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 demon بھیڑیا pack, وائپر, واپار
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آرٹ پرستار
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This Alpha and Omega آرٹ پرستار contains triceratops.

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My first animash! Hope آپ enjoy it! :3
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Kate & Humphrey Adventures.
Spring Of 2011 Part 2. "The Boy In Tan?"

Its been several weeks and spring is almost over, which means if Humphrey wants to be a hunter, he will have to prove himself before summer, یا else he could not hunt. Kate woke him right before daylight, and they were up in the nearest mountain. It was about an hours walk from their den. They passed سے طرف کی a few بائسن, بائسن کے طور a bobcat, and 3 elk. She wants him to spot a white tail deer and catch it himself as she stands back to watch. Within 5 منٹ Humphrey found there first white tail, and sure enough it was a full grown 12 point...
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"i still love آپ humphrey" "well guess what alpha کتیا, کتيا i don't'' "lily went up to garth flipped him off and kicked him in the tummy anout ten times and knocked out his air. "lily please i could explain evrthing" " whisper it to me garth" " huh garth im so sorry about everything let's get back together" they made out for about twenty minutes. "humphrey i could explain" " explain it to me" "oh kate is sorry let's get back together" humphrey picked up kate put her on his back as garth did to lily they got on a train. After so much howling and making out they go tired. کڑاہی, بہبود up at canada got off the train they all got backed pawed سے طرف کی eve. then they lived happily ever after.

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