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posted by Slenderwolf
Mission Detail:Kill all Enemies, Capture a Air Base.
Weapons:Ak-47 Red Dot Sight /w Grenade Launcher. Five Seven.
Day 2
January 5, 2014
Time:2:30 Pm
Air Force Unit.
Daniel "Eagle" Sanderson.
I took a F16 "Fighting Falcon" and fly off Carrier Base.
15 منٹ LATER...
"Target Located." Sandra said.
"Where is it?" Jack said.
"There is!" then Sandra destroy a Sam.
Jack destroyed a Sam too as I destroy one too. "Sam missile, dropping flares!" Sandra said. "Daniel, I need آپ to take care of that aircraft!" Sandra said. I destroy a aircraft. "I will take...
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Kate had always wondered what it would be like to fuck her childhood friend Humphrey. As the three were walking to the car a loud sickening crack rang out Kate saw the soldiers in the parking lot beating another بھیڑیا down. Winston and a few other eastern and western wolves walked out all cocking guns Kate opened her over کوٹ and threw 2 گدھے کو, گدھی M1911 pistols to Humphrey and Andrew they all opened آگ کے, آگ on the platoon of 20 soldiers they all fell silently except 1 he was large and heavily armored he wielded a Baton and a giant combat چھری he ran faster than ever at the group before anyone could...
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posted by sanman7
Andrew awoke to find he was at a rave club he disliked rave کلب because of one experience either way he followed Kate inside. Kate sat at the bar looking around until a dark ash grey بھیڑیا walked toward Kate. Kate jumped out of her نشست and yelled

DADDY! She hugged him.

The بھیڑیا hugged her back and looked torward andrew

I'm guessing he's your mate Kate?

No dad but he's helping me with that!

Hello Mr.-

Call me winston

Yes sir Winston Winston chuckled and hugged Kate tightly before leading them into a room with sound proof glass around it

Andrew آپ do understand I have a very special daughter she...
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posted by sanman7
Kate was depressed about how Andrew could say such a thing he had so much ahead of him. She crawled into بستر اگلے to him she felt his warm فر, سمور and felt محفوظ and secure اگلے to him she felt his hands لپیٹ, لفاف کریں around her she didn't protest She just let him feel her over she enjoyed the feeling of him. She couldnt take the feeling of him anymore and she just fell asleep in the morning Kate tried to stroke Andrew but there was nothing there she was surprised with no one there to stroke she being herself began to lift her self out of بستر she yawned and walked back to the estranged living room she heard...
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posted by sanman7
As the بھیڑیا walked into Andrews apartment he asked who she was she responded in a dark tone. slowly taking off the over کوٹ and fedora she was wearing. Revealing her young slender body.

The names Kate

She laid against the سوفی, لٹانا and flipped through the channel's Andrew paid no attention to her until she sighed he asked if she wanted any food یا drink she declined Andrew not knowing about the firearm still in her holster کے, holster, قبور on her waist he sat down with her and wrapped his arm around her neck she was obviously uncomfortable. andrew began to reach for her breasts she drew the gun and asked him to...
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posted by sanman7
Andrew (me) watched as the strange looking بھیڑیا ran down the alley he heard the click of a loaded gun and he ducked three shots rang out three bodies hit the sidewalk the بھیڑیا walked out the guns barrel smoking

Dead and forgotten.

She کہا as she began to walk out of the alley way Andrew yelled down to the sidewalk to inspect the corpses

ارے can I help you?

The بھیڑیا shrugged and aimed the .357 میگنم, ماگنم at his head

I suggest آپ don't step closer.

Andrew backed away as he was told he held his hands in the air

And yes I suppose آپ could be of use.

Andrew asked how

آپ could shelter me from them.

She lowered the weapon Andrew gladly accepted to shelter her Andrew only wanted to shelter her so he could fuck her. but first he'd gain her love and trust he grinned as he let her into his apartment.
posted by TheIrishLAD
 Night Time, all is calm.
Night Time, all is calm.
Garth's POV

"Wow! Look at all this snow!" I said. We were caught in a snow storm. It was snowing heavily. "We might want to turn on the heating elements, so the flaps and rudders don't get frozen." کہا Humphrey. He flicked the switch and there was a beep. The heating element was on. "What temperature is it outside?" Lilly questioned. "Uh... -5 یا -6 degrees maybe?" I replied staring deep into Lilly's eyes. She blushed. "Wow stop Garth!" She giggled. I kissed her... "Wow! Can آپ not?" Humphrey said. "Fine, well go out to an empty نشست in the cabin" I replied. Me and Lilly walked arm-in-arm...
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They then continued their southward movement, doing away with some Stonic couriers along the way. Then, when they were within feet of the Mexican border, Luetsun went over to a lone patch of dust and began rolling in it. When he was covered, from his muzzle to the tip of his tail, he looked at Rufus, as if expecting him to شامل میں him. Rufus, apparently knowing his expectation, then shrunk to the size of a coyote, and tanned, one of the abilities of a demon.
Luetsun sighed and they crossed the border. They walked for days through the vast expanse of desert. Then, when they arrived at the coyote...
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Her light grey فر, سمور was damp and matted from the mist that hung over the dry cliffs of the mountain like the ghosts of the thousands that littered the valley below. The grey and tan bodies of the wolves on the battle line were mere shadows in the grey of the mist. Though her limbs were tired and her joints were sore, Harenn, High Alpha of the Annakian Wolves, exhaustedly carried herself behind the frontlines. She could دکھائیں no weakness, in spite of the burden she bore; there was no room for it. It was the سیکنڈ دن of the thirty seventh battle of Mt. Silvertip and Harenn could not hold on any...
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posted by ThreeLitllePups
Back to the den, Claudette ask to her parents if it's possible that she and Fleet can be out tonight “It's a تاریخ ??” ask her mother. “well... yes I think” Claudette said. “Good, I'm prove of آپ Claudette” replie kate happy. “But I tell your Father if he's ok” kate said. “Darling ?? Claudette want to be out tonight with Fleet” she said. “It's a sort of تاریخ right ??” کہا Humpfrey a bit worries. “Yes...” جوابات his mate, Kate feel that Humpfrey was not ok. “You know if آپ don't want that your girl will be out tonight...”. “No-no i'ts-it's ok...” said...
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posted by ThreeLitllePups
The Sun was already up in the sky when clodette woken up, she کہا “morning dad, morning mom” Kate nuzzled her nose and Clodette went to drink at the Stream. On the walk, She saw Fleet and his father. At the view of them, Fleet explained to Her the reason of their visit. “Hi fleet, good to see آپ what are آپ doing here ?? “ she asked. “My father goes a few days for the Hunting group so they ask to your parents is it possible to stay here with magril” he replied. “Ho hi Magril I didn't see you” When Magril come with her parents. “Hi Clodette “ She said. “Hi sweetie “...
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posted by TimberHumphrey
Jasper Park, Canada: one of the best parks in Canada. it's a great دن and a couple of Omega boys - Humphrey, Salty, Shakey and Mooch - are doing something they like to call "logboarding".

Humphrey: (as the boys push a log at the edge of the cliff) Bros, it's time to ride this slide and taste the wind.
Salty: Humphrey, you're totally genius! I mean, log boarding. We should've thought of this before.
Shakey: (looks at the hill, nervous) Guys, آپ sure about this?
Humphrey: Don't worry, dude. I got everything under control here.
Shakey: If آپ say so.

They all hop on the log and start pushing it even...
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posted by Alphawolfben
Hello everybody I am a A&O youtuber who is called Alphawolfben and am thinking of doing a A&O project but want شائقین of A&O to help out with the ideas for this project.

I have experience with making films sadly only ones with pictures and text but I want people to help with the project سے طرف کی giving ideas and saying what they want a movie like I do right now a story on fanfiction یا if people have the time making a animated film having people who are شائقین of A&O voicing the characters so if people have any ideas look me up on youtube fanfiction یا even تبصرہ on here.

If آپ want to contact me آپ can on:

Youtube: Alphawolfben
Fanfiction: Alphawolfben
"-..they told me stay low, yknow away from the streets where noone could find me for the crimes that were commited, especially since technology had gotten upgraded from these generations its like they can do anything in this world. When will they notice that the مزید we create to build these warfare weapons and system the مزید people and animals struggle with such a pathetic society.
Homeless lives were shut down and forced to give up their homes for larger companies, til then the people i once knew and loved were gone. Rumors spread they were taken سے طرف کی government traps around the most common...
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Hutch, Kate, the pups, Cando, Lee, Daryl, and Humphrey are the only few surviving, but might also lose Humphrey with possibly a infected bit ankle, Hutch and the rest were walking with three different wolves heading to where the wolves came from.
Hutch was in front of the group talking to the leader یا in this case the higher rank of the group, the pups were lying on Kate's back still scared and sad from what happened back at the Wall-Mart and Kate was walking right behind Hutch, the rest were talking to the other two wolves who was carrying Humphrey who couldn't walk from the pain from his...
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posted by Kitsune32
Ok so this Chapter will focus on Magril and her family. Also Sundays may be my days of as well and can someone help me assign arcanas for my future crossover? Here's Chapter 19: Resolution Part 1

Magril's Dream

My family and I were playing in a flowery field. My brother and I were playing a game of tag, while my mom and dad were watching us while snuggling. Fleet was running after me as the four of us heard a rustling near the trees. Fleet and I then ran towards our parents as they went into defense stances. Out of school درخت came a tall creature standing on two legs. It was wearing some weird...
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posted by SentinelPrime89
Humphrey, Kate and the pups were running up the snowy mountains. The same snowy mountains that Humphrey and Kate had trekked before.
Behind them, Stinky and Claudette were playing in the cold white powder. They were having a good, fun time unlike Runt who continued to stick close to his mother and father. Stinky noticed this throughout the دن even as he right now was occupied with his sister. He called out to his little brother, "Runt! آپ wanna play?"
Runt paid no mind to his older sibling. Humphrey watched down at him, Kate doing the same.
"Go on, Runt. We're making good time. آپ can go play...
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**PLEASE NOTE that this part has sexy content please keep away from kids......or critics thank آپ enjoy**
As they got done howling they started walking towards the city and the army truck that Hutch was talking about before, Hutch was walking up front with Kate,Austin , and Garth Winston was walking with the rest in the back, Humphrey:"How much further?" Hutch:"were almost there" after couple of منٹ they saw the army truck Hutch:"this is it" Winston took a look at it from both sides front to back Winston:"well this was a truck from WW2" Lilly:"didn't آپ fought in WW2 dad?" Winston:"yes...
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As the zombies slowly went towards them Hutch:"Hurry out the door" everybody got out Kate:"Where do we go?" Austin:"This way I know my way around this area" as they hurried and followed Austin the zombies somehow got faster and caught up to them Hutch:" Holy shit they are right on our tail" Winston:"I've got an Idea we will تقسیم, الگ کریں Hutch,Kate,Austin,and Garth آپ go to the left and the rest will follow me don't go too far" as Winston's group was running Mooch was too slow and the zombies grabbed his lag and made him trip Mooch:"AHHHHHH HELP" Salty:"Guys Mooch is in trouble" Winston:"Dammit, hurry...
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Snow C-3
(An Alpha and Omega Story)

Disclaimer: This chapter contains scenes of violence, blood, moderate language and upsetting scenes.
Read at your own decision!

Chapter 3: Rise of a new wolf.

(The اگلے morning)
(Violets POV)

Yesterday was probably the luckiest دن of my life I think I've met my one true love, one to love an caress in my arms for life. But that was yesterday and today is the start of a new, miserable دن because it was raining... Oh how much I hated it when it rained. Lilly was walking towards me with her head slouched to the ground with sad expression spread across her face.

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