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posted by TheChriZ1995
Summary: Things have been going south for Humphrey since he got back to Jasper now that he learned what Kate has been hiding from him. Heartbroken he decides to leave in تلاش for a new beginning, but first he still wants to tell Kate his feelings. Can he tell her یا will he just end up leaving without saying goodbye? Read to find out. Inspired سے طرف کی "Escape" - Hoobastank *Short Story*

A/N: Ever since I started writing again I've been thinking about writing stories based off of songs, and now I have done just that. This story is based off of a song called "Escape" سے طرف کی a...
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posted by usedtobe2
their isnt much; theirs nothing to do now, i cant leave everyone knows where i'll always be, then they would رپورٹ me if i ever went A- دیوار from my own pack... im not even looking آگے to even meeting my own team.. i'm even thinking if they could even stand at all,i doubt it as i whispered to myself . lily slowly opened her eyes as the cold shivers stabbed me in the back multiple times as it went down.
'babe?..' she whispered with a moan, then stretching. slowly i smiled at her as i walked up to her laying down.
'morning my love..' i kissed her nose and rubbed it against mine as she slowly...
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posted by Slenderwolf
Morshu:Lamp oil, rope, BOMBS! آپ want it? It’s yours my friend. As long as آپ have enough rupees.
Link:i want it!
Morshu:Sorry Link, i can’t give credit. Come back when you’re a little, MMMMMMMMMMMM richer.
Link:son of a-
*then Spy bite Link's Neck*
Spy:can i have B0mbz?
Morshu:MMMMMMMMMMMM(Over nine thousand years later...) long as آپ have enough rupees.
Spy:I want it!
Morshu:Sorry, Sp-
*Stab can be heard*
Spy:Thank آپ for being such a dear friend.
15 منٹ fater... (WHAT!?) Swat guy 1:What just happend?!
Swat guy 2:That was a murder.
Swat guy 1:Do آپ want, MMMMMMMMMMMM b0mbz?
Swat guy 2:Nope.avi
Swat guy 1:Uhhhhhhhh...okay.
Hutch carrying Kate is just 1 mile away until the front gate of the 100 foot tall walled off town with the group not far behind, Hutch:" are آپ hurting when I run?" Kate:" no, not really but they are still kicking" Hutch:" do آپ want me to slow down?" Kate:" no I'm fine I'll tell آپ when I am hurting" Hutch:"ok" after a few منٹ they reached the gate with two Alpha wolves were standing and guarding the entrance بھیڑیا guard:" Halt what is your purpose here?" Hutch:" our purpose is to get inside and survive, can آپ let us in and the group not far behind us in?" بھیڑیا guard:" yeah sure but...
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the noises from howling through the midnight; not from the midnight howl, but from the end of our own territory were howls of sorrows and depression, im not sure what they called but it was misery from what they had to grow through, especially since new members like me- viper, a young recruited alpha بھیڑیا with rdarkish red فر, سمور was on the pending فہرست among the others to be selected to go among what we called the above.
among the hills near our pack downhill there was our den. slowly i walked up towards the end of the cliff and looked upon the full moon with a brawny feeling in me but with suicide...
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posted by trueshadowwolf
Watched alpha and omega 2. I actually thought the movie was pretty good. The graphics in some parts sucked but the story line is really good. not the same actors either. and here I am wanting to be a بھیڑیا in alpha and omega world again like I did after I first watched the first one. But what I believe is that basically alpha and omega is becoming Balto. Cause in the first فلمیں baltos first movie had good artwork. Alpha and omega the first movie that good graphics. And when they get to the سیکنڈ it turns to bad graphics and bad animation. It was 84% good tho. But I bet in the 3rd one they will do good on the graphics on the third. But I didn't get the pups names. But I just sat there ” um ok that's cool I guess” XD being in alpha and omega world might be pretty cool tho.
While Mikey and Foxy Girl were shooting at the cops. Foxy Girl shot a cop and crashed and his car exploded. Justin was still driving the car trying to shake the cops off of them. A cop shot their tire and they got in a wreck. Air bags hit Justin in the face and Foxy Girl and Mikey were in seatbelts. So they were safe. Justin broke his arm and Mikey breaked his shoulder plate. “Ugh… f@#$...” Mikey said. The car was flipped upside down and they were hanging upside down. Justin pulled Mikey and Foxy Girl out of the car and Justin sawed Drakes car. ڈریک was in there. “Yo, Drake!” Justin...
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posted by westernunit-211
ارے what's up guys this is my first idea and I hope I do very well on it so here I go and enjoy!

I decided to include my own team and myself into this مضمون to see how it goes, hope it works out.

Here's the difference, I'm not going to be a wolf. I've had a few imaginations on how this might work.

Counter Attack!
Day1 07:34 hrs
Dare Dogs 212
Frost's محفوظ house
Jasper National Park, Canada

Frost was at the briefing ماند, خلوت خانہ with "Poet", "Sandman", "Rocket", and David. David is Frost's only son. Frost had David two years پہلے with his mate Stacy an Alpha بھیڑیا from Alaska. She died when David...
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posted by CODkiller14
Okay, this is my thought of A&O 2 and I'm gonna put it out in session in the end. Ok here we go!
Plot: It was really nice and I like it a lot
Music: off-track! I'm was the DJ in my school (they had nobody and wanted kids try it I won and yea it was a laptops full of playlist and music)
Animation: (srry) Suck so much! I love A&O 1&2 but it was the worse!
Color: Colorful very much color
HD: pretty good
The Character: Nice the actor and actress was perfect with it!
Sound: Not that loud (idk if me with a lot of DJ موسیقی up to loud یا the movie)
Ending: Heart-warming and nice
The movie was heart-warming, funny, nice, and good actor
Plot: 4/5
Music: 3/5
Animation: 2.5/5
HD/Color: 5/5
Sound: 3/5
TOTAL AVERAGE: 3.5/5 %70 C-
Make your opinion on this!
I own this مضمون Peace CODkiller14
When Mikey and Foxy Girl arrived at Justins house. Mikeys friend. they were staying for a week. ”dude they bombed your place and آپ survived in a fridge, dude آپ pulled off a damn Indiana Jones!” Justin کہا laughing. ” I know but how else were we going to survive?” Mikey said. ”I don't know, but آپ can stay here as long as the cops don't track us down.” Justin said. ” sure, Foxy Girl since آپ cant pay, آپ have to serve me and my good friend here.” Mikey said. ” WHAT?! f@$# no!!” Foxy Girl shouted. ” ok, I guess we will kick آپ out!” Justin said. Foxy Girl was...
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WARNING: cussing and violence

There was a furry بھیڑیا named Mikey, he was a gangster in New York City and is alone. His دوستوں Justin, and Drake. Mikey lives in apartment all alone. One morning he woke up and slept with a لومڑی girl furry. “Hey baby آپ want some breakfast?” لومڑی girl said. “sure why not?” Mikey said. While she got up she went to the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ and went to get something to eat. But all sudden gun shots were going through the دیوار and windows. “WHAT THE F@#$?!” Mikey said. He grabbed لومڑی girl and threw her in the closet. “STAY IN THERE!” Mikey said. Mikey opened up...
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Summary: Three years have passed since Humphrey ran away from Jasper after all the heartbreak, now he's a lone بھیڑیا living as if it all never happened thanks to a head injury. However he will soon realize just what he has forgotten when he gets an unknown visitor. Will he come to terms with the past that he lost, یا will it end up just causing him to break and feel the hurt all over again?

Fragments of a Lost Life – TheChriZ1995

I keep having these strange flashes in my dreams lately, visions that at first seem like only a normal dream but for some reason feel so familiar. I see myself living...
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posted by usedtobe2
Here why I break the sound, to KILL hopes and sorrows, every last one of them til they drown.
My heart, never it should یا noone will say im hallow, its the blood within me whos so shallow, whos so shallow... whos so shallow.
Every last of evil turned into good... something مزید to starve me now turned to targets, maybe i think i should;
Turn around dragging corpses through my mouth what i mostly do.
They see me as a monster, locked me up cause im a dream crusher,
Sorry mother if im not who آپ turned out to be 'n now im just someone, am i noone, she just lost me as her son,
now im waiting for my time to come, i hear music, i taste wine,
blood splattered in my mouth drills down through my spine,
Your piece of skin tears as آپ scream, licking ur muscles and thighs, the taste so wet as آپ start to cry,
I cant find your دل now its time to die....
posted by usedtobe2
"So who's gonna pay for the drinks first huh?" As I questioned everyone from the back of the car counting the exact change I have left from the palm of my hand, دکھانا the digits off my palm couting off.
"All I have is 32 digits, I can give آپ 12, I need the rest to buy my little sister a birthday present" Maria told me with a realtive; javier suniga in the back looking at the flashes of lights from the store while on his phone.
"Wey're just getting some cigarettes then don't worry about it Maria." I told her while getting out of the truck, locking the doors.
We all walked towards the small...
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Humphrey hadn't meant to have drifted to sleep on the ground near the درخت he had decided to rest سے طرف کی but he had and when he woke he jumped at his name being spoken sharply, "HUMPHREY!" Winston کہا sternly and he jolted up right, "Wha?!, WInston!...What's going on.." he yawned drowsily and Winston muttered something and spoke, "Humphrey Why have آپ been Resting when آپ were دیا the task to scout the territory for intruding packs!" Humphrey shook off his drowsiness, "I'm sorry Winston....i'm just tired from watching the pups....while Kate's off hunting"

"Well, I shall speak to my Daughter,...
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posted by AlphaKate112
(Eve talking)
My story starts with my family. I was an only pup, with a mother I didn't see to much...., and a father who cared for me a lot.
My mother died in the process of my birth, so I never saw her. My father told me stories of her...
He کہا that she had شاہبلوت, شاہ بلوط fur, and deep green eyes. He also کہا she was very brave, and a true Alpha. My mother and father were lone wolves, so my father and I needed a lot of help hunting. I learned very quickly. Now get comfortable, we are just now....getting into the story.

The دن me and my father were moving to a new place, a safer ماند, خلوت خانہ site, I was...
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posted by AlphaKate112
Kate walked back to the ماند, خلوت خانہ with Humphrey after the Moonlight Howl. "So are آپ sure she won't mind us asking if she could tell us the story?" Humphrey asked. "Oh of course not!" Kate کہا with a smile as they reached the den. "Oh hello Kate, hello Humphrey.." Eve کہا as they walked in. "Mom, could آپ tell us the story of your puphood?" Kate asked. "Sure!" کہا Eve as she sat on the ماند, خلوت خانہ floor. "Hey we wanna hear it too!" Lilly said, bouncing into the ماند, خلوت خانہ with Garth. "Alright" کہا Eve. "Get comfortable"
posted by CODkiller14
Before I get started, sometimes the chapter name won't be there because I'll forgot (like a derp) یا have no عنوان for it. Well chapter 3 us here now!
WARNING: Please Read Rating
Violence: 3/4
Sex: 0/4
Language: 3/4

Ch. 3 Living in The Plains

POV: James

I woke up in a strange way. I had a dream of my life-hood. To when I was born, parent death, the escape and now.
I stood up and walk around. The pain kick in and i went to my knees. "Agh!" I cried. I saw Henry with a dead deer. "Morning. Here food for a couple of week."
"Or days."
He just laughs and...
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posted by CODkiller14
Well... At least 6 people پرستار me of the story so thank آپ if آپ did sorry if i didn't mention but please start a youtube link so آپ can listen to the background action well here Chapter 1
WARNING: Please Read The Rating
Violence: 3/4
Sex: 1/4
Language: 3.5/4

Chapter 1: Meeting the Princess

POV: James

The season change 3 days پہلے 3/21/1898. I was laying on the roof عنوان and relax. I had 2 knife, 15 ninja سٹار, ستارہ (including my 6 from the gift), armor on my leg, chest and arms, a button that pull out a چھری each arm (pretty bad ass),and water bottle on my...
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posted by CODkiller14
Well this is my new series. I hope آپ like this when آپ see this [AN: with something in it] آپ can skip it but i'm just telling آپ if u add a song with it at the exact time it could be alike and be cool. I hope آپ like it and enjoy.
WARNING: Please Read Ratings:
Violent: 2/4
Sex: 1.5/4
Language: 3/4

POV: James
The name is James. Im 19, and what do I do? Well I'm an assassin.
I kill people who hurts دوستوں یا Family, I Steal a lot of things, Wear a Cloth on me to protect my face, Spike Collar. Black فر, سمور but my face, chest to my waste...
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