled for Eve. She knew it would have happened to her mother, so Eve would know. She howled, Mom, I need your help, My urine is different than normal, I need your help. Eve came in.
“What is it dear?”
“My urine, it’s different.”
Eve inspected it then sniffed it. She knew Kate was pregnant.
“I will rip Humphrey’s arms out and shove them down his throat!”
“Mom, what’s wrong, I didn’t get آپ know the thing that starts with A did I?”
“Kate, you’re pregnant!”
Kate’s face lit up, “That’s great! Yes!”
Eve was pissed and speechless. “Kate, you’re not happy are you?”
“Of course I am, I’m having a puppy!”
Eve left the ماند, خلوت خانہ extremely angry and upset both at the same time.
“Humphrey! I got good news!” Kate yelled.
“I’m pregnant! We’re going to be parents!”
“Really! That’s great!”
Humphrey and Kate hugged each other as hard as they could.
“Mom, dad you’re going to be grandparents!” Humphrey said.
Angelica came storming in. “What did آپ just say?”
“You’re going to be a grandmother!”
“John, come in here!”
“What? What’s so ‘exciting’”
“John, you’re going to be a grandfather!” Kate کہا proudly.
“Holy Crap! This is awesome! Is this true?”
Hutch was still sleeping with his mate, Rebecca. He woke up and laid there. He looked down and saw Rebecca’s stomach. It was stretch out, but Hutch knew already she was pregnant. John and Angelica were going to the be grandparents times two.
Hutch kissed Rebecca, got up and cut some caribou for breakfast.
“I can’t wait to have this کتے with Rebecca.” He کہا to himself.
Kate howled to Eve and Winston. Mom, dad, I’m pregnant! Come over here!
Eve and Winston arrived and saw Humphrey and Kate rubbing noses.
“Mom, Dad, I pregnant!”
“Oh, baby, that’s great!” Winston yelled, “I’m going to be a grandfather!”
Eve jumped in Humphrey’s direction trying to land on him but Humphrey stepped out of the way and Eve planted her face on the wall.
“Eve!” Winston panicked as he ran to assist Eve.
They heard a howl from Lilly and Garth. Eve, Winston, dad, Lilly is pregnant! Garth howled come over here!
“Before we go, Eve is pregnant too!” Winston said.
“What are آپ planning on naming your puppy?” Humphrey asked.
“It’s مزید than likely to be a girl, so we’re thinking of naming her Janet. What about yours?”
“We haven’t decided yet,” Kate said.
“We need to think about it,” Humphrey said.
Eve and Winston left and set out for Lilly and Garth’s den.
“Kate, I have a name.”
“What is it?”
“How does Johnny sound?”
Kate laughed but it wasn’t a bad idea.
“It’s good.”
“You really think so?”
“Yup. I like it. But what if it was a girl?”
“Kate Jr.”
Out of nowhere, they heard a howl from Hutch. Mom, dad, Humphrey, Rebecca’s pregnant.
“What should we name our puppy?” Rebecca asked.
“How about Matthew?”
“Sounds good.”
Humphrey came in out of nowhere.
“Congratulations brother!”
Hutch was startled but he was glad to see Humphrey got the message. “Thanks Humphrey.”
“Kate’s pregnant too.”
“Is she really?”
“Yup she is.”
At Garth and Lilly’s den, Eve and Winston rushed in.
“Hey, baby,” Winston said, “I heard you’re pregnant.”
“Yup, I am.”
“That’s great. It really is. We’re going to be grandparents times two.”
“Really? Is Kate pregnant?”
“Yup, so is your mother.”
“Your pregnant mom?”
Eve patted her stomach “Yup.”
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Kate's Inner Monster Prt. 3

Richard takes a deep breath and a sigh of relief. "Holy shit that
could have ended badly!!!" Richard looked at the forest floor and
sees the beast laying right in front of him. She was knocked out cold.
"Thank god I had the tranquilizer pistol on hand!" He then realizes
that he forgot all about poor Dale. Richard went over to Dale and
again slapped him on the face but this time with مزید slap! "Dale
you pansy wake up!!!" "Hmmmm Richard is that you?? Dale asks.
"LOL yea its me, how آپ feel there???" "Gee I don't know Richard
it feels like I just got hit سے طرف کی a freaking...
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Well, here it, last chapter. See how it ends, if I get enough تبصرے and شائقین on this one, I might make a sequel. I know, I'm evil. :P

1 ماہ later

Humphrey was starting to get over Kate’s death. He was having fun his usual self; he hunted every other morning for the pack with Hutch یا another hunter. He also spent a lot of time with Sweets and started becoming better دوستوں with her.
They would spend time together with their other دوستوں a lot and would always play when they could. He started feeling something warm grow in his stomach. Today he was just dragging back a caribou for the...
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Kate laughed. Lilly's new pup Alex was chasing her tail and whimpering. " she's so cute" Kate کہا to Lilly. "yeah. Mating season is great." Lilly replied. Kate stopped. she had never thought about mating before. "um. do آپ know when mating season is?" "Kate don't آپ know this? it's like right now." Lilly laughed. "I never thought I'd feel so..." she stopped. "so what?" Kate asked. "so... uh... it doesent matter. if your going to mate you'll feel it yourself." Kate nodded and left.
"hey Kate" Humphrey کہا when he walked into the cave door. "um Humphrey I need to talk to you." Humphrey sat...
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 Balto talking to jenna about how Kodi see him as the hero not his father
Balto talking to jenna about how Kodi see him as the hero not his father
~A سال later~ Balto and Jenna are laying down watching the now grown up Alue and Kodi.

Jenna: they grow up to fast
Balto: I know but there perfect
Jenna: Yup

Kodi walks over and sits اگلے to his father.

Kodi: ارے Hero whats up

Balto: Nothing just thinking about how آپ guy grow up so fast

Kodi: Alright see ya
Kodi walks away and twoards Alue And they run off and leave balto and jenna there alone laying there sad but happy too. Then along comes steele.

Steele: Ha Jenna آپ don't know a good guy when آپ see him so آپ pick Balto the puny loser

Jenna: *Tears in eye* آپ know what your a fucking dick...
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