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 two wolves cant even see tikanni
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Kate was woken up سے طرف کی Winston.
Winston:"Kate, get up....I think I hear something outside the den."
That woke Kate up immediately.
Kate:"I'll go check it out."
Winston:"Be careful"
As Kate inched her way, she could hear the sound off footsteps near the entrance of the den. Kate looked out the entrance of the ماند, خلوت خانہ to find Garth pacing and looking around frantically. Kate was relieved to find out it was Garth.
Kate:"psst! Garth, over here."
Garth looked and saw Kate.
Garth:"Kate! Oh thank god your alive! where is Lilly?"
Kate Paused and looked down, Garth then realized that Lilly was gone.
Garth:"Is she really-"...
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