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 Watch out Humphrey!
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Song: "Heaven is a Place on Earth" سے طرف کی Belinda Carlisle This is but one of many songs that I've heard on the radio at work and liked in the past five months. I finally make a video with this song, two months after first hearing it.
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words can't describe the sheer awfulness of this 1933 atrocity!
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I happened to watch a clip of A&O3 trying to decide on clips that will work for a video I'm making right now and I have one thing to say: holy crap, Nars voice is DEEP. I didn't remember it being so deep when I watched A&O3 back in March. It almost reminds me of how deep Xerxes' (300) voice is.

Makes me wonder if that is really what his actor sounds like یا if they modified his voice in post production to be that deep. It could be possible that it's his real voice, though, as George "Johnny 3 Tears" Ragan's (of Hollywood Undead) voice is natural deep, deeper than Nars' voice even.

But either way, how deep Nars' voice is shocked me right away. I even watched other clips just to be sure I wasn't hearing things.
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Hi guys ^^ well I decided to change my stories (name and the plot), they are still بھیڑیا but in real life. A world of wolfs but they have the same life like us... I think آپ are understand what I mean. It's the اگلے of Jasper's story but totally reformed.

Runt's family live in a house near Jasper city, they have an view on the stream and the mountains. Simple house : two floors, an small garden and the necessary. Matt live in downtown, Terra work in a electronic company for the defense of the countrie with Hutch as director. Runt works in a bank and Magril works in the Hospital, their girls...
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The morning after that Me and Sophie wake up to find my parents aren't in the ماند, خلوت خانہ
Me: Sop wake up my parents aren't here.*uncomfortably
Sophie: Probably hunting
Me:Are آپ sure?
Sophie:Come on let's go and find them
We walk to the hunting ground and found my parents hunting
Me:Nice catch mom and dad.
Rose and Shade: Thanks son morning guys
Sophie: Morning to آپ too.
As me and my parents brought back the food to eat
I notice Sophie didn't my share
Me: Sophie what's wrong?
Sophie: I can't eat that it's your family kill
Me: Sop you're family to me
Sophie:Okay Jason
Rose:You cared about her don't you?
Me:As a friend یا as a crush
Rose: Crush
Me: Then as a friend.
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Come back and ready for a long adventure with Lea and Matt. Follow their relationship with good moment and bad… See the two pups grown and began an Alpha. Lea will can be an Alpha, Matt will be her boyfriend. Let’s go see that ^^ I didn’t write Lea’s POV because it will be just in Lea’s POV…

He was so beautiful when he walked. Very prove of him and sure, never scar یا jut of frog… when we arrived I saw Lucille with a grey wolf. “Hey who is he” I asked to her, “Hi ! he call Ethan, he is the….” Lucille stop speaking and I see that she looked Matt. “Yeah he is my brother”...
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