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added by kaykay0412
added by kaykay0412
Hi! Kayla here! I'm going to tell آپ how to make an undershirt for you're American Girl doll. Ready? Here's what آپ will need:

-clothe (any color)

-sewing machine

-pencil (or markers. which ever works)

-needle and thread (ONLY IF NEEDED TO)

Here's what آپ have to do:

1. Use the pencil یا marker to draw the undershirt. (It's best to measure your doll first if آپ need to. If آپ know your doll even better than I know mine, آپ don't need to that's peachy keen)

2. When آپ are done with that, use the sewing machine to make the undershirt, tracing your lines. (Be careful though)

Enjoy your new undershirt! Bye!
ارے there! My name is Kayla Remy and I am going to tell آپ how to make a Tinker گھنٹی, بیل Halloween costume! Here's what آپ will need:

-green tube جراب (sock with a high ankle)

-fabric scissors


-1 sheet of printer paper (a white, blank paper to be exact)

-paper clip (white is the best)

-shoes (ballet shoes یا no shoes)

-2 green hair ties

-1 chenille stem (them kinds of bending sticks. It's optional)

Here's what to do:

1. Get the sock

2. Cut up to the heel

3. Cut tiny triangles on the bottom. Put the جراب (or dress) on the doll

4. Fold the paper, draw the side of Tink's wings on the folded paper and use the scissors to cut it out. Put the paper clip on the wings. Before آپ clip on the wings, give your doll the Tinker گھنٹی, بیل hairstyle.

5. If آپ want to give her a wand, لپیٹ, لفاف کریں the bottom of the stick on her hand. Just the index, middle, ring, and pinkey

Enjoy your costume! Bye!