Kate woke up, she was laying on a soft warm blanket, she looked around to see she was in a cage again. Her nose caught the aroma of something good, she looked down to find two bowls. One of water and one of meat! She scarfed it down greedily and searched for more, she was so hungry!

"Well well well, sleeping beauty finally wakes!" Kate peered out of the cage, a very tall figure towered above her. The figure bent down and peered inside at her with piercingly blue eyes, she did not snarl یا دکھائیں any fear at the sight of a human before her. "Hmm, آپ sure were in rough shape when I found ya, my names Jon سے طرف کی the way," the man said. There was something soft and soothing in his voice that made her feel good, he was not here to harm her. "Now I plan to keep آپ until آپ recover fully, آپ must be starving you're practically skin and bones! I'll be right back," Jon left the room. He returned a few منٹ later she could smell مزید meat and he had lots of it!

"Now I'm going to open this cage, don't try and run یا bite me یا I will have to hurt you," he warned. He opened the cage and placed the meat in the bowl, Kate waited until he drew back and cautiously moved آگے to eat. She ate fast and heartily. Slowly Jon reached out and patted her head, it startled her and she drew back and looked at him. "It's okay honey, I wont hurt you," she moved slowly آگے and ate more. He reached آگے and scratched behind her ears, it felt so good! "You sure are a beautiful wolf," he said. "Now I've got to got to بستر it is almost midnight, don't make any noise, no howling if my dad finds out I'm keeping a full grown بھیڑیا in the basement he'll have a conniption and probably shoot آپ so don't make any noise!" Jon stood up and left the room and shut off the light. Kate rested her head on her paws and slept soundly, humans were not so bad after all!

Back in Jasper the disappearance of Kate was the utmost concern, Garth and several other wolves went out to تلاش for her. Humphrey never left CJ, he worried about his mate, would he ever see her again? If not what would happen to CJ without no mother? Humphrey was confident that he could raise CJ alone but life without Kate would not be the same, she was a skilled Alpha and he was sure that she was fine. They would keep searching until they found her یا when she turned up hopefully with food.

Kate woke the اگلے morning, golden sunlight streamed in through the windows of the basement. She had the urge to go to the bathroom but could not do it in here, hopefully Jon would let her out soon. He came downstairs sometime later followed سے طرف کی a sleek black dog with beautiful shining fur. "Stormy آپ be nice to our guest, she is only staying for a few days until she recovers then I can release her back into the wild." The dog called Stormy peered in the cage at Kate sniffing the wolf's scent, her hair stood up and she growled at Kate, who in return did the same. "Now Stormy knock it off!" The thunderous tone of authority in his voice made Stormy stop immediately and she trotted over to his side. "I know she is a wild بھیڑیا but she seems fairly friendly to me, now آپ run along because I'm about to let her out, go!" He pointed at the door and Stormy left the room.

"Okay I will tell آپ right now that there is no means of escape here, my dad is at work so I'm going to let آپ out into the kennel, the fence is 8 feet tall so I highly doubt آپ can get out," he said. Jon opened the cage and cautiously Kate stepped out, he then walked over to a door and opened it, she dashed outside and looked around. He was right there was no escape, she walked around and scented the area, she could smell Stormy's scent everywhere where she had marked her territory. Kate urinated, what a relief! She also defected too, Jon leaned in the door frame watching her. "You sure are a mysterious animal miss, but I envy your beauty!" He kneeled down and patted his knee, "come here!"

Kate moved slowly to him not knowing what he was going to do. He put his hand out and petted her, she liked it and moved closer to him. He stroked all along her back and belly, this all felt so good! She wanted to roll over on her back and let him rub her belly but she knew better. Rolling over made her vulnerable to anything so she didn't. His touch was so soft and loving, Kate never knew that humans could be so friendly but yet they were feared سے طرف کی all animals in the wild. Now she understood why dogs کیا پیش to their rule. "Lets get آپ some مزید food," he کہا standing up. He put her back in her cage and went to get something to eat, this time it wasn't meat.

"This is dog food," he told her as he poured some kibbles in her bowl. "I can't keep nabbing hamburger out of the freezer without dad noticing." Kate ate it, it was pretty good she thought not as good as the meat he had دیا her before. She could get used to this! Getting food handed to her without having to hunt was a real treat! But she knew that Humphrey and CJ needed her, she would have to return to the wild again soon.

The rest of the دن went on harmonically, Jon stayed with her and petted her, she enjoyed every منٹ of his company. He truly was a unique person and she could not wait to tell Humphrey about him; she wished all humans were like him but she knew that they weren't. "My dad will be ہوم soon and he may come down here so I am going to cover this cage up with a blanket so he won't see آپ in there, if he comes in here don't make any noise at all!" She did as he کہا and he was right later that night another man came down in the basement and he was even taller and bigger than Jon, but thankfully he did not notice her there.

Stormy came down periodically to check on the بھیڑیا in her basement and eventually they got along, "what's your name?" Stormy asked the wolf, "Kate," "oh that is a pretty name آپ have! Do آپ have a family?" "Yes I do, I just had a son about a ماہ پہلے and my mate Humphrey." Kate told her, "oh I can't have puppies," Stormy said. "Why not?" Kate asked, "because I have been spayed and that means I can't ever get pregnant." Stormy told her. "That's too bad," "its not too bad, my master says that puppies are a huge pain in the butt," "what is it like living with humans?" Kate asked, "oh its awesome! My master spoils me to death we do everything together he takes me for rides, he takes me to the water to swim, he even lets me sleep in his بستر with him at night, I don't know what I would do without him, what is it like being a wild wolf?" "Well I'm an Alpha so I have a lot of responsibilities to attend to, I give the orders and they take the orders, it is my responsibility to make sure the pack has food and that everyone stays in order, it is fun though last summer me and my mate got taken to Idaho and were supposed to repopulate the area, back then I didn't like the idea but we fell in love during the trip. He is a Omega see and it used to be that Alphas and Omegas could not mate but we changed that and it is way better now." "Oh wow that is cool!" Stormy's ears perked up, "oh I got to go my master is calling me, see آپ Kate!" She dashed off leaving Kate alone again.

She thought about Jasper and how the pack سے طرف کی now was probably searching for her. She liked it here a lot but knew that she shouldn't get attached for it would only hurt مزید when Jon released her back into the wild. This was only temporary, after this it would never happen again. Jon came down a short while later and fed her مزید dog food, "I think in another دن آپ should be ready to go back home, now I know that there is a بھیڑیا pack north of here, I'm going to assume that that is where آپ are from," he said. "I know and old logging road and I could get آپ pretty close to it so آپ could find it easy." He stroked her head while she ate, his hands were so big. "Well I must be off to bed, good night there gorgeous!" He got up and left the basement turning off the lights once again. After eating Kate placed her head on her paws and slept soundly as ever.