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 Poor Kate and Lilly!
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Credit for Screencap goes to alphakate21!
آرٹ پرستار
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A sudden blast of heavy rock موسیقی jolted Mittens from her slumber. Apparently, Penny was home. The feline opened her eyes and yawned, stretching her extremities to the limit. Penny noticed and grinned.
"Hey, Mittens," she said.
"Meow," went Mittens, and she jumped over to the بستر to receive some attention from her master.
Penny obliged and scratched her head for a few منٹ before returning to her laptop. Mittens glanced over at it and was completely baffled سے طرف کی it. Some random assortment of symbols and letters and numbers that meant absolutely nothing to her.
Sensing that the petting was...
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