Travel to Naboo

A= Anakin Skywalker
P= Padmé Amidala
O= Obi-Wan Kenobi
D= Dormé
T= Captain Typho

Part 1
T: Be safe, Milady.
P: Thank آپ captain. Take good care of Dormé.
The threat’s on آپ two now.
D:(cries)He’ll be محفوظ with me.
P: You’ll be fine.
D: It’s not me, Milady. I’m worry about you.
What if they realize آپ left the capital?
P: Well, then my Jedi protector will have
to prove how good he is.
O: Anakin, don’t do anything without first
consulting either myself یا the council.
A: Yes, Master.
O: I’ll get to the bottom of this quickly, Milady.
You’ll be back here in no time.
P: I’ll be most grateful for your speed,
Master Jedi.
A: It’s time to go.
P: I know.
O: Anakin, may the force be with you.
A: May the force be with you, Master.
(Anakin & Padmé leaving)
P: Suddenly I’m afraid.
A: This is my first assignment on my own.
I am too. Don’t worry, we have R2 with us.
P: (laughs)

O: I do hope he doesn’t try anything foolish.
T: I’d be مزید concerned about her doing something
than him.

Part 2
P: Must be difficult,
having sworn your life to the Jedi:
Not being able to visit the places آپ like,
یا do the things آپ like.
A: یا be with the people that I love.
P: Are آپ allowed to love?
I thought that was forbidden for a Jedi.
A: Attachment is forbidden.
Possession is forbidden.
Compassion, wich I would define
as unconditional love
is central to a Jedi’s life.
So آپ might say that
we are encouraged to love.
P: You’ve changed so much.
A: آپ haven’t changed a bit.
You’re exactly the way
I remember آپ in my dreams.

Part 3
P: I wasn’t the youngest queen ever elected.
But now that I think back on it,
I’m not sure I was old enough,
I’m not sure I was ready.
A: The people آپ served thought
آپ did a good job.
I heard they even tried to amend the
constitution so آپ could stay in office.
P: I was relieved when my two terms were up.
But when the queen asked me
to serve as a senator,
I couldn’t refuse her.
A: I agree with her.
I think the republic needs you.
I’m glad آپ chose to serve.

Q= Queen Jamilla
G= guy, I don’t know what his name is :P

Part 4
P: If the senate ووٹ to create an army,
It’s sure to push it into a civil war.
G: It’s unthinkable!
There hasn’t been a full-scale war
since the formation of the republic.
Q: Do آپ see any way through negotiations
to bring the separatists back into the republic?
P: Not if they feel threatened.
They’ll turn to the Trade Federations یا
The Commence Guilds for help.
G: It’s outrageous.
But after 4 trials in the supreme court,
Nute Gunray is still the viceroy
of the Trade Federation.
I fear the senate is powerless
to resolve this crisis.
J: We must keep our faith in the republic.
They دن we stop believing democracy can work,
is the دن we lose it.
P: Let’s pray that دن never comes.
J: In the meantime,
we must consider your own safety.
G: What is your suggestion, Master Jedi?
P: Anakin is not a Jedi yet,
he’s still a padawan learner.
But I was thinking...
A: Hold on a minute.
P: Excuse me.
I was thinking I would stay in the lake
country. There are some places up there
that are very isolated.
A: Excuse me.
I’m in charge of security here, Milady.
P: And this is my home, I know it very well.
That’s why we’re here.I think it would be wise
if آپ took advantage of my knowledge in this
A: Sorry, Milady.
J: Perfect, it’s settled then.

part 1: Anakin & Padmé leaving
part 2: on the way to Naboo
part 3: going to the palace
part 4: in the palace of Naboo