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Since Tommy and Kimberly are my پسندیدہ male and female Power Rangers of all-time, it should not come as a shock that they happen to be my پسندیدہ Power Rangers couple of all-time. I was heartbroken like everyone during the Power Rangers episode "There's No Business Like Snow Business Part 1" when Kimberly sent the Dear John letter to Tommy breaking his دل and our hearts in the process. Deep down, I still believe in them and that they would end up back together. These two were meant to be and went through so much in their relationship from Tommy losing his Green Ranger powers twice to...
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Ever since I can remember, I've always loved Kimberly. She is one tough girl and has been through so much from getting سے طرف کی Lord Zedd who wanted her as his queen and their enemies because she has been seen as Tommy's weakness. There is just something about her that I have liked since I was a little girl. In my opinion, she was good at fighting back against Rita, Zedd, and their henchmen whenever she was kidnapped سے طرف کی them. Kimberly could even hold her own with the guys. She was Tommy's equal and it is not simply because they are the Winged Lord and Lady of the Skies. Kimberly may have been kidnapped...
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