My friend once asked me who I ship with the Doctor. I think River-Eleven (I can't see her with Ten; despite being the same person, they have very different personalities). The friend was astonished, saying she shipped Amelia-Doctor. I hate it when people think they would be good together. I know it's just an opinion but I honestly think that they would never, ever work out.

It would, first of all, be incredibly awkward when they were asked to describe when and how they met. He was in his mid-late 20's (or 30's, I dunno how old the actor is), and she was 7. When he came back (12 YEARS LATER!!!), he hasn't aged a دن and she is 19. And 19 to mid-20's is still a huge age gap. Rory is her age, about.
Rory waited. He waited for Amelia before the Pandorica business got started. He waited for Amelia since the start. When she would talk nonstop about her Raggedy Man, he would probably just sit there, feeling dejected. He would never live up to Raggedy Man, imaginary friend یا not. He probably helped her make those little dolls of her and the Raggedy Man and the TARDIS, waiting for her. And then the Raggedy Man turned out to be real. Imagine, just for a second, how unloved and unwanted that would make him feel. The imaginary friend that Amelia had turned out to be real. The one she always mentioned, dropped into every sentence. Rory probably loved that the Raggedy Man wasn't real, because if he was, how would Rory stand a chance?

So my summary is this: Rory waited. He waited his whole life for Amelia to love him. But the Doctor was late. Rory was early and her Raggedy Man was late. For her wedding, for her promised trip یا whatever he کہا he would give her when she was 7. But Rory was so early that no one even noticed. And I bet آپ that Amelia needed Melody to tell her that Rory loved her because this was normal to her from him. To have someone love her so much and then just have it seem so absolutely normal...he must have been really early. And how could a late man keep up with an early one?