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 farting contest!
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Source: The بھیڑیا Romeo Picture taken سے طرف کی Bossyalpha
So I pirated A&O - The great بھیڑیا games, and suddenly, this appeared... I may as well دکھائیں it to ye! :)
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Lilly's POV

Humphrey stood there frozen in place. He couldn't believe that was his best friend that was a girl. He just stood there staring at her for about 5 منٹ straight.

"What, آپ don't recognize your girlfriends sister" I کہا in a seducing voice.

"Lilly... What happened to your fur?" "How did it change from white to black?" Humphrey asked a little scared of her now. "And why did آپ kill Garth"

"I'm pretty sure آپ have many سوالات for me on why I did what I did and how I changed to black." "Well here's how it went...


"When I was first born I wasn't born with white hair. I...
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It has been a ماہ after Runts uncle Rocko died
runt was reading his grave
rocko بھیڑیا july 20th 1987- dec 7 2024
runt rememberd a book Rocko read to him
when he was little it was Johnny Tremain
"he died so others could stand" runt said
he had an important place to go
a battle to catch an evil pearson named min su lun
a japines geniral
he got a ride on a heicopter undetected
he saw Hutch was on the same helicopter
as runt matured Hutch became his best freind
captin Hutch
he just ranked up
runt missed his drop zone he was now in the thick of it
runt had to fight his way threw
but hi saw hutch on the grownd...
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Chapter 3 has arrived and sorry for the wait. Enjoy.

Western Pack

Daria woke up in her ماند, خلوت خانہ as rays of sun beamed down onto her face. As she got up, Floyd was starting to wake up.

"Damn and I was that dream again where I had two girls on each of my side," Floyd groaned causing Daria to giggle a little.

"I'm sorry Floyd but I wanted to visit Nars in the Northern Pack today," Daria responded.

"Oh really," Floyd replied with a interested at Daria's statement.

Since he knew everything that happened yesterday with her and Nars, Floyd knew that Daria wanted to thank Nars for his help the other day. Floyd...
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